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Arizona Wilder transcripts

Arizona Wilder spoke to the public a number of times around the year 2000. Her personal testimony included important information about the structure and working of luciferian government, training and use of psychic children, of cruel scientific work with human and non-human biology, and of the use of computers in trauma based mind control programming. Still in recovery from the horrors that she suffered, speaking slowly and accurately, Arizona Wilder gave a gift to humanity in the time when she was able to.

She told of events where the reptilian infection was evident. This is something which some other witnesses did not include at first. I too have traumatic memories of things she described from my time in the royal cult in Britain and the Americas.

This piece is a reply to her disclosures. While respectable, her conclusions were based on the beliefs she had at that time. I consider it better to look at her teachings on history, psychology and shapeshifting in a different way.


She presents history from cult families that explains from behind the scenes tragedies that have occurred. We learn of organised crime committed by people who have a respected public face. A lot of the history of cult families is private, classified or disregarded. Minutes are not kept at the dinner table. Their activities have been underestimated in the history written in universities which is based on the public record. Consequently those historians blandly give the impression that incredibly bad outcomes are a natural result of the human condition. This is how they have explained world war one. The history of cult families is valuable as a resource to demystify the history that is taught in public institutions.

It is a mistake however to replace public history with cult history, and it is easy to be confused by their public relations work. That produces pessimism and despair. There are motivations of wisdom, benevolence, virtue, service, and love of life, among the acts that have formed history.


In her psychology she shows what a person can do, and encourages others to do similarly. I too helped my self in this manner and did make progress alone. But it wasn’t enough. It was only when I learned that the creator was real and I started working for him, that the despair went away.


The aim of this piece is to disambiguate shapeshifters both from normal hybrids like the mule, and from the children bred between gods and humans, known in classical writings as demi-gods. It will also argue that shapeshifters are human occultists with a spiritual infection.

The genetic hypothesis

Arizona Wilder’s belief at the time of the interview with David Icke, was that reptilian shapeshifters are a product of interbreeding between humans and reptilians who came to Earth from Mars and became gods. She also believed that reptilian shapeshifters are reptilians in human form.


Can gods breed with humans?

The film Rosemary’s Baby,1 by cult member Roman Polanski, portrays for the public a watered down version of events around the conception of an antichrist child.

Men who are part human, part divine are recorded in history. Gilgamesh was king of Uruk; “Two thirds they made him god and one third man.”2

In the writings of ancient Greece there were a number of demi-gods, that is, offspring of humans and gods.3 These included Perseus, Theseus and Asclepius, who were children of Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo respectively. Perseus founded the city of Mycenae, Theseus became king of Athens, and Asclepius became a doctor. Another was Achilles. He was the offspring of a human man with the sea nymph Tetis. Olympias, queen of Macedonia, was a descendent of Achilles and a practitioner of the mysteries.4 She had Alexander by Zeus. Alexander became Alexander the great, the conquerer and ruler of the Greek empire.

In the prehistory of Israel “the sons of God came in to the daughters of mankind, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” [Genesis 6:4]5 Seeing the wickedness of man at that time God regretted that he had made us, and he cleaned the Earth by flood.
Dr Michael Heiser shows that in ancient Israel the expression ‘sons of God’ refers to spiritual beings.6

So are these records correct? And more importantly, is this happening in our modern times?

Basic principles

Ancient and modern unethical human breeding is a large and obscure field, so I am going to apply a couple of basic principles.

  • Dissimilar species are not genetically compatible.
  • A creature produces seed after its own kind.

So for the conception of a human child, a human sperm needs to fertilise a human ovum. There is a lock and key type security mechanism that ensures that you need a male and female of the same type in order to reproduce. Genetic science is consistent with these principles. Hybrids are weaker and less able to survive and reproduce. This makes it difficult to say that hybridisation is a driver of speciation.7

For a spiritual being to be able to physically fertilise a human ovum, it would have to be in material form as a man, or similar enough to a man for this to be possible. He would also have to be fertile, producing human sperm.

Are there exceptions?

It is clear that there is traffic across the veil in both directions. There is the secret space program. There were deceased humans who were not in the grave, but in the spirit world. There are summonings and manifestations. Cheryl Beck recounted one event that went wrong and the participants were beaten up by the beings that had been brought through.8

However there are some unexpected reports in survivor biographies. There are brides of Satan, and Cisco Wheeler who was a high level mind control trainer stated publicly that Satan is still reproducing.

Has the lock and key security mechanism been breached?

There were spiritual beings with a humanlike form on the other side of the veil. Have there been conceptions that involved a crossing or a thinning of the veil?

The antichrist breeding program

Amanda Buys is a pastor and therapist. She is conscientious with scripture and has worked extensively with many high level survivors of mind control who have had children in the cult.

This is a quote, based on her case work.

“And only certain survivors are able to get through the abyss. Not everybody gets through. Many die trying to get through. So there’s a lot of death and dead bodies lying there, and that is where they have described that it is the most horrific trauma to get through that abyss.

And then when they make it through to Lucifer’s kingdom, the top triangle where he rules, then that’s when you actually become bride of Lucifer and you have a child with Lucifer. And one of the children of Lucifer will be the antichrist.”

The Hitler project

That quote is from the transcript of her interview with Dan Duval on the antichrist breeding program, which is called the Hitler project. I refer you to the full document to see more of her methodology, terminology and findings.


Pastor Doug Riggs R.I.P. also specialised in helping survivors from this program,9 that started before the end of world war 2.10

Synopsis of the Hitler project

This is a short synopsis of the timeline and structure of the Hitler project from the body of research by Doug, Amanda, and the royals they have helped.

This was a breeding program. This program was entrusted to and carried out by Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele before their deaths in 1962 and 1979 respectively. The seed came from select members of royal families steeped in iniquity. Ova are harvested from cult women. They can be combined forming a composite ovum. Ova of Queen Elizabeth II have been used. Maria Orsic has also been named. Embryos were conceived in organised rituals. The primary mother, Nadine, was conceived in 1943 and recently gave an interview.11 Then the 1944 ritual produced the main initial batch. King George VI was the biological father of the 1944 conception batch, which took place in the womb of Anastasia Romanov. Anastasia was killed and the embryos were collected. The embryos were then frozen, conditioned, and eventually brought to term as required. They were implanted and birthed by surrogate mothers, and brought up in host families.

In their turn the daughters who were produced were raised in the cult and became mothers. This time the father was a spiritual being. The resulting children are raised to become high performing monsters. These children are human in body.

Nephilim or gibborim?

Some have named these offspring as nephilim hybrids due to their abnormal conception and gestation. This name is based on a particular extrapolation of Genesis 6. But it is not a good fit with the text. Of the nephilim, or giants, it simply says that they were on the earth at that time and after that. Breeding between humans and giants is a separate question. The equivalent in this passage to the modern children is gibborim, translated as mighty men. These were the offspring of the benei elohim, the sons of God, with human women. They were men of renown in a time of terrible corruption. The modern gibborim however are not mighty like the heroes of old. Nowadays they veil themselves and work with technology, sorcery, and organised crime.

Shapeshifting versus genetic hybridisation

Shapeshifting is something else. If we class shapeshifters as genetic hybrids there are some serious problems.

  • There are cases of shapeshifting into more than one different form within the same family. There are also cases of shapeshifting into more than one different form by the same person. I have seen or experienced both these things.
  • An example of this is George Bush senior. Cathy O’Brien said in an interview with David Icke several years ago that she had seen him change to a reptilian, but thought at the time that it was a trick he did. Cheryl Beck described an event from her childhood in which he changed to a wolfman and killed children.12
  • There are various types of shapeshifting that have been witnessed. In my memories were biped reptilian, quadruped reptilian, wolfman and wasp. Bigfoot, serpent, male to female, and mermaid are among those that have also been described.
  • There are some similar species, like the horse and the donkey, and the lion and the tiger that are able to procreate. The offspring, the mule and the liger are both infertile. The royals however do have offspring and are not known to have fertility problems, indicating that they are not hybrids.
  • A genetic hybrid has the physical features of both parents, but alleged reptilian hybrids look human.
  • Reptilian shapeshifting happens in certain places and situations. In my experience and that of Arizona Wilder this happens when there is bloodshed and child killing. This is quite different to a hybrid like a mule who does not radically change form.
  • Shapeshifting only happens in certain families who are part of the occult. This suggests a predisposition due to iniquity in the family tree rather than genetic determinism.


One important aspect of the phenomenon that I can make clear is how shapeshifting can result from a spiritual infection. Shapeshifting is a physical transformation that occurs by the physical manifestation of a different spiritual form. The person can internalise that form through an induction. There are entities that specialise in this.

I have a memory fragment of an induction and shapeshifting. This occurred in the cult areas underground in central London, circa 1969, aged 2.

“I was in reptilian form, green with a crest on my head, quite cute. For some reason I couldn’t breathe, I was gasping for air but couldn’t take it in. I think that the Queen and Peter Hayman were there and the shift had been induced somehow. (Reptilian = royal : boyhood belief).”

Priscilla is a survivor from the Netherlands. In an interview she describes in detail the induction to which she was subjected. This is the relevant extract transcribed.

Merfolk, Underwater Kingdoms, and the Mysteries of the Deep Part 1 with Amanda Buys and Priscilla

Priscilla: And the funny thing is that we actually dealt quite late with the core of the water kingdom in my programming. So I’m just trying to see where to start. I think that when it comes to programming, a lot of people know about the mermaids. It’s a very popular theme recently. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movies and the series that have come out. Some of them are actually quite accurate about how things work.

But being programmed as a mermaid is a little bit of a different story. It’s not that you just think, ‘Okay, let’s be a mermaid’, and now you’re a mermaid. Amanda asked me to maybe tell a little bit of my story of how they actually got me to become a mermaid. Of course when you have a very, very occult bloodline, you come with an occultic background in the backpack, which gives you a lot of power already. And that is what you see with the African guys as well, and the witches and the sorcerers. They walk into the sea and they have the magical power to become a mermaid, or merman.

But I think with recent developments in technology what you see, especially I think with the younger generation, is that’s it’s not just a magic thing anymore. They have found ways to manipulate your DNA, you have to excuse my English sometimes, I don’t always know the right word, manipulate your DNA or your genes, so that certain abilities are being put in your DNA. So it’s dormant; you’re not being born as a mermaid. But when triggered or when activated, through the programming you can become a mermaid. So then the whole deal is, how do we trigger this in a way that you both have the magical side and the science side working together?

So what I remember is when I was still a really really tiny baby, it was before I turned one years old. You have this Venus shell. I don’t know if you know what I mean. It’s a very typical shell. If you google it, you’ll find it, it’s very typical. And they made a shell like that, and it was kind of deep. As a baby there was this ritual where they got me by my feet, my ankles, and they put me into that Venus shell that was filled with water. And obviously I wasn’t able to breathe underwater by then. So you start drowning, and you want to breathe. At some point I actually drowned. So I was getting out of my body, and I knew I’d drowned. But then in the water came this entity, or this spirit, that started breathing in my nose, and I came back to life. I mean, I was a baby, I don’t know what kind of entity it was, what it’s name was. All I knew is that I was rescued and that I could breathe again. So there was instantly some sort of bonding between me and that entity. And for me this meant that I was accepted by the water kingdom.

So they are training you in many areas. I was trained in the water kingdom. I was trained in the underworld, and I was trained in the sky, and the earth realm as well. And this was my initiation in the water kingdom. And as time passed by, a few months, maybe a year later there was a similar ritual. And every time that this happened, I started to learn how to call on this entity to breathe in me.

And then when I was old enough when they start programming; the programming age isn’t the same as the age when they are getting you used to stuff. Like you have conditioning, and you have the programming. And when I was old enough to really get into the programming, that’s when they got me under the water. It wasn’t a shell anymore, it was actually a tank of water that went really deep. And they held me with their hands on my ankles. But they really wouldn’t let me go. Even when I would start to breathe under the water – and this time the entity didn’t come.

And now what I had to do in my panic, was like okay the entity isn’t coming so I have to become it. And that is when something really weird happened, and when I think it activated what was dormant in my DNA. My nose started to be funny, I don’t know how to describe it, it was a bit funny feeling. And I was suddenly able to start breathing under the water, and I felt how my whole body started to change. My legs started to merge together in a way, and it started to become very slippery, and they couldn’t hold me anymore. And that is when I escaped from them, and I got [further] into the water and that’s the first time I actually shapeshifted into a mermaid.

And when I look back to it now, I can see how I had been confronted, like this entity by breathing itself, like breathing in my nose every time I drowned, it breathed in part of itself into me. And that is how I learned, when it didn’t show up, I activated actually to that part of that entity to come forward, enabling me to shapeshift into a mermaid

Does that make sense so far?

51:09 Dan Duval: Well you are talking to me, and yes, I’m tracking 100%

Shapeshifting character

The crocodile god

Due to an experience I had during my healing I suspect that there is a crocodile god who was one of those entities that was carrying out this type of infiltration. “The other day I had more tensions and breathing difficulties than usual. I have been repairing the place in my body where I broke in 1991. Specifically I’m on the rear solar plexus chakra area. A lot of work one night while dreaming, detecting and undoing a complex system that my life force had been used to build in the spirit world.

Afterwards, awake in the afternoon, I saw a crocodile god. He was fully crocodile, green, with a full tail but biped. Then when I was having a shower I was breathing heavily and making monster noises. I felt a slight tendency to shapeshift but did not do so. There was a sense of greenness. Then I became aware of a full reptilian form inside me, like the crocodile god I had seen earlier. It was not an entity. It was more like an etheric implant but deeper in the whole body. It was like a projected image recorded in my being. Now that I was aware, my energy displaced the form which lifted out of my body and dispersed to nothing.”

Another incident where I witnessed shapeshifting is relevant. It was with a group of cult members in the London caverns. I was 2 years old then in 1969. I was in a large church. The view in this memory fragment looked like part of Westminster Abbey. I was there with a group of children. They looked tribal, like from Canada. We went down a flight of stone steps into the cavern. Among the royals present, one of whom was Margaret Thatcher, were three black African royals. They were youngish, similar looking, well built men in good shape. Through torture I was induced to lose consciousness. When I came to my body had been taken over. The group of cult members was no longer there, but in their place was a group of reptilians. The children were killed.

The reptilian form was conceptually inbetween a human form and a biped crocodile form. The snout of the shapeshifted person was neither long like a crocodile nor short like a human, but pronounced, like a dog or a cow. The shapeshifted person was biped, and rugged like a croc but less so. I don’t remember tails, but in my memories I was seeing the reptilians from the front. Arizona Wilder reported the Queen Mum to have a thin whippy tail.

The cult includes African royalty. Also there were Egyptian procedures and objects in the cult. So putting these things together into two speculative questions:

  • Was a deal was made between African royalty, the crocodile god, and foreign royals? Was African magic used to give the foreigners these accursed powers?
  • Does this go back to Egypt of the pharaohs, and the crocodile headed god Sobek was an emblem or product of this?

Sotheby’s June 7, 2005.
Lot 87, ´Figure of Sobek’, Egyptian, Ptolemaic Period, 304-30 BC, steatite, 7 ½ inches high.

The reptilians I saw were similar to this but more rugged (scales, horns, crests, dark greens and browns).
They were a head higher than the humans.
Image cropped from
Ray Kosulandich, 32 Contacts.

Military faction of the Reptilians on Mars. Drawing courtesy of Gaia TV,
presented by James Rink, secret space program veteran.
Healing Flowers of Mars, Wars, and Jupiter Lifeforms

More memories and steps in healing

The next time was after my family had moved to São Paulo, Brazil. It was in the temple. The shapeshift was induced and my body was taken over.

In the temple there were quite a few reptilians, and I did not see them change form there. But I did later see the one who was known as the king. This was in a hospital. He was there in human form and I saw his reptilian form with second sight. He was a German or Frankish royal.

Also at the temple there was a white reptilian who was interested in me. He said, “I’d like to be inside the boy.” I was given an injection. It seemed to be a big deal. I do not know what was in the injection but I suspect I was given a DNA or life pattern graft from the white reptilian. The next time I shifted was during a family holiday with my parents when I was 13. It was in a drowning tank in a military scientific place that I believe was in California. I had been taken to the place by underground train from Kings Island amusement park outside Cincinnati. This time when I changed form to reptilian my colour was not green like before, but a pale tope brown colour with darker mottling.

These events had produced a reptilian alter. Just recently in my healing he and I integrated. Another survivor had asked a question about the same subject. “I think I just got a new concept my DNA is different than my soul my soul and my DNA are two separate things do they affect each other though so if I’m dealing with dragon and reptilian DNA does that make my soul that or just those parts I don’t know anyone have any ideas”? That led to the following answer:

“I was trying to answer your question. My reptilian alter came to me. He was a good kid, but we’ve never really clicked. I gave him a big hug and he came inside me. I felt his humanity, which was small, it was negative emotions, fear, and especially being unwanted. His reptilian form was also inside me. This I believe he took on under pressure in a bad situation. It made him feel safer. The reptilian cloak drifted out of me and away. I was watching it and wondering what to do about it. It was animate but senseless, jaw snapping. Suddenly it was supernaturally destroyed; by what I do not know.”


Some survivors and those helping them on the front line of healing are well aware of composite alters. A composite alter personality is a human part of the person that has taken on a foreign form. This part appears not to be human because its humanity is covered. The shapeshifting occurs in circumstances when this composite person physically manifests through the body. But that is not the true or original form of the person. The supposed hybridisation evidenced by shapeshifting is a pseudo-hybridisation. Reptilian shapeshifter for instance, is a misnomer, a cover story. The whole person is not a hybrid, but is a human being who has been infected.

So shapeshifting can be produced by spiritual infection and occultism.

Thus the problem can potentially be redeemed in the lifetime of the survivor.

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