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This piece is an introduction to the topic of signalling within an organised abuse group. Signals are given to the victim by another member of the group. This is part of the process of using them, and of maintaining the status quo. Signals are also broadcast through the culture of society to maintain projects and to give orders.

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The article is written in the context of organised child abuse, and survivors of it who have a dissociative system as a result. A person with a dissociative system is split into parts. So their life and their memories are split into parts too. The parts of the person are also known as alters, which is short for alternate personalities. The part which is operating the body and interacting with the world is known as the presenter.

For those victims who are trained as assets, the organised abuse group intentionally creates a structured internal system.

A trigger is a signal that is meant to make a programmed person respond in a certain way, like a soldier who obeys military orders.1

There is also the psychological use of the term trigger. Triggers are signals that cause a damaged person to become distressed.

This article includes both the military and the psychological use of the term trigger.

Types of signals and triggers

1 – Reminders

The first type is something that reminds the system of bad things that have happened in the past. Part of the person recognises the situation and responds to it.

A personal example: When I was having lunch in a bar the waiter would come close to me, because he was putting my plate of food on the table. I would tremble and shy away from him. Believing that I was in danger, a sexual alter would come forward causing me to become coy, as if I found the man attractive.

One survivor told of the time that she had gone from Holland to bible school in Ireland. Something triggered her there and her friend saw her switch to a small and terrified child who did not understand English.2

One day in the 1990s, I saw a young man who was forcibly admitted to Hatton psychiatric hospital, which is in Warwickshire. He mistook the hospital for a Nazi medical facility. Understandably he was triggered. He grabbed one of the dinner knives to defend himself from the nurses.

These reminders can cause fear, anxiety, panic attacks, people pleasing, and avoidant behaviour. Triggers can also set off anger, violence, self harm, and coping strategies like drinking, dissociation and endless thinking. Emotions of alternate personalities affect the presenter. Triggers can cause the presenter to lose consciousness as another part comes forward to take control of the body.

2 – Programmed triggers

These are specific pre-prepared signals or combinations of signals that have been trained into the victim. These may be types of touch, hand signals, colours, symbols, patterns, sounds, words and phrases, images, letters or numbers. Telephone tones were used for this, and more recently electromagnetic frequencies and patterns.3 4 One use of these is for sending the slave out on an assignment. In the film, The Manchurian Candidate, Frank Sinatra acts this out.5

Examples of signals used in triggering

  • a hand on the shoulder, or touch on acupressure points
  • getting up and receiving a phone call in the middle of the night
  • hand signs from a therapist who has electroshock equipment in the next room.
    This happened to Wendy Hoffman, author of the Enslaved Queen6
  • passing a coloured cloth in front of the eyes along with particular words from a particular person.
    Arizona Wilder explained that this is a way in which people are triggered in her interview with David Icke7

3 – Reinforcement

Reinforcement is similar to triggering using words, signs and so on. But it serves to keep the system stable. Programming, obedience, secrecy, and amnesia are reinforced with covert and overt threats, and reminders of the cult and what they do.8

Cult values and behaviour have been infiltrating society for a long time. In the early 20th century Crowley and the Fabians promoted the virtue of transgression.9 In the 1980s the Thatcher government directed the power of the state against British working class communities.10 Gangster rappers promoted murder, drugs, selfishness and sexual consumerism.11

Reinforcement signals are seen throughout society too. Like the V sign, the eye, and the shhh sign with the index finger over the lips. These are veiled threats. They try to remind survivors of the dualistic horns of power, the eye that sees all, and to be quiet.

Two triangles, the square cross,12 and geometric stars are common and frequent symbols of the occult. Examples are the red cross, the swastika, the seal of Solomon, and the pentagram.

Who does the triggering?

Handlers The handler uses triggers and reinforcement to control what alter the slave is in, and to reinforce amnesia. For instance the handler triggers the slave, the presenter goes to sleep, and an obedient alter comes forward to use the body. A handler is typically a parent, a family member, a close friend, a partner or spouse. The handler aims to keep the asset ignorant and under control. He or she uses psychological techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), coaching, suggestions, reminders of the past, reminders of the cover life, bad advice, veiled threats, discipline, and hugs.

The victim responds to the situation themselves. For instance when Daddy gets drunk the daytime child who goes to school loses consciousness, and the nighttime child comes forward.

Family Cult members typically have a double life. They have a cover life and a hidden life. They can have a family culture with an official narrative that doesn’t include the crimes committed by the family. They use typical phrases and behaviours which make them look good, clever, and admirable. In a dissociative family like mine was, there was a culture that everything was fine, and the dark side of the family did not and could not exist. But it did.

A spiritual being can trigger the person, for instance to call a cult alter forward to go to an event.

Internal triggers Internal parts can trigger one another. For instance one alter has talked about secret things. Then as a punishment, a system defence part triggers a child alter into disabling flashbacks. Flooding is another system defence mechanism trained in by the abusers. A flood of memories can overwhelm and disable the person. An alter may be trained to kill the presenter for disobedience. This is known as suicide programming, or omega programming. An alter may be trained to make a failed suicide attempt, or become physically or mentally ill. This is a call-back program and causes the person to go to the doctors. Inside the medical system the survivor can be accessed for assessment and reprogramming.

Cult members Cult and family members handle and trigger each other in a common culture. Alters communicate with each other, and the presenters may not be aware that they are doing this. Priests and programmers are skilled at manipulating a divided person.

Cultural triggers Triggers are broadcast through diverse forms of media. For instance for the enactment of end times programming in which we have been living in these recent years. One example is the strategic displaying of purple around the world in 2016 following the death of the artist formerly known as Prince.13 Another instance is people talking about a delta variant, which calls to delta alters who are satanic soldiers.14

Which things are triggers?

There are many things that can be triggering. It depends on what the individual has gone through and what condition they are in now. There isn’t a standard list and what is triggering to one is not necessarily triggering to another. This also changes over time.

Here are some examples: certain perfumes and aftershaves, shouting, whispering, manipulative behaviour, daisies, roses, descriptions of awful acts, undressing, the shower, masks, fancy dress, horror films, pornography, certain politicians and celebrities, the dollar bill, children, families, kindness, being belittled, mockery, silence, being left alone, dogs, cats, mice, cigar smoke, the bible, crucifixion and communion, churches, dentists, caves, dragons, confined spaces, freemasonic architecture, witchcraft, neo-paganism, knives, drinks that were drugged, cover ups.

What to do?

Survivors – Triggers you are aware of are your friends. Disabling and removing triggers makes the survivor safer, and makes it easier for them to socialise. You can record triggers in your journal. You can use these to key into your internal system. In your self-care time you can ask inside, ‘Who was triggered?’
Fiona Barnett gave a presentation where she talked about how she made use of her triggers to help her in therapy sessions.15

Avoidance and reducing exposure – Healing is hard work and takes a long time. Avoiding triggers and reducing exposure helps to keep you safe while you are healing.

Desensitisation – You can deliberately expose yourself to triggers. You can oblige yourself to do things you find difficult, for instance to go to a social gathering, to do exercises, or to teach a course. The idea is to ride out the distress, and to notice what happens internally and externally. Having ridden out the distress once, it will be easier the next time. Through this process you can recalibrate danger, safety, and your ability to deal with the situation in the present. This is a bit of a brute force method, but it’s useful for overcoming avoidance and the social disability that goes with it.

Negotiation – The survivor can ask allies to refrain from doing things that trigger them, or put them in danger. Similarly, allies can be considerate and avoid doing things, and talking about things, that will upset or endanger the person. For instance, not banging doors, not watching horror films, or not bringing strangers into the home.

Allies – Please understand that survivors have been through awful traumas with complex results. You may see inconsistent or puzzling behaviour. Treat them with normality and human dignity. Be patient, listen and learn.



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