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Helpful Books For Creating A More Realistic World

Fortunately and unfortunately humans have a mind. Our life is made of experiences, and from this we have built an image of what life on Earth is. Let us call this image the world. With this image we process our experiences. We use this image in the creation of our behaviour.
Clearly the more accurate this image is the more realistic our understanding of our experiences will be, and the more coherent will be our behaviour.
Here are some books which have helped me to create a more realistic image of life on Earth.
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Criminality As A Cause Of Mental Health Problems

Presentation to the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation conference in Rome 2019.
Good afternoon everybody. This talk will overview the motivations and modus operandi of organised perpetration. Drawing on survivor accounts, it will then show how the developmental stages are affected. This description aims to set out how the foundations for commonly found mental health problems are laid.
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Operation Conifer Correspondence

Thanks to the promptings of Kim Maloney and James Reeves who know well of prime minister Edward Heath’s behaviour, I decided against my better judgement to write on the 1st of September 2017 to Operation Conifer, headed by Chief Constable Mike Veale of Wiltshire police .
Due to the ignore and bluster strategy of the British state and the lack of effective action against organised child abuse I have decided to publish my correspondence with the Conifer team. This is partially anonymised here and anonymised elements are in italics.
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Why I Can’t Be A Christian

It has been for two years now that I have delayed publishing what I know about Christianity. This has been for a number of reasons, the primary ones being that many abuse survivors have found much needed refuge, community and protection in Christianity and that also great work has been done in child abuse prevention by numerous dedicated Christians. The other main reason was not having been able to identify the positive side of Christianity beyond the obvious ethical, social, family and community guidelines that it provides. This latter reason has been solved through familiarity with Christic souls, and this essay contains a contribution to Christology, the branch of Christian theology relating to the person, nature and role of Christ. Due also to the flood of cases of child abuse by Christian clergy and in Christian churches which have been exposed I am offering information which will give a context for understanding the organisational basis of child abuse within Christianity and which will arm people for much needed house cleaning duties.

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So what is the connection between transexuality and trans-humanism?

There has been a rapid increase in the rates of trans-sexuality since mind-control technologies started to be industrially developed after world war two. Note that transexuality before becoming a part of daily life, started to become known in movies and TV, for example The Crying Game (1992-Neil Jordan), and in songs such as Honky-Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones, and Lola by The Kinks. These cultural artefacts have been produced with ever increasing frequency, again since world war two. This is very unusual.

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Aspects of organised extreme child abuse

Aspects – view as PDF

Below I list aspects of extreme organised child abuse that have been reported by survivors. Many more could be listed. This list is based upon my own experience, supplemented by testimony of others who have reported similar crimes.

This document was inspired by a discussion of the very fine work done in the extreme abuse survey of 2007.

Here I attempt to include features that were not addressed at that time. I have not restricted myself to the territory defined by materialist scientific orthodoxy.
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