Arizona Wilder spoke to the public a number of times around the year 2000. Her personal testimony includes important information about the structure and working of luciferian government, training and use of psychic children, of cruel scientific work with human and non-human biology, and of the use of computers in trauma based mind control programming.
She told of events where the reptilian infection was evident. This is something which some other witnesses did not include at first. I too have traumatic memories of things she described from my time in the royal cult in Britain and the Americas. Here is an updated transcription of the interview she gave with David Icke, which he no longer sells, along with two more lectures from that time period that I have transcribed.

Still in recovery from the horrors that she suffered, speaking slowly and accurately, Arizona gave a gift to humanity in the time when she was able to.

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Some of the material teaches historical and philosophical interpretations. While respectable, I differ on certain teachings. This next post is my reply to her disclosures.

Revelations of a Mother Goddess

David Icke 1 interviews Arizona Wilder.

The video was researched and presented by David Icke, released on VHS in the UK in 1999, and in the USA on DVD in 2005. 2

1:17 David Icke: Hello and welcome to the City of London

[ He continues with an introduction on sites and history in the City of London]

David Icke: I spoke to Arizona Wilder in Los Angeles, and this is what she had to say.

Interview starts

37:22 David Icke: Arizona, can we start at the beginning, and can you tell us the story of what’s happened in your life, from the very start?

Arizona Wilder: Um, well what I can tell you is that before I started looking into my life, back in 1989, I was starting to have flashes of things, and my life was not what it seemed to be, which is why I started looking into it. And what I found out, was that I had a lot of missing time. A whole lot of missing time. As to what had occurred in my life, and when I started looking into what had happened in my life, it was the only way at the time that I knew was to start going to see a therapist. Within a year, I was talking about memories of being sexually abused by my father – which was part of what was supposed to happen – and I was starting to talk about mind control issues. And I was talking about ritual abuse issues at the time. And I didn’t have the whole thing put together. It’s taken me all these years, it’s taken approximately almost 10 years, to put together what has happened to me. And in the process, I have lost everything that I ever had in my life, and anything I held dear in my life. I was bred for this role that I fulfil, and it was planned from before my birth. And it was because of the bloodline of my mother’s family, which comes down through Ireland, but before that it began in France. It was through the Marquis de Staque [spelling?], which he came to Ireland, and changed the name to Stack, and then I was chosen. The birth was planned. My parents were forced to move down to this area for the reason that the High Council is down here. There are 6 councils of 13 in this country. And the High Council is down here.

David Icke: We’re talking the United States?

Arizona Wilder: The United States, yes. And so from the time that I was a baby, I was being abused and traumatized on purpose, for the mind control that they need someone to go through to do whatever they say, as just a puppet, that they can control every move. And you don’t remember. I didn’t remember a lot of things, because I have, as a result of all of this mind control, split off many parts that all hold memories, hold feelings, hold programs, hold information. And I’ve been working very hard to pull all of that up. And it’s been a long, slow process for me, because there don’t seem to be a lot of people in the field, that I felt the only way I could go is psychiatric and psychological. They don’t seem to know what is really going on. And I believe that a lot of them are afraid of being sued should they suggest something. So they cannot lead or suggest, and it’s been a process of me having to trigger myself to remember. And be around people that can help me with that, that can’t really be touched by False Memory Syndrome Foundation. 3

42:18 David Icke: So what happened? You say you were abused as a child as part of this compartmentalizing of your mind. What went on after that, as you got older?

Arizona Wilder: Well they start with wanting to make you an obedient slave, at first, and so they do a lot of sensory deprivation. They do a lot of sensory overload, and they switch between the two, and they do out and out torture. They take a small child, and they electroshock. In my case, it was electroshock to the brain. And they would take away my chance to sleep. They kept me awake for many hours at night, would not let me sleep. And I was also told things. As this was before the age of 5, I was told things such as – they would make me drink water and they would say, “If you pass urine you’re going to have to drink it.” And they would make me drink it. And, “If you have a bowel movement, you gonna have to eat the faeces.” Which is also what happened to me. And then they would play [stops sentence].

There was a programmer that was programming me, a very infamous person in history who actually has been in this country, and he was known as Dr. Green.

— Josef Mengele —

Who he actually was, was Dr. Mengele, Josef Mengele from the concentration camps in Germany. He stayed a lot at China Lake naval weapons station, out here in Southern California, in the desert area. And I would be around this man a lot. And he used to tell me that the scar that he had on the left cheek of his face was actually from – he was into fencing – and that it was from that. But actually the scar on his cheek was from one of his own programming techniques. That he would put a child in a box with a sword, and tell the child to defend the box, even if it meant his own death. Then he’d tell another child to break into the box, which this child would do, And then the other child would then jump out of the box and shove the sword or the lance straight through the other child. And at one point, he got into it where this child actually got him in the face with the sword.

Also he would wear a huge emerald ring on his left hand on this middle finger. And he would twist this emerald around, for programming. And he was into using long colored ribbons of different colors. 4 And you had to choose a certain ribbon, or you were given a certain ribbon, and that meant that this certain thing was going to happen to you. And it was like picking sticks out, or drawing sticks out of someone’s hand. I saw games of Russian roulette played, where it was chosen beforehand that a child would die, and the child would put the gun up to his head and pull the trigger, and this child would end up dying. But it was meant to scare all of us, to keep us in terror. As there were many other children that were around me that went through this same thing.

I have run into people from my childhood that have known me, and I’ve recognized their names. And even if they changed their names, and changed their hair color as I have done, they have recognized me, or I have recognized them. And I know their name. They know my name. There isn’t any way for this to have happened. It’s just beyond coincidence. And when you get older, this programmer in particular, Mengele, would take me to rituals. I went to rituals with him all over this country, and in Britain, and in France. And it was known by intelligence agencies in this country that this man was here. They brought him here.

47:38 David Icke: Is that Project Paperclip you’re talking about?

Arizona Wilder: Yeah, through the O.S.S. And my so-called family are all D.I.D. They are very well programmed, and they have not sought help. They have not gone in and tried to figure out what’s happened. They believe they’ve had this certain kind of life that they’ve had, and as far as they are concerned, I am crazy. And they have much different memories of what I have. And I was always told certain things by my parents, that my sisters were never told.

— Bloodline —

And biologically, I have to add at this point, that my mother is my mother. I am not biologically related to my father. And this has to do with the bloodlines, and his was considered impure. And this is all about purity of the bloodline. And that is why I am involved in this. There are people that are involved in this, that it is not so much because of bloodline, but they have the ability to dissociate and be used as slaves by these people.

David Icke: You say that you come from a certain bloodline. And there is this obsession with bloodlines this brotherhood illuminati have. Why is that?

Arizona Wilder: Because what first started coming out was about the Aryans, the Aryans, and the purity of the blood. And what it’s all about is that the blood, and the menstrual blood, contains something that is important for the propagation of this race that is controlling things on this planet. And these people that are in the organization, that the Council of 13 is under, and they have something called the Grand Druid Council, or the Octagon. They are called the Illuminati. And the Illuminati are actually run by these 13 bloodlines, which are all of the royal families in Europe, and in England. And they need the blood, because they are in fact not human. They take human shape. They are reptilians. And they need the blood. The blood helps them maintain their reptilian shape. And it helps them maintain their sanity. And it helps them to live in this world, because they are not from this world.

— Blood sacrifice —

David Icke: Does that relate to what the Nazis call vril power, and what the Hindus call the serpent power in the blood?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. The blood has something in it. It has secretions from the pituitary gland and from the pineal gland, and it has a very strong drug in it. This is the one that keeps them from going crazy. And it’s like heroin, or like endorphins. And it’s much stronger. But what they need for it to be secreted in the blood, is they need terrorization of their victims before they are killed for their blood. Or if a young woman is beginning to menstruate, they need the menstrual blood. And they have to terrorize them to get this to come out in the blood, and be secreted in the blood.

52:18 David Icke: Is this what other people have told me about, that at the point of great terror, like the point of sacrifice, there’s an adrenalin that enters the bloodstream? Is this what they’re looking for?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, that, and this other element comes and secretes out through the blood. This all comes out through the blood at that time. And it’s at that point they are actually staring into the eyes, of the head of it, at some of these rituals, or at a reptilian, they are staring into the eyes of, this person. And it’s a hypnotic gaze these reptilians have, and it holds the victim in an absolute trance, and a trance of terror. And then they are killed at that moment as they are staring into their eyes. And they can’t hold their shape when this happens.

David Icke:The human shape?

Arizona Wilder: The human shape they cannot hold. They go back into reptilian shape as this is happening, because it’s like an animalistic type of excitement of the kill. And often times, they will just rip into the victim, and eviscerate them, and start eating the flesh of this person too. And the fat from the intestinal areas is highly valued, as they use it on their skin. And they drink the blood. And the blood is highly sought after. And it goes also according to rank within these creatures, as to who gets what when. And their sacrifices, it started increasing in the early 80s. The amount that they were doing, is increased. And they use a lot of Druidic holidays to do this. But they have other days too. They’ve mixed all of these satanic, and what are called satanic holidays and Druidic holidays, in order to have these rituals; which, ritual seems to be important to them. But they also use it in order to drink this blood; that they seem to need more.

David Icke: Have you any idea why it’s increased since the 80s?

Arizona Wilder: There are changes going on in the earth. It seems they are not able to hold their shape like they once were able to. And people see them shapeshift more and more. And they need the blood to try and maintain it, to try and maintain their human form. I believe there’s a time coming, because of what I’ve been told, when they are not going to bother having to hold that human shape as they had to before. And they want that time to come. It’s almost upon us.

David Icke: So when you’re talking about the fact that the veil is lifting on these reptilians, so that people can see them far more easily, far more often; does this relate in any way to the fact that there is this desire to bring in this rigid structure, including microchipping and many other things, across the year 2000, which has become known as the New World Order? Is that coming in because it is known that the people are going to see what the game is, and there has to be control of the people at that time?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. It’s very connected. I started talking about the New World Order back in 1990. And I was very psychologically and physically affected so much by what was coming out. I wasn’t watching television. I was not aware that certain individuals in this country, George Bush, were talking about the New World Order. I was talking about it because that is what was coming out, knowing that the first time, inside of myself, that I heard it was in conjunction with the Nazis, and that came from Mengele. And I started realizing that there was something going on. And then it scared me. And I didn’t really look into it for years. But I was being harassed constantly. I was being told, at one point I had someone telling me, who was ex-Army Intelligence, ex C.I.A., telling me that I was being monitored by the National Security Agency. And I didn’t have the whole story then, so I did not totally understand why this was happening. But yet I was being followed by cars or vans that said G-12, G-14. And in this last year, which has really been very hard, I’ve been followed by G-41 vans. And I had to find out what those were, and that is naval intelligence. But this whole thing is going towards, around the year 2000, when they are going to establish themselves openly as a New World Order. And it’s headed toward that. And that’s what everything is being prepared to – or prepared for. And I have actually got a sleeping program right now to return, because I’ve left. But to return for that time. It’s called end times programming, and Janus programming.

David Icke: Janus relates back to Nimrod of Babylon.

Arizona Wilder: Yeah, there is a group that used to be in contact with me all the time. And they stopped trying, simply because I didn’t obey them. They would be in contact with me all the time. They are called Janus, which is also the two-headed Roman god of change. And their headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium, in the NATO building. And they are a group of psychiatrists and doctors who are into mind control. And they are one of the many groups involved with the Illuminati. And they would contact me and give me directions that I was to psychically kill this person, or psychically injure this person, or scare this person. They’d give me the location. And I started questioning this, and I had a contact who since seems to have disappeared, because she couldn’t get the funding. I had called her about this group, and she’s the one that was the ex-CIA, ex-Army Intelligence person. And she knew about these people and she said, “Yes, you’re right. This is what is going on.”

History she learned

1:00:55 David Icke: In your experience, being brought up in this Illuminati environment, were you ever told anything about where these reptilians came from, and what is the history of it all?

Arizona Wilder: I was made to learn through Mothers of Darkness, which is a certain aspect of the organization, because it was an early, early part of my training, the history of what was the Illuminati on this planet. And what I learned was that the Aryans originally were from Mars. And the reptilians came to that planet. They came from another place, they came to that planet. They came to rule. They wanted to mix, so they said, with that race. But they became the overlords. And the Martians, or Aryans, were seeking to escape from it. They went to the moon. And then were there attacked. And they then went to Earth, and established culture here on Earth, approximately 6,000 years ago. And at that point in time, they were doing well. And they were mixing with the indigenous population of this Earth, they were getting along with. And then, about 4,000 years ago, the reptilians arrived here and again began to take over. And they instilled themselves in different places, underground, in the earth. And also this one part of them, the ruling part, took over and became involved in the politics, and in the religion, and started controlling through these means at that point in time. And using the gods and deities that were believed in on this planet, they started infiltrating into that, and becoming that. And blood rituals started happening.

And since that time, that is the way that it has been. And presently they claim to come from the Merovingian bloodline. There are 13 bloodlines in Europe, that all what are called royalty are developed from, or come from, and they include the Aryans in this. And there’s been a big push in this century. For example, when Nazis came into power, the fascists talking about the purity of staying pure, and the Aryan bloodlines staying pure. And what it is actually all about is keeping the blue eyed blonde, or light red- haired people, the bloodlines, pure. Because it is more powerful. And what is in that blood for these reptilians is more powerful, and they need that. And when you start mixing it with people that were indigenous to this earth, then it is not as powerful. It has nothing to do with someone’s skin color or nationality, it has to do with keeping the bloodline pure for their use.

David Icke: So blonde haired, blue eyed people are the purest from the reptilians’ point of view? And they want to keep that blood line pure because of how they need to use it?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. When I myself, when I realized it had to do with blonde hair and blue eyes; I could not do anything about my eyes, and I am not able to wear contacts or I would have brown eyes. But one thing I did do was cut my hair off, because that was part of the rank I was. My hair was down to my knees. And I colored my hair darker. And there were times, when after I did cut it off, they had gotten to me, and so the hair would be light red. But that is being in compliance with them, and I did not want to be in compliance to them. I want to expose them, and this is part of it. And I won’t be what they want me to be.

1:06:24 David Icke: When you look at some of the ancient accounts, like the Sumerian texts, and many other accounts, they talk about the gods interbreeding with humanity. Is this relevant to the reptilian way of infiltrating the human race?

Arizona Wilder: Yes it is. Because human beings through the ages have accepted gods interbreeding, or being accepted as humans. And that shows in Christianity, it shows in Judaism. Also they have used Egyptology, or the Egyptian religions a lot. And the present head of the Illuminati compares himself a lot with the Egyptian god Osiris, and Horus, which is Osiris reborn. And also with the Arthurian legends of the round table. And the name that he carries from that is Pindar, which actually means phallus of the dragon. And the other name, Osiris, he has carried because he takes the name at this time, the Marquis de Libereaux [spelling?] which means liberator of or from the waters. And the story of Osiris is that he was cut into 14 pieces and thrown into the river Nile, and Isis found the pieces and put them back together again. And she could not find the 15th piece, which happened to be the phallus,so a gold phallus was made.

And this is very important in this group. In the Illuminati this is important. And it is important to think that about the head of the Illuminati, because what comes from a golden phallus would be a superior seed for a race. And this is what they are doing with all of these bloodlines to keep the bloodlines going, [they] are impregnating people of Aryan blood, that hold high stations with them, impregnating them with this seed of Pindar. And therefore it’s important to keep this history in mind, and the names in mind, that he is going by at this time.

David Icke: So would it be correct to say, that the reptilians came to this planet because the Aryan Martians came to this planet, and had the Aryan Martians gone somewhere else, they would have followed them there?

Arizona Wilder: They would have pursued them all over the universe. Yes.

David Icke: Can we now go into some specifics about your own experiences? What were you brought up to do? You say that you were identified as a bloodline before you were born. What was the role you were brought through to play?

— Her position as mother goddess, starfire

Arizona Wilder: The role that I was brought through to play in the Illuminati was as a goddess. Specifically, the address is mother goddess, starfire. And the starfire 5 goes back to the menstrual blood, what is contained in that. And the way that I was addressed was, mother goddess. There are only three mother goddesses. There can only be three at a time on this planet. And there is a male equivalent of which there can be only three of them.

David Icke: Why mind control someone to conduct these rituals, like yourself? Why don’t these reptilians just conduct their own rituals?

Arizona Wilder: They don’t seem to have the psychic abilities. And they look for people that have that. People in the blood line that have that. And I’ve had a tremendous amount of psychic ability. And so I was picked and bred from before birth. And this is also something that other survivors that have been in high positions have known about me, and told me.

— The old ones —

1:11:19 David Icke: What’s the connection then between you having psychic abilities, those being recognized from the start, and you being brought through to conduct their major rituals?

Arizona Wilder: Well, it’s kind of two-fold. First of all, they needed the psychic abilities because they control, or attempt to control, events. Because I would have the ability to foretell what was going to happen. And they needed the information to try to control it to an outcome that was good for them. The second thing is that during the rituals, you had to have psychic ability. You have to be very powerful in that way to call out the old ones, that are also reptilian, that come from another dimension. They actually materialize from out of another dimension, and are present at rituals. And they are so powerful, and their presence, there’s such an evilness about them, that they want out of this other dimension. And they have to be called out by someone who has that power. And the reptilians don’t have this power. That’s very important. They don’t have this power to call out these old ones that have to do with them [them is emphasized].

David Icke: What is it that humans have that the reptilians don’t have, that means they don’t have the power to connect inter-dimensionally, and some humans do?

Arizona Wilder: We have the ability to foresee, to be able to become vibrationally higher, and see into those levels, go into those levels. And in fact, agencies use this, they call it remote viewing. Humans have the ability to go into the past, go into the future, to go to other places, to astrally leave their body, and to see things. We’ve always had this ability, and it’s like having a third eye, which they don’t have. They don’t have this ability. So during ritual, these old ones are called out, and they are what Christianity would have called the demons. They are called out, and there is a circle that has a hexagon in there, which is a powerful occultic symbol, and then there is a pentagram. And then in the middle of that there is a triangle. And if you’re the one calling them out, then you stand in the triangle so that you’re not devoured or taken by these creatures that come out. 6

David Icke: That creates an energy field around you which they can’t penetrate?

Arizona Wilder: Right. They can’t penetrate it. And they cannot get outside the pentagram. And they want out. They are always demanding to be let out. And so you have to be very powerful to keep them in line, and to make them go back, when it is time for them to go back.

David Icke: Why do the reptilians want to manifest these quote ‘demons’ at the rituals?

Arizona Wilder: It brings power to the rituals. It brings power to them. They are told things by these entities, and they are encouraged to go on with what they are doing, and knowledge is imparted to them through these entities. But it takes a person with the ability to bring them out and make them answer, because they don’t want to cooperate. They have to cooperate when the right person has control over them.

David Icke: And that has to do with that person’s energy and ability to use it?

Arizona Wilder: Right. Yes.

David Icke: You talked about the Aryan race coming from Mars. One expression of it seems to be very clearly what we call the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians had two deities, St. George, which became a British deity who defeated the dragon, which seems incredibly symbolic, and also St. Michael, who according to the legend, banished Satan, or this negative force, into the abyss. Is this symbolism of the abyss anything to do with the fact that these reptilian demons of another dimension are somehow locked into a time-space prison, and they can’t get out, and they can only get out when they are brought out in that way?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, they want out of that dimension. They have been thrown into that dimension, and they can’t leave that dimension. And that’s actually what the abyss is about, is being in a different dimension. It’s like something to do with the fourth dimension. And before I even knew, for example, what I was saying, or realized what I was saying, I would be saying things to my therapist and other survivors that the fourth dimension was a dimension to stay away from; not at that time understanding the whole thing.

— Ritual calender —

David Icke: Why do these rituals take place at certain key times of the year, and so often are related to phases of the moon?

Arizona Wilder: Because the moon has an influence on this planet, and also the sun. These also take place during things that go on with the sun. But the moon, it’s kind of a really very cyclical thing with the moon. It takes place on full moons, new moons, it has to do with the current religion, that they are using the druid religion that they’ve taken and used. They still hold on to the Egyptology type of religion. They hold on to the Druidism though, and they’re currently calling themselves Druidic, or Druid. And Druidism is tied in with the cycles of the moon, which, it has to do with planting, sowing, and harvesting. And there are so many days they can use from this, to their own purpose and their own end, that they bring it about. There is a lot of ritual, ritualization, with Druidism. And they love ritualization.

1:19:25 David Icke: So take us through one of these rituals you conducted at the highest level of this global brotherhood. What would happen?

Arizona Wilder: There were people that were bred from birth. They were bred to be ritual sacrifices. I have a problem with what is said a lot today, especially by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, that how could all of these people disappear, or how could all these babies be born? I worked with a nurse midwife. We did home births. And it’s very easy not to register a child when it’s born. And then they have these children that they are kidnapping and bringing in from other countries. And no one misses them, because these are third world countries. And children, they have the most energy, the purest energy, they’re the highest form of sacrifice. And they will terrorize these children and mind control these children, and by the time they are brought into rituals they may be drugged or they may not be drugged, or they may be in an altered state because of the mind control. And they are used as actual blood sacrifices during these rituals, because again reptilians needing their blood. And they will take various organs from the sacrifices, depending on what the ritual may be associated with on that date. But they will also slit the throat from the left ear to the right ear, and the blood will be gathered in a goblet, and it will be dispersed among the reptilians. And dispersed after that also among people that have been participating in these rituals, and even though they seem to be dissociated, mostly these people seem to be cognizant of what they are doing.

David Icke: Are these rituals rare? I mean, how many are there that, say, go on a year? Are we talking hundreds, or thousands?

Arizona Wilder: There are things happening every month of the year. There is not a month in this 12 month system, that something is not happening. And usually it’s more than one. I mean, it’s every full moon. And the very important rituals are the summer solstice, and the winter solstice, and then there is the vernal equinox, and the fall equinox, and there is Samhain, and there is Beltane, there is Imbolc In February, there is Lughnasadh which is in the beginning of August. There is a whole week leading up to Beltane, and also leading up to Samhain that’s called grand climax.

David Icke: So May 1st is Beltane?

Arizona Wilder: May 1st is Beltane.

David Icke: Halloween, particularly in America, has become like a mini Christmas, almost like a holiday of celebration, with trick and treat and all this other stuff. But what actually happens outside the public arena that night of Halloween, and into November 1st?

Arizona Wilder: Away from the public arena, there’s a ritual that is taking place in six different locations in this country for all of the councils of 13, In the area that I’m in, here it is the Eastside Christian church on 7th and Temple Street in Long Beach. And it is for the High Council of 13. And in this country, on that night, it is a satanic ritual. It’s actually, there are three nights in a row at that church. The first night is Halloween.

David Icke: What happens on the night of Halloween?

Arizona Wilder: That night is about the worship and homage to Satan. And that is what a lot of people in this country know the devil to be. This is about the devil, Satan. And Christianity talks constantly, I mean I believe they created Christianity to be what it is. And so they also have created this Satan. And so they control in that way. And on that night there’s a lot of bloodshed, and there are sacrifices made to Satan. There is a person who plays the part of this, in this high council, that has to do with this high council. He’s not on the high council, but he has to do with playing the part of Satan. He is a tele-evangelist on T.B.N. He filled in for a little while as a lead singer on Iron Butterfly, many years ago. And he has long blonde hair.

David Icke: What’s his name?

Arizona Wilder: At this point I don’t recall his name. I recognize his face. I saw it recently on T.B.N. And then this is his cover, or he is D.I.D. And he plays this part, the great deceiver Satan, on that night on Halloween at this church. And that is what happens on Halloween. What else I’m going to say that is going on with Halloween in this country, it’s just becoming so popular, it is also to desensitize people to the whole thing, and even this backlash Christian movement that wants to call it the harvest festival; it does not realize that the harvest festival has to do with Druidic religion. And again, they are still doing the same thing in celebrating the harvest festival. That’s what the harvest festival is about.

1:26:57 David Icke: Are many of the so-called Christian rituals, because that’s what they are, or festivals, or ceremonies, are they actually, to most Christians, unknowing representations of these Satanic rituals?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, they are. One, for example, Christmas. It comes right after Winter Solstice, which is a Satanic, or a Druidic celebration. There is a day in there called That Day Which is Not a Day. It has to do with the killing of the old king, and the birth of the new king, which is a Druidic day. On the 24th, or the 25th, at midnight, there is a ceremony that’s specifically for children. And it’s called The Last Bulb on the Tree.

Jon Benet Ramsey

David Icke: Where does that come from?

Arizona Wilder: That is something that is used with children. It’s part of programming them into the whole thing. And there were things that would happen to the child that hung the last bulb on the tree on Christmas Eve, as it was a common practice to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. And the tree in itself is a phallic symbol, and it’s paganistic. Christmas is based on a pagan day, back to Roman times. And Christians have given it, they think they have given it a Christian meaning, and it means something else, and it does not. But there is the case with The Last Bulb on the Tree that has something to do with what happened to this little girl, Jon Benet.

David Icke: Jon Benet Ramsey?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. Jon Benet Ramsey. And it occurred on this night because of the day it has to do with, and the ceremony that it has to do with. And there were rituals done on that night to these little children. So that is totally tied into it.

David Icke: I have heard that Jon Benet’s name is relevant to the ritual. Do you know anything about that?

Arizona Wilder: John Bey. John Bey is a Satanic deity or Satan. John Bey is a name for Satan. And that name is just closely tied in. It’s so close, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t come out, that I know of it hasn’t been talked about. But that’s why she was killed on the day that she was killed [Christmas night]. And as far as I’m concerned, her family is involved in this. And there’s always a price to be involved in it. She was the price. This little girl lost her life.

– Famous people —

1:31:41 David Icke: Can we talk about some of the famous names that people around the world would know who, in your experience, have taken part in these rituals that you’ve conducted? You say you’ve conducted them in Europe and the United States. Can we start with the United States?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. I have seen at rituals, I have seen George Bush. I have seen Madeleine Albright. I have seen Henry Kissinger. I have seen Ronald Reagan, and I have also, by the way, seen his wife, Nancy Reagan. I have see Hillary Clinton, before I knew she was Hillary Clinton at the time, at these rituals. She is involved. The other people that I have named, and I have seen shapeshift into reptilians. I have not seen Hillary Clinton actually shapeshift, but she is involved. I have seen the two sons when they were young, the two sons of George Bush, present at these rituals.

David Icke: Are these the sons that have become governors since?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, one is in Florida, and one is in Texas. I have seen J. Rockefeller, and he shapeshifts. I have seen George Deukmejian, and Ronald Reagan, again, having been governor in California. There have been people such as Newt Gingrich, I saw. And I didn’t know at the time that he was Newt Gingrich. I recognized that he was Newt Gingrich when Clinton came into power, and after Newt Gingrich was then elected speaker of the house. And I was horrified to realize that this man was also there. All of this has affected me to the point where I don’t vote. All of these people seem to all be connected to the Illuminati. And I don’t feel like being part of having anything to do with them.

David Icke: Presidents like Carter, and Ford, and Clinton …

Arizona Wilder: I’ve seen Ford there.

David Icke: Gerald Ford?

Arizona Wilder: Gerald Ford. Yes

David Icke: Are they all reptilian bloodlines?

Arizona Wilder: I haven’t seen Carter shapeshift.

David Icke: You’ve seen him at rituals, have you?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. Gerald Ford I have seen shapeshift. And Johnson, also.

David Icke: Lyndon Johnson?

Arizona Wilder: Lyndon Johnson. Also, Dr. Josef Mengele, who took me around to these rituals a lot of the time, was also a shapeshifter. And there are also people in the European countries that I’ve seen shapeshift and be involved. And it doesn’t surprise me anymore than it does the people in this country doing it. It’s just for some reason more shocking and it cuts even deeper. Because I have seen the Queen Mother there, and I have seen the Queen there. I’ve seen Princess Margaret there. I’ve seen Charles there. And they shapeshift. And I have seen, and I’m not coming up with his name right now, but he was president in France after de Gaulle. [Georges Pompidou, then Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then François Mitterrand followed de Gaulle]. He was there. I’ve seen him there. I’ve seen the Rothschilds there. I used to see the Rothschild that lived in England there.

But the one that still goes there, and is a shapeshifter, Guy de Rothschild, baron Guy de Rothschild, has been to all of these rituals and has been over in this country under the name of Dr. Barrington, and tried to program me, and has impregnated me several times with eggs that were taken from me years ago, and were impregnated with semen from Pindar, and then placed back into my uterus. This has happened to me twice. Once at age 39, and this year right before I turned 43. And I had told my therapist ahead of time before I ever could have known that this had been done to me. And it’s happened at a certain place where I have been living in the San Fernando Valley. It’s happened at a house on Tyrone Street in Sherman Oaks.

And my understanding is that there have been other survivors that have talked about this location as having been involved with programming and so on. And baron Guy de Rothschild has tried to program me. All these years he has been trying to control me. Get me back under control. And the Marquis de Libereaux is someone else that attends all of these functions, since he is the one in power. He attends all these functions.

I have seen Tony Blair there, and he shapeshifts. I have seen Prince Philip there. They all have their quirks as to how they act even in their reptilian form. They don’t act all like robots, but they have their quirks, they have their so-called personalities. But they are all cold blooded. They would kill at the drop of a hat. Since I have seen a picture of some people that are talking about this subject, when I’ve seen their pictures, I’ve recognized them. I did a double-take a few weeks ago when I saw again someone who’s been talking around this subject, and seems to be popular right now.

— Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner —

1:40:27 David Icke: Who’s that?

Arizona Wilder: This man by the last name of Sitchin, I’ve seen at rituals and he is a shapeshifter. And I did a double-take when I saw the picture of him because I recognize him, and there’s another person that I’ve seen, .. this Gardner, Sir Gardner.

David Icke: Is that Laurence Gardner?

Arizona Wilder: Sir Laurence Gardner. And he had recently written an article that was out in Nexus magazine, part of it was about the menstrual blood, and what really triggered me was when he called it starfire. Because that is the name of one of the aspects of the three women who are addressed as Mother Goddess that is my name in all of this. So this man, I have seen, he has lots of power within this sect of reptilians, and he’s someone that you would want to watch out for. Outside of this, too, as is this Sitchin person.

David Icke: What do you remember about Zecharia Sitchin?

Arizona Wilder: Zecharia Sitchin was someone in the rituals, attending the rituals, who was not a major player as far as the rituals went, but was someone that others present did not make remarks at, or were very careful as to what they said around him. And he was talking about, he would be talking about doing away with people. Persons that were in his way. Or were putting out information that he didn’t feel that he wanted put out. He is very much a disinformer. And that is his job, to disinform about what is going on with the Illuminati and with the reptilians.

— Locations —

David Icke: He actually warned me off from investigating the reptilians interestingly. Where do the rituals take place that you’ve been involved in involving the British Royal family?

Arizona Wilder: Glamis Castle, Stonehenge, Balmoral castle. I have reason to believe, there is a church, and I think it may be Westminster abbey, and there is a mothers of darkness castle or château in Brussels, Belgium [Château des Amerois, according to Fritz Springmeier]. They’ve been there, too. And also in France, the Marquis de Libereaux, Pindar, has a castle in the Alsace Lorraine region of France, and I believe it’s in the Alsace region, that he uses, and there are certain rituals done at that castle down in the dungeon part of that castle. And there’s an entrance down there to underground places in the earth. And there is a natural formation of rocks that kind of glow green. And they keep menstrual blood in that formation and this green glowing from these rocks actually turns the blood a darker color. And it’s called ‘black blood’, and it’s used in certain rituals. But there are also smaller, less developed, little reptilians that are kept down there. They’re kind of pets. And one other thing that’s also down there, there are eggs. It’s like a nest of eggs, kept down in that part where it’s warm. It’s very warm down there into this entrance, and these eggs are kept down there incubating, and they are the reptiles’ eggs. And that’s where they keep them.

— Talk of Diana

David Icke: What are your memories of conducting the rituals for the royal Family? What happened? What were they doing?

Arizona Wilder: One thing that sticks out in my mind, this was back in the late 70s, this was before Charles was married to Diana. He was involved with Camilla Parker Bowles. And she does not shapeshift, but she became pregnant by Charles, and she produced a baby, and this baby was presented at the ritual and killed. And that is the price – the first born – between these two, and eventually these two will marry. And that is the price that is to be paid, the sacrifice of the first born between the union of these two people. And I’ve seen that there. Something else that sticks out in my mind, it was sometime, it was around the late 80s, that I saw a very, kind of dark man – he was Arabic, seemed to be Arabic or Egyptian – and I heard the name Fayed being mentioned, and the Queen Mother was there, and I called her the Black Queen. And she and he were talking very seriously and at some length about the subject they were mentioning Diana, and they were mentioning his son Dodi. And at the time I didn’t know who Dodi was. I knew who Diana was. I never saw her at any rituals ..

1:49:02 David Icke: Where did this conversation take place?

Arizona Wilder: This took place at Balmoral castle. And I heard them talking about a marriage between these two and I thought at the time, “Well, she’s married to Charles. How can there be a marriage if she’s married to Charles?” I didn’t understand why the Queen Mother and this person that I now know to be Dodi Fayed’s, because I heard Fayed, Mohammed al Fayed, talking. And I’d seen them together at, I saw them together at Balmoral castle, I overheard the conversation at Balmoral. But I’d seen them also at mothers of darkness château in Brussels, and they were talking about a union between Diana and his son Dodi, back in the late 80s. And I did not understand at that time, because I understood Diana to be married to Charles. I knew that she was married to Charles, and they had two children, and they were about to have another. And the Queen Mother, all I could pick up was that for some reason there was a malevolence towards Diana. And Diana I had never seen at a ritual. I wondered what she knew about all of this.

— The British royal family in rituals

David Icke: What have you seen the Royal Family do? The Queen, the Queen Mother and the other people you’ve seen at the rituals. What have you seen them do?

Arizona Wilder: I’ve seen all of them drink human blood, and consume human flesh. And they have their own goblets in which, they have blood, and these goblets are encrusted with jewels. And they also have their own daggers. And the dagger goes into the goblet and they stir the blood around with it, but it’s also, what it is, it’s a symbol of the phallus going into the vagina when they are doing this. And I’ve seen them do this. And some of them even have, like the Queen Mother I saw she had her own little, it’s almost between a very elaborate ornate chair, or a throne kind of thing brought in for her to sit. Because before these rituals actually start, people move around the room and talk or recognize one another. It’s a formal, kind of a ritualistic setup the way they talk, and the way they’re introduced, they introduce each other. It’s like a court.

David Icke: What are they wearing?

Arizona Wilder: They’re wearing robes. They’re not wearing anything underneath the robes, and the robes are very ornate. The one thing in common they have is the red color, like blood, and some of them have purple. And they have gold kinds of lines running through them. They have the Merovingian symbol of France, the fleur-de-lis, and there are jewels that are sewn in at certain points on these robes. And they wear these robes but they don’t wear anything underneath these robes because what is going to happen, what the rituals are all about, they are going to shapeshift, and they can’t have anything on under the robes. And there are orgy kind of things that go on at the rituals also.

David Icke: Involving the royal Family of Britain?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, involving the Royal Family of Britain and the sacrifice and eating of, consuming the sacrifice and they are involved in that.

David Icke: You’ve seen them do that?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, I have seen them do that.

David Icke: People in Britain, listening to what you’re saying, would obviously be staggered, I guess anywhere in the world. But what would stagger them mostly is in Britain, the Queen Mother, has an image of being the nation’s grandmother, the nice old lady, and good ole Queen Mum, what a lovely lady. What’s your experience of the Queen Mother?

Arizona Wilder: She is very cold in reality, and she is very cruel, and she is very different than she comes across to the public. She’s cold-blooded. If she feels that you are someone beneath her, even in the Illuminati, that you’re at her equal, or your station is above her, she will not speak to you, she will not recognize you. She obviously, from what I see, enjoys consuming human flesh. It’s sickening. The one person that she seems to be afraid of is Pindar.

1:56:11 David Icke: People would also look at the Queen Mother’s elderly frail stature, and find it very difficult to see her taking part in rituals, and doing anything, if you like, active. Do they go into a different state in terms of age and strength and all of these other attributes when they actually shapeshift?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, the human body that they choose to occupy or take when it was young, it ages, but when they take the reptilian form, these reptilians live hundreds of years. And so they have to have taken more than one human body to live in. A lot of them are much much older, and I’m including the Queen Mother in this, older than people think that she is. She’s been in more than one body, human form. And when the time comes, if it is time for her to go on, and it’s known that she still has life or years to go, again, she will be put into the body, the essence of her and the reptilian form, the essence of her will go into another body that also has the ability to shapeshift into reptilian form.

David Icke: One of the pure reptilian human blood lines?

Arizona Wilder: Yes.

— Reptilian descriptions —

David Icke: What happens when, take the Queen Mother as an example, what happens when they shapeshift? What do you see?

Arizona Wilder: You start to see changes happen, and they are happening so fast that the closest thing I’ve seen to it is what they are now doing with computer technology. It’s just a literal transformation that happens very quickly. And they get taller, and they get bigger, and they don’t look at all as reptilians like they do as humans. And thus the wearing of the robes because if they were in clothes, the clothes would be torn apart.

David Icke: So let’s take the Queen Mother on this subject as an example. We recognize her as a frail old lady. What does she look like when she shapeshifts at these rituals?

Arizona Wilder: She looks like, the nose portion gets very much longer, and it grows into kind of a snout kind of thing. She has fangs, incisors as teeth. There’s a tongue – they all seem to have this kind of tongue when they are at this level – the tongue has a lot of long, hairy, or pointed projections coming out of it. It’s very long. And they don’t have hands or feet, they have these claws. And they have scales, and also scales that seem to kind of disappear into one another but it’s more pronounced on the back. There seem to be lumps or protrusions coming from the head. There seem to be some kind of growth, appendages on the back, and they seem folded. And not all of them have that. And there is a tail, and a lot of times they will keep the tail curled. And I’ve seen her when she’s very displeased with something, as I’ve seen other members like this, this tail is whipped around, very agitated, and she hisses.

David Icke: What color are they?

Arizona Wilder: Which one in particular?

David Icke: Take the Queen Mother as an example.

Arizona Wilder: She’s kind of a beige color on the underside and by the time you’re going up around to the back and the tail and the top of the head, and on top of the nose, snout, whatever, it’s coming to a very, there are dark spreckles, or large spreckles of dark browns. The eyes, usually, they’re large, they are very round, and they look like they’re coming out of their socket, and very protruding, and usually the color ranges from a beige, to a gold, to a dark greenish golden, and there’s this dark slit up and down, a vertical slit. And the eyes will look hooded. And when they look hooded, it’s a very frightening thing because it seems that when the eyes are hooded, they are about to do something.

David Icke: What do you mean by hooded?

Arizona Wilder: The lids come down, and I guess it would be the same thing in a human as an expression of, that someone’s got an idea.

David Icke: And how tall are they when they shapeshift?

Arizona Wilder: They’re about seven feet tall. Some are a little shorter, to a foot shorter. Some are a little bit taller than seven feet.

2:02:12 David Icke: So what would the Queen and Prince Charles look like in their reptilian form?

Arizona Wilder: As to height?

David Icke: As to general appearance.

Arizona Wilder: Charles resembles, in both ways, in human form and in reptilian, he resembles Pindar. He’s shorter though in reptilian form than Pindar. The way that the reptilian, the nose shapes into the snout and at that point the jaw becomes the underpart, it’s very much like Pindar. And his mother doesn’t look quite the same as he does.

David Icke: What does the Queen look like?

Arizona Wilder: The Queen, she’s darker, not quite so pale. She’s darker, all over. She doesn’t have the amount of, I would call it freckling. It’s more like the skin is gradually getting darker. It’s more smooth. And she does have the lumps up around her head and down the tail of the spine. Charles also has it, the tail down around the spine and funny enough he has the protrusions from the skull in reptilian form where about, or above, right above it seems like his ears would have been.

David Icke: What is it about the rituals that allow the shapeshifting to happen?

Arizona Wilder: When the victims are starting to be sacrificed, it’s the scent of the blood. And they start shapeshifting at that point in time, and they can hardly wait to get to the blood. It’s like they’re addicted, to the blood. And then the consumption of human flesh that follows.

David Icke: What have you seen the Queen, or any of the royal family do in relation to that? Have you seen them sacrifice and consume human flesh?

Arizona Wilder: There are certain times when they will actually do a sacrifice, or there will have been someone doing a sacrifice, and it’s not happening fast enough for them. So they will step in and finish it themselves, because the sacrifice ritual has to be gone through, sacrificially, ritualistically, it has to have been gone through. And they will step right in and just start tearing the throat out. And they are getting all this blood from the jugular vein at the same time. And that has happened, when there are many there that are going to be sacrificed, and they just can’t wait, and tearing into the contents of the abdomen and stomach of the victim …

David Icke: Who have you seen do that?

Arizona Wilder: I’ve seen the Queen Mother do that, and Prince Philip and Charles. I’ve seen Guy de Rothschild do this. It seems that I’ve seen it more among royalty or so-called royalty, do this than people that are not titled. They don’t seem to, it feels like they don’t dare, but they shapeshift nonetheless, but it’s the royals that step in and just start tearing away, as they can hardly wait.

David Icke: How long can they hold the reptilian form in these occasions?

Arizona Wilder: During the rituals? It’s much easier for them to hold their reptilian form. They can stay in that form. What it is, is that they have a hard time holding their human form. And as long as they are around blood and the scent of blood, they can’t hold human form.

— The killing of Diana —

David Icke: Where you do think the story of Diana fits into all of this, in terms of the ritual you know about, and the royal family background that you know about? What was that all about? What happened in Paris?

Arizona Wilder: Diana was a ritual sacrifice because she’s named after goddess Diana. She was chosen from before birth for the purpose of which she served. I understand very well and am very empathetic towards Diana, because in a way it parallels what happened to me, to have served your purpose, had two children and then be tossed aside. To her horror though, she obviously, never attending a ritual, she knew something was happening. And she knew what was going on, and could not be trusted to be at a ritual anyways. And I don’t think Diana would have attended a ritual. I don’t think that they could get her to cooperate in this, because she actually saw for herself that this was going on, after she married Charles.

David Icke: Is there anyway when Diana was married to Charles without attending a blood ritual, that she could have seen him or one of the others become a reptile?

Arizona Wilder: They have a tendency when they are asleep, to shapeshift. And they have to consciously hold their form, and when they’re asleep, they have a tendency to not hold human form, and to shapeshift into reptilians, and there could be other things that happen. You know, I’m thinking about the times that Diana would have gone through a menstrual period. Well that would have also really triggered some of these people in the royal family that are reptilian around her, to want to shapeshift. Or any woman, any human woman in that household that would be having a period, that scent of blood would tend to cause a momentary shapeshift.

2:11:24 David Icke: What was the whole, what appears to be a ceremony, surrounding her assassination? What was that about? The rumors that she was pregnant, and the Egyptian Dodi Fayed, and the place where it all happened, which is an ancient sacrificial site to the goddess Diana. How does that all figure in the rituals that you know about?

Arizona Wilder: OK, the crone aspect of the goddess is Hecate. And the day of Hecate is on August 13th. And what is very prevalent with the Illuminati, and what they’ve done with the Druidism, and the Egyptian religions is they like to mirror the numbers. For example, with the goddess Isis, her number is 18. When you mirror it it is 81. And that is the number of the sister of Isis, Nephthys. And Nephthys was considered the evil sister to Isis. With Hecate, what I think happened here is that she was sacrificed, and it was a very important sacrifice because three people died. And it was a picture of, the triad of Isis, Osiris and Horus to them, Horus being the unborn child of Dodi Fayed, that Diana carried, and was three months old, which is another very important fact and number that’s important to them, to be three months old. Sacrificial babies are taken in utero at three, five, and seven months.

And when I heard about this, this was a deal that I understood now had gone down. And she had to die in that tunnel because that tunnel’s a passageway for Diana, the goddess. And she died at the 13th pillar, again because of Hecate. And she died on the 31st, because it’s the mirror image of 13. And my understanding of what I get inside of me, and because I was told by baron Guy de Rothschild last beginning of February, when he was in this country and he was there to try and reprogram me again, and impregnate me, was that he was in the tunnel that night. He had to be there, because not only was it a ritual death of Diana, this was also about taking her soul. And he was taking the soul of Diana, which no one else there could do. Whoever was present there could not do it. He could do it. And he was in France …

David Icke: This is the hypnotic stare you talk about?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. And drawing in the breath. And he had to be there to do this ritual killing. This ritual murder.

David Icke: This would mean that the ambulance team, and a doctor that arrived within a minute of the crash coming the other way, must have been in on this whole deal, or at least the people in charge of the ambulance team. From your experience of the kind of people involved in this Illuminati satanic network, do you think that’s possible that they could set that up?

Arizona Wilder: Yes I do. I’ve seen a lot of things set up that if you did not know, if you weren’t in on the so-called inner circle, or know what the Illuminati can do, because they depend on people not believing they’re really there, you would have a hard time believing it. That this has been such a secretive group, and worked in such insidious ways to infiltrate and control. And there are so many unanswered questions they don’t seem to be able to answer about Diana that keep coming up, in spite of all the reports that come out, because there are people that don’t believe what they’re hearing.

David Icke: What would have been the purpose of creating such a clear and definite ritual in the assassination of Diana. What would be the purpose of that when they could have killed her in another way?

Arizona Wilder: Because it had to be done as a ritual because they were going to take her soul. And it had to happen in the tunnel, it had to happen that way, it had to happen in that year. And there’s a timeline to all of this.

David Icke: There have been many rumors that she was pregnant, but as I understand it, one of her friends says that that was not possible because she knew very shortly before she’d had a menstrual period. Is it possible to be pregnant and for that to still happen?

Arizona Wilder: Yes it is. This happened to me. I was impregnated with one of my own fertilized eggs that was fertilized by the sperm of Pindar, and he sent Guy de Rothschild to impregnate me in this manner, And I was impregnated in October of ’94. I had periods up until February when it was discovered, and they seemed normal, not light, and since I had the background of a nurse, and had worked with a nurse-midwife delivering babies. For some reason it occurred to me to check my stomach, my abdomen, and I realized that I was pregnant and so I ended up seeing a doctor who told me, he verified, ‘You’re pregnant’. He did it with a blood test, the urine test, and ultrasound exam, and if I don’t do an abortion on you tomorrow, you’re going to have to go through a different type of abortion, which probably would have been a saline abortion. And I knew what I was pregnant with by that time. And so I was terrified to go through with it. I could not go through with it, knowing what I knew, and so I had the abortion. But I had periods the whole time.

David Icke: You were impregnated, at the point that it happened, without your having any knowledge of it.

Arizona Wilder: No I did not.

David Icke: Is it possible that that happened to Diana? If she was, as the evidence I’ve looked at suggests, also mind-controlled and a multiple from the early part of her life.

Arizona Wilder: That is definitely more than a probability. The thing about being multiple, or dissociative identity disorder, is that the host person doesn’t know that they are. But they have missing time. But then they have amnesia for the missing time, and they don’t realize they’re missing time. They don’t realize things are happening to them. You know, they show up pregnant, they show up with marks on their bodies, they don’t know, ‘Oh, I think I must have bumped myself’, and that’s not actually how it happened. Or they have needlemarks on their body when they’ve been gotten a hold of and drugged. And it’s only when they start to realize something’s not right, and they try and make a timeline, and try to account for their time, they realize there’s so much they can’t account for that they simply took for granted, “Oh, I was out shopping,” or “I was at this person’s house,” or “I was over there,” then they realize they don’t have the time, a timeline, for any of these things.

David Icke: Do you think that Diana’s two children were prince Charles’ children?

Arizona Wilder: I do not believe that William is. I’ve heard he was Charles’ son, I’ve heard about someone else, and I believe that it was neither. I believe that this child, prince William, is the son of Pindar. And she was impregnated. And she did not realize that.

2:22:21 David Icke: When you look at the ritual nature of all that, you’ve got Osiris, which seems symbolized by Dodi Fayed, and Isis symbolized by Diana, presumably the baby quite obviously symbolizes Horus, an Egyptian legend and ritual. Why create that in a tunnel in Paris at that time? What was it designed to do, to symbolize or whatever?

Arizona Wilder: It’s part of symbolizing getting the world ready to recognize the Horus that is about to come upon us in the year 2000, as the year of 2000 is the age of Horus, Osiris reborn. And there’s a sacrifice involved. And the sacrifice is the mother, and the sacrifice is this child, and yet it involves another child who yet lives by the same mother.

David Icke: Are you talking about William?

Arizona Wilder: Yes, I am talking about William.

David Icke: What would have happened to Diana in your experience of the ritual, and what would have happened to the unborn child after the events in the tunnel in Paris.

Arizona Wilder: That Diana left the tunnel dead. She didn’t leave that tunnel alive. That ritual, she had to die in that tunnel. And they had to take her soul in that tunnel. And they had to take the soul, or the developing soul, or developing essence of the unborn child, and in the hospital it follows logically, according to what I know about what they do, that they would have taken the uterus and the fetus from Diana. That that would have been taken, and as a ritual that would have been taken. And they would have removed other body parts.

David Icke: And done what?

Arizona Wilder: Distributed them for high Illuminati members to consume. This is a ritual sacrifice.

— Diana’s burial —

David Icke: Some strange things happened after that. Strange things happened all the way through it. But suddenly the decision was made that she would not be buried in the local church where she wanted to be buried, but on an island among the trees in a lake at Althorp Park. And Earl Spencer, her brother, claims through a dream he was inspired to put four black swans on the lake. Therefore, again from your knowledge of the ritual, what does all that mean? Why do that?

Arizona Wilder: Because four black swans, they have to do with four directions, four seasons, they have to do with sealing something for all eternity. To have four of something black like that, swans figure in Celtic mythology quite a bit, and the Druid mythology. And black is the color of Hecate, and also one of the goddess aspects, the three goddess aspects that they have, the name is black flame or black star. And black flame means unto death. And so they wore the color black. And somewhere in there would be a flame.

David Icke: The decisions after her death, to put her on an island, among the trees, in a lake, and the four black swans, were all, at least on the surface, taken by her brother Earl Spencer. Have you any experience of him?

Arizona Wilder: Earl Spencer I have seen at rituals. He’s definitely tied into it. Her family has been part of this. She has this bloodline. I have not seen him shapeshift, but he’s tied into it.

David Icke: You’ve seen him at rituals, in which sacrifices took place?

Arizona Wilder: Yes I have. [repeats to both parts of the question]

David Icke: What about her father? Any knowledge of him?

Arizona Wilder: Her father was present at rituals. Her father would have to have been involved way before Diana was born. For her to have been involved, and watch her actions after she was married, cutting herself, being anorexic, being bulimic. These are so indicative of someone who has been involved in mind control, has been hurt, and has been forced to follow mind programming. This would have started when she was a little child, and her father would have been involved.

— DID, programming and Henri Paul —

2:28:24 David Icke: So if they got her into this mind control stream from birth, presumably they would have been able to shape events right from that point to the 13th pillar.

Arizona Wilder: Yes. When someone becomes what we call multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder, there are many programs that are induced that can be induced at any point. I mean, you’ve got the machinery in place when they’re a very small child. And as they’re grown they can install programs at any point and have different parts hold these programs. And they can be made to do just about anything. They are taught things such as red light is a green light, go through the light. They drive faster than they realize they are driving. They are able to memorize, or just glance at something and right away just pick what the point is that they’re going after for some reason, or they can memorize phone numbers in just a glance.

David Icke: The car hit the 13th pillar driven by Henri Paul, who was missing for three hours that night. A man who’s been connected to both British and French Intelligence. Given the obsession with the number 13, it seems beyond coincidence that with all those pillars in the tunnel, it hit the 13th. Is it possible to mind control someone, like Henri Paul, so that at speed they could pick out the 13th pillar?

Arizona Wilder: Yes. Yes it is. It’s also very possible that he was drugged and programmed in the time he was missing. It’s possible for him to have taken medication but not have it affect him at all.

David Icke: Does that include alcohol?

Arizona Wilder: Alcohol also. Yes. And then maybe later or not, it would affect him, depending on if that’s what the program was, for it to affect him. But it might not affect someone at all. I’ve been through this myself, so I know this to be true.

David Icke: What happened to you in this instance?

Arizona Wilder: It was a very bad time in my life, the one time in particular I am speaking of, where my then husband told me he wanted a divorce. And I took approximately 8, I don’t remember what the dosage was, but 8 Xanax pills in front of him, and I drove from where I lived in Orange County to the Norwalk area, and went to see my therapist who was holding some groups in this area. And I did not feel the effects of the pills at all when I drove to see him. I did not feel the effects of the pills at all when I left there and hour and a half later. I had no car accidents, I was not stopped, my driving skills were very good, and I’ve seen this happen with other people that’ve had mind control programming and this D.I.D. You just swallow up medication and one part holds on to it, and it does not affect the body.

David Icke: So if you’re in a compartment that is not connected to taking the pills, you’re not affected by it. But if you were put into that compartment that took the pills, if you like, you would be affected by them.

Arizona Wilder: Yes. And what they can do with you is have a whole bunch of alters, or parts, lined up that, okay, ‘You will be out from this point to this point’, and then ‘you’, this next part, ‘will be out from this point to this point’, and they can keep going like that. It can be a very complicated long thing. They can line them up that way. That’s the way the programming goes.

David Icke: Do you think this could explain the apparent mystery of a alcohol reading of Henri Paul that was equivalent to 8 Scottish [whisky] on an empty stomach, while the video evidence of the Ritz hotel security cameras is that this was not a man, in the minutes before he drove Diana into the tunnel, that was in any way at that level of drunkenness.

Arizona Wilder: Yes, that can very well explain it. With this kind of mind-control programming that they do, once you go into that mode that they want you in, you can be hurt and in a lot of pain, or you can be drugged to the gills, or have drunk too much, and you appear to be in no pain at all. You appear to be perfectly with it, and you don’t feel it, you feel alright.

David Icke: People would find it difficult, just coming from their own experience and observation, that someone could drive a car into a tunnel at a considerable speed and pick out among thirty-odd, the 13th pillar. How is that possible to program someone to do that?

Arizona Wilder: Because that someone has been taught and programmed, and taught and programmed, and taught for quite a while how to do this at a very fast speed. The mind works very fast. And if they have the mind and body connected the right way, this person would have been able to drive into the 13th pillar at a fast speed.

David Icke: Would that have been happening on a conscious level, or would the subconscious have been pulling the strings?

Arizona Wilder: This would have been in a subconscious level, and the person would not be aware themselves of what they were doing.

David Icke: In those crucial minutes before Henri Paul got in the car and drove away, would someone have had to given him the trigger to access and activate the programming then, or could he have been in some way pre-programmed to be triggered at that time, and if so what would that be?

Arizona Wilder: Well, he was probably programmed to do all of this at a trigger signal. And so what happened is that somebody triggered him with a preset signal, that he was told, ‘When you are given this signal you will act out’, you know, but the program was already set to go off when he saw the trigger.

David Icke: What form could this trigger have taken?

Arizona Wilder: It could have been a hand signal. It could have been a certain type of handshake. It could have been a colour he saw that was flashed in front of his face. It could have been a certain person doing a hand signal. It’s most likely that there was a person present that he was to react to when this person said something, or signalled him in some way.

— Following the death of Mengele —

David Icke: Given the extent of your programming from birth, how was it possible for you to break out of it, as you appear to have done now?

Arizona Wilder: One thing that happened is that in 1989 my programmer handler died, who was Mengele. And he was in this country so much, and I was around him so much. And he had a lot of control over me. And what happens when a programmer handler dies, they usually have taught the person that they’ve been working on, working with, to be very very loyal, unto death, to them. And that’s something that in the end it works against everything, because when they die even someone else coming in and trying to take over, a lot of these alters are not open to that, and are loyal to that one person.

And in my case baron Guy de Rothschild is the one that tried to take over. And for some number of years, half the time they got their way and half the time they didn’t. And in major things they did not get their way. One of the things I went out and did in 1993 was I cut my hair off, and because I was publicly seen, and known to have very very long hair, I could no longer be seen. I could not be seen with my hair cut off short. This would have caused a lot of questions with other people that had been programmed. And they still tried to carry on with other parts where I wouldn’t have to be publicly seen, because they still consider me to hold this status. And they still consider me their property. I was always told I was their property.

David Icke: One question that people would ask is, given all that you know, why don’t they just take you out?

Arizona Wilder: They still have plans for me, and this was told to me just a few days ago, by someone else who has spoken with baron Guy de Rothschild, that they have plans for me. They plan to have me back because of the psychic abilities; and that is not going to happen.

— Jewelry —

2:40:20 David Icke: In the little bit of tape that we’ve got left can we just turn the subject to the jewelry you’ve got to your left there. What is that? Is that part of the rituals that you were involved in?

Arizona Wilder: The first one – this is a child’s ring. It is a fourteen carat white gold ring with a diamond in the middle of a hexagram, or a hexagonal shape, and it forms, it looks like a hexagon, if you were able to look closely at the diamond. This was returned to me by ex-husband who told me, ‘Well this was in your daughter’s clothes’. And this was a message to me, and it was a trigger to me for him to do this. Any high ranking survivors that I have talked to that know of this ring know that it’s from mothers of darkness. And it would be very unusual, I don’t know of anyone else that has a ring like this in their possession at this point in time.

David Icke: And what’s the necklace?

Arizona Wilder: The necklace here is made out of copper, and it’s very Egyptian, and it was given to me when I turned 19. And that’s an important age because you really start, at the position I was at, having these psychic powers in full effect, and being allowed to do this in full effect during rituals, and this was worn during certain rituals.

David Icke: Why copper, and why have it at all?

Arizona Wilder: Copper is a transmitter. Copper has always been used in the occult. It has a specific meaning. The meaning it has is because I had a triad of alters that were very active in a lot of rituals, and the triad was Isis, Osiris and Horus. And Isis was the part that drew down the moon, and Osiris performed the rituals, and Horus was what was born of performing those rituals.

— Tortures that she was subjected to —

David Icke: Just in the literally three minutes that we’ve got left, three of four minutes, I know it’s difficult but I want people to understand the nature of what’s going on to so many people today? What sort of things were done to you as part of your traumatization as a child and later?

Arizona Wilder: I was electroshocked to the extent that my parents were told, when I was in first grade, that my IQ was 70 and that I was retarded. They said I that I would be retarded. I always had trouble in school, when I was in school, because I missed so much school. My school records are missing. They’ve just disappeared. I have medical records that are missing. My birth certificate appears to have been tampered with. I have had my eyelids taped open, so I couldn’t shut my eyes. I have been electroshocked. I’ve been put into a narcoleptic sleep and had earphones placed over my ears and had messaged repeated and repeated for days. I’ve had drugs injected into my body so that my nerves were just like on fire, and then they would just touch me. I’ve had, since I wasn’t allowed to have marks on my body, they couldn’t use a cattle prod on me, but they do use cattle prods on people in torturing them. And they do use electrical stimulation to the genitals and also on the teeth. And they like to inject between the toes, and under the fingernails, and up in the gums.

I’ve also had some kind of scarring done up through the roof of my mouth all the way up to the brainstem back here [indicates the base of her skull] that gives me a photographic memory. And I have calcium blocks around the pineal gland that seem to be perfectly spaced and even, and it’s very very curious. Doctors can’t seem to come up with a reason for that. I have been programmed to be anorexic, to be bulimic. For the government programming, since I was also used by the government in this country, I was programmed to cut my arms if I started to remember, which I was punished for by the Illuminati as I was not to have these marks upon myself. I was made to eat my own faeces as a little child. I was made to drink my own urine. I was not allowed to go to the bathroom.

I was placed in a sensory deprivation tank. I had my shoulders, my knees, my toes and my fingers, my elbows dislocated and then put back into place when they wanted me to be traumatized. I’ve repeatedly had phone calls of tones coming over my phone, and tones that you can’t make by pressing telephone buttons, tones that sound like sonar sounds from a submarine, tones that sound like they were made by some type of instrument. And I have had directed energy used on me, E.L.F. low frequency electric waves used on me, microwave energy. And this in turn has created – I would hear one tone in one ear, and a different tone in the other ear, it creates a third tone. They’re called tritones. They change the electrical activity of your brainwaves, and to put you in the state they want you in.

I have been programmed to run through a red light, thinking it’s green. There’s been a lot of programming done around my children. They’ve used my children against me, and it’s a very painful subject with me to know that this is happening to my children, the same thing that’s happened to me. It’s easier, I don’t know if I can make people understand this. It’s easier for me – okay I can handle that I went through this. And what I want most is to expose these people because of what they’re doing to children all over. But they’re doing it to my children too. And my daughter believes I’ve abandoned her. My son believes I abandoned him. And they don’t have hope. When they’re children they don’t have hope when their mother’s taken away from them, and they’re told that their mother just left them. So this is a cycle that goes on with thousands and thousands of survivors, not just myself, and this is how they perpetuate it if there is a parent that is protective, that believes and has found out this is happening.

End of interview

2:48:27 Closing remarks by David Icke, filmed standing in front of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Corrected and completed from a previous transcription. 7

Deceived No More

This transcription is from a video entitled Arizona Wilder Deceived No More. It is from her presentation at the Conspiracy Con conference in Santa Clara, California, in May 2003.

It is on the concienciamind Youtube channel, with Spanish subtitles.

The video quality is poor. Most of the audio is clear.

– Bloodline —

Arizona Wilder: The Illuminati, as the popular term for them today, is, a group which has been around for thousands of years on this planet. They came from off of this planet and interbred with humans. They are reptilian. They have their chosen bloodlines, and they continue to try and keep their genetics pure and interbreed with these chosen bloodlines. These beings are part human and they are part reptilian, and they continue to run the planet. They are our world leaders, and nobody at this current time who is a government leader, is there running the countries, unless they were put there by them, or they are one of them. Bloodline, in my particular case I was a slave, and to them most of humanity, or all of humanity, they’re considered inferior. They consider humanity a resource to be used for their purpose. They are at a time, a very important time right now, when they are working with some new energies on this planet that they don’t work well with. So a lot is coming out into the open, and that is higher law that it must come out into the open. And they are under higher law also.

I was chosen for what I did, and for my involvement, because my family was bloodline. My mother’s family, all I knew growing up was that they were Irish for generations, not even any brown-eyed people among them. My mother’s sister went back to Ireland and researched the bloodline, the family genetics, in the early seventies, and I was told that the original family on the father’s side actually came from the south of France. Now anyone that has done any reading from some well known authors at this point, know that southern France plays a major role in this, that is a source of Merovingian bloodline.

On the other side in her family, it has been told to me that her mother’s father was a ritual statistician with the Quatuor Coronati lodge and he was one of the founding members. That lodge is very involved at a very high level.

On my father’s side I have been told that his father, and I have seen the papers that he’s illegitimate, I have also been told by a number of persons approaching me that he is an illegitimate Rothschild.

Now I was always told that that bloodline was impure. The Rothschilds are not looked upon within the Illuminati as a pure high bloodline. They have a lot of arguments among themselves as to the purity of their bloodlines. And there is a group within, there are more than one group within the Illuminati that consider themselves the purest of bloodlines. And that they rule by right, they feel that they rule by right, and not to be elected by the Pope, or okayed by any type of Christianity to rule. So they have many disagreements, discords and arguments among themselves, and that is a weak point with them, that they cannot agree and they have big egos. And that is where they will eventually catch themselves up, with their ego.

I was chosen because of the bloodline, and I was chosen because I have psychic ability. This was tested out and shown when I was a very young child, about age three. When I was three years old I was causing objects to move without touching them. This is an ability that they look for. It’s not important that you can move objects. That’s not the important part. That shows that you have a psychic ability, which is what they look for. Because reptilian bloodlines, in a way they are very psychic. They can read any of you and know what you’re going to do before you do it, and they’re not to be under-estimated that way. But they cannot enter in to any dimension higher than fourth dimension. They do not have the genetics to do it. They were hoping, interbreeding with humans, that they would have the ability. They do not have it.

– Psychic ability —

They continue to utilise human beings for many purposes, and the purpose that they utilised me for were my psychic abilities, my ability to enter into higher dimensions. My ability to bring down those that are still in this so-called fourth dimension into this physical realm.

Some of the things that I can remember about the psychic ability that I had; my mother was constantly on me about poltergeist activity in the house, which she blamed on me. There were lighted spears [spheres? spirits?] in the house, there were things moving in the house. And she talked about troubled children that had poltergeist activity around them. And I at the time in my multiplistic state, as I had multiple personality disorder and the part of me that was out didn’t have a clue, I didn’t know why she was telling me this. And she was also very psychic. This is another point that I would like to make because it came down from her side of the family. She’s a very psychic woman, and the way that she was utilised I do not know because it was kept away from me. I was very apart, very separated from my mother, and they wanted it that way.

I have seen others that were also very psychic, and this is something, they are the ones that are at the forefront, the pushing force for search for psychic people. I can remember telling people things, that I knew that there was a death around people. I would tell them, ‘I see this. I see that you’re going to come close to death. You’re going to be in an accident.’ And this would happen. This happened with an art teacher I had, I was taking oil painting lessons, and I told her that. I actually remember I was in nursing school, and going in and laying hands on somebody, and they were actually, the next day left the hospital. They’d been very ill.

And I was always very aware that it wasn’t me myself doing it. It was a channelled source.

I was raised the oldest of four girls. I was raised in the Catholic church. The Catholic church does not believe in any of this, or they are not acknowledging any of this. It reinforced my programming, because it is a very ritualistic religion. And it was very, every time I went there to church and listened to the sermon, any of these thoughts that I was thinking I pushed to the back of my mind, and I didn’t think about them. So it was very reinforcing.

— Training in Russia – Operation North Star —

When I was five years old I was taken to Russia, and I was involved in a program with other children who had the same abilities. The Russians were much more advanced in this area. They were very interested in psychic research, paranormal research. And what happened to me there was that I was being involved in developing these abilities. They did an ice water immersion with me, more than one time. It was many times. I was being immersed in ice water so that my heart would stop beating, and my essence would leave my body. I was told that when this happened I was to go to a particular room where there was an officer in uniform sitting in the room. He was sitting at a table. On the table was a piece of paper and a pencil. All I was to do was to make a mark on the paper. That was what I was to do. And this proved to them that I did this. And it was observed. And it was recorded. I was not able to do this the first few times. It was repeated until I was able to do it.

It went on from there. What this program was called was Operation North Star. I did not understand, it took me years to understand why would it be called that. Naval intelligence here was involved with it. The reason that it is called Operation North Star is because when a psychic leaves their body, they are taught to go out into the other dimensions through the north star. The trigger for me was that these phone calls continued, and there were things besides phone calls, but as I was trying to go through recovery the phone calls continued and some of these phone calls were sonar sounds on a phone that you would hear from a submarine.

My association that I was given was of picturing a submarine going into the Arctic Ocean, into ice water. And when that sub was emerge in the water then I would start to experience this kundalini energy going all the way up my spine, to the chakras, and when it got all the way up to my head, then I would leave my body and traverse dimensions, whatever it was they wanted me to do. And what I know from my work of recovery, is that I realised in that state what was going on. And my goal was to try and get away from them before they could latch to me in that state and control me. And that is what I tried to do.

— UCLA —

For many years this was going on, and I also ended up visiting the para-psychology units at UCLA. That unit was associated with this. Jolly West was the medical director of that unit. And Thelma Moss was the psychologist, or para-psychologist, associated with that unit. They were looking for people that had these abilities. All of these intelligence groups, there are people in the intelligence groups that are not associated with any of this, however there are many in the intelligence groups that are associated with this kind of activity. And they are working in conjunction with the Illuminati to achieve goals of total control.

Psychics are considered very dangerous to New World Order, because psychics need to be controlled. They are harder to control. Psychics employ scalar energy, or scalar wave technology, that is the mode of transport of information and knowledge, and it is hard, next to impossible to control. So it is monitored.

Soon after I started recovery, I was in a conversation with a woman by the name of Julie Ann McKennie [spelling?]. And Julie Ann McKennie, to my understanding, was ex-army intelligence and C.I.A. She had a contact in the N.S.A. call her after our conversation, to warn me that I was being monitored by the N.S.A and I was being psychically monitored, this is the term used. My understanding is that the N.S.A have computers that do psychic monitoring. And they monitored brain waves, they’re monitoring psychically, and we’ve had this technology for a while. I was told, ‘Don’t have memories. Don’t write anything down on paper. Wait, about a month, before you do any of that. Try to think of other things because you are being monitored.’ That was very difficult for me to do, because I was in recovery.

– Preparation as a slave in childhood

When I was a child, in order to make me into an obedient slave, I had to be trained. And the training actually starts when you’re a baby, well they’re still testing you. They’re testing you in utero. They’re testing you when you’re a baby. They’re testing your response to noxious stimuli. So they will hurt the mother to hurt the baby. They also, they utilise astrology. There is just no other way to say it. They utilise astrology in order to ensure that they bring about somebody who has the particular characteristics that they are looking for. It doesn’t mean that you will do this or that at a certain age. It means that you are more likely to be steered in this direction or that, and this is more likely to be your reaction.

My birth was engineered to happen so that I was born, whether you want to call it Aquarius or Pisces. It was engineered to happen in February, and it was right on the cusp. It was about February 23rd. Numerology plays an important role to them also, because the numerics that you’re given at birth, that is your name, are influencing factors on you for the rest of your life, even if you change your name. I did change my name legally, 8 but I didn’t do it to get away. I did it to add power. I do not reject my other name, but I add to it, and I balance it out.

This is really in the end all about balancing energies and forces, this is what all of this is about. With the Illuminati, with humanity, it isn’t about humans versus reptilians. It isn’t even about that. It is about the misuse of power. It is about the misuse of energy. It’s about the misuse of feminine energy, and the misuse of male energy, and it needs to be corrected. This solar system is out of balance. This galaxy is out of balance. We are out of balance. They are imposing a false matrix upon this dimension, and this needs to be corrected. People need to be aware of it. This is how they will bring down the lower fourth into this dimension, which is their objective. What people need to understand is the Illuminati’s strings are pulled also. They are not, in the end, in control here. They are also subject to string pulling, and they are also subject to being lied to by their puppet masters, who are on another dimension. Another dimensional level, it might have been two. So I am not in judgement. My message is things need to change. Whether they want to change them is another matter, but we need to do something.

When I was a child, the basic training that goes on with children is to remove a sense of safety and security. So children go through things like having a close family member, such as a father and/or a mother and/or brothers or sisters, older ones, cousins, aunts uncles, family friends, molest them, perpetrate upon them in the most horrendous ways. There is nothing more awful that you can do to a little child than to sexually molest and perpetrate on their person. Because here is an adult that is supposed to love you, take care of you. And what are they doing to you? Sticking a penis in your mouth, or in other orifices, telling you not to tell, pinching you, biting you, hurting you, doing things that don’t leave marks on you. This is an adult that’s supposed to love you. So the little child thinks, ‘This must be love. But it hurts. I don’t understand.’ It’s like having an explosion go off in your mind. So you never know, you never know when you’re little who is going to hurt you. Because you know it hurts, and you grow up really being programmed into thinking this is how it is. You don’t know anything else.

And the abuse is so terrible, just at that level, in your every day life, that you’ve got to dissociate it, push it away, forget. The ones that can’t do that, those children are the ones, that if they make it to adulthood, they end up being diagnosed schizophrenic, psychotic. They end up in jail, committing crimes. I guarantee you that every sexual molester in jail has been molested horrifically. That does not excuse their behaviour because we all make a choice. But this is how it goes on. It goes on from generation to generation, and it has increased greatly.

A child’s basic need beside safety, is shelter, food, water, clothing, elimination. Little children who are told, ‘No. You can’t have any water’, left in a room, ‘No you’d better not pee. Because if you do you’re going to drink it.’ And then guess what, it happens. ‘If you have a bowel movement you’re going to eat it.’ And that is what happens. This is basic training. Left in a room and ignored. You’re under stimulated. You’re sensory deprived, left in a room with blankets tied around you so you can’t move. You don’t know what time of day it is because maybe you’re blindfolded. You’re left that way. And then you’re over stimulated.

And everyone acts like nothing is happening. This isn’t even happening, because the adults around you don’t talk about it. They never say a word. Life goes on around you. And it’s ignored. And you’re ignored. You feel crazy. You feel like this cannot be happening. It must not be real. I’m not real. None of this is real. Maybe both. This is crazy making. And this causes a child who has the ability to go inside themselves, to dissociate and start creating their own little world. The seed is planted. Because they need you to have an inside world. Because you’re going to spend a lot of time in your inside world. That they’re going to take that seed, and they’re going to create all of these inside scenarios. This is how you create multiple personalities. This is the very early training. This sets the scene. This lets you know that anything can happen, anytime.

— Rituals —

About the age of five, they start training you for what they want you to be doing. They have realised your tendencies. They’ve studied your reactions. And they will start training you for what role it is you’re going to have. About that time there’s a little marriage ceremony for a child. The child is married into the particular group, organised perpetrator group, you can call it that, you can call it cult. The child is married into it. And they are given a ring. Today on my little finger, on this hand [a few seconds are missing here]. I have that little ring. It is a child’s ring. I don’t know anyone else that has saved it. There are others that have run across it. When they were older it was passed to them, again, to remind them, and they have thrown it out. I chose to save it, because I want to talk about it. And I want people to know, these things are real. This ring has bloodstains on it. It has a bar sinister on a crest on the side, and that is indicative of bloodline. There are others that have this ring out there.

They start involving you in rituals. They start watching you. They watch your reaction. They push you to get you to be as involved as they can get you to be. In the ritual they will hold your hand on a knife when they do sacrifice. This is so horrific for a child that they really have a hard time remembering. This is a deeper layer that goes inside the child. I was involved in all of these things. I am not the only one. There are others. All children are brought up like this. It makes you part of the group. Then they tell you, ‘You’re one of us. You’re just like us.’ Everything that’s done at a ritual, the child is involved in. It is very hard to be at a ritual and see other people being hurt. It’s hard enough when you are, but you know you can zero in on yourself and go away. But when you are helpless watching others be tortured, and seeing what they do there. It’s very painful. I don’t even, at this point I still could not fully describe to you how it feels. It’s horrific.

In these rituals the number of participants is very important. Whether they are using male or female energy is important. There are some groups that only employ male energy. There are others that only employ female energy. And there are others that do both, and maybe one or the other at the specific occasion.

There are children who are bred and born only to be sacrificed at some point in their lives. That is their purpose. There are so many children whose births are not recorded. I worked with a nurse-midwife and we did home births. She wasn’t part of any of this, but if she was upset with somebody she didn’t record the birth. Then the parents had problems by the time that child had to go to school. It was a practically impossible situation. All of these loosely knit cults, which are really down at the bottom under the Illuminati, have homes where these children stay and are schooled in a private system. These children are used in snuff films, porn films, ritual sacrifice. They are like slaves, and they disappear. Some of them go underground. I mean literally to underground cities never to come back up. Some are food. They’re a food source, they’re an energy source. That’s all they are.

— Mother Goddess —

I went through all of this training when I was [pauses], ’til I was about twelve years old. Then I started being groomed again, to be a mother goddess. There are only three alive on the planet at a time. A mother goddess is someone who is maiden, mother, and crone. The maiden embodies purity, the mother embodies the strength, and the crone embodies the wisdom and the knowledge. There are others that have other roles to play. But this specifically was my role.

My role at a ritual was to bring down what they call the ancient ones, the old ones, from the fourth dimension, to be a literal channel through which this being, discarnate entity, would come. And they would beg to stay here. They did not like where they were. They wanted to be in this physical realm. Some of them were brought down, or I should say many were brought down and anchored here. And they have to be anchored here with blood sacrifice. So at these rituals there were, of course, sacrifice in which someone was killed, or persons were killed.

They have to be, so I’ve read from those that have an argument with what I say, that any blood sacrifice is a willing participant. Well yes, that’s true. Those that are willing don’t know they’re going to be sacrificed. They are raised and told what they are doing is an honour, they are being honoured. In order to have the adrenal-chrome coming out in the blood, which is what the reptilians need, those that take human form, and they need the adrenal-chrome to keep it, to extend their abilities, to for a little while have some more psychic ability, they need the adrenal-chrome. The only way that the adrenal-chrome can come into the blood the way that they need, it is for someone to be tortured and traumatised in a long drawn-out way. And that is what they need. When that happens, there’s approximately 10cc’s of adrenal-chrome that will be coming out into the bloodstream. And that is what – The person that this happens to, they’re not told beforehand that they are going to die. This is why they’re willing.

They also utilise menstrual blood. My name within this system, one of my names was Starfire, which is pure female essence. I’m not the only one they utilised it from, but that just happens to have been my name because of my role. The menstrual blood that they utilise, is – They drink it a lot. It helps them retain some youth because the human genetics age faster than the reptilian genetics. And they’re trying to balance it out. I believe also that they are trying to balance their own minds out.

When I brought down the old ones they were put in a little circle. That’s where I directed them. And this circle was marked off with the points of north, south, east and west. If you were going to do something like this, you would be bringing down from a certain area. It might be from the north. That’s going to bring down a certain type of energy, or the west, or the south. These are the cardinal points. These are what you bring down. There are specific tones that create vibrations that these energies, entities, respond to. And there are certain words that have to be said. And this is what they respond to. And they are so ferocious. Their presence is overwhelming. And they would love nothing more than to get loose here, and that was my role, to keep that from happening, that these energies would be loosed upon the group that was there. They were afraid of them, and these things had to be controlled, and that is what I did. That was my role. And I sent them back again. Sometimes an entity would be brought down to go into someone’s body. Because there really is a possession going on. And you can call it possession of a demon, you can call it possession of a discarnate entity. Possession by reptilian, that does happen. And the person that hosts it will cease to exist. That essence will be dissolved at some point.

My role as a mother goddess was to be present at certain births. At a birth it was either a sacrifice or it was a blessing. A mother goddess, her lifeline, or the number of years that she is supposed to exist in service of the Illuminati is fifty-two years of age. They have a short lifespan. When they are thirty-nine years old they are supposed to be impregnated, specifically with a female. When that female is thirteen, and the mother is fifty-two and she has been training that child. That child will sacrifice the mother in a ritual and take over her role. So let’s see now. I’m forty-eight, but I don’t have a child to take over. Because they did do that to me when I was thirty-nine. But I did the unthinkable. I was warned by someone that this was going to happen to me. And I said, you know what, it’s not going to happen. I’m not playing with their plan. I’m not going along with it. I’m not doing this. And I’m still standing here today on the other side of that line, and I’m talking about it.

Discovery and obstruction

I think that people need to understand how hard it is for someone who is trying to get out of this. And so I would like to talk about that. Because I had a hard time getting out of this. I was married. My marriage was set up. I have two children. That was set up. They wanted me to have another. I foiled that. I’ve basically been a problem, but that’s my purpose. I started having some severe flashbacks when I was about thirty-one, thirty-two, after the birth of my daughter. And I always knew that something was wrong in my life. When you are dissociated, your world is very narrowed down. It’s like having many boxes inside of your head. And you’re only in one box at a time. And when you’re in that box, you only know about that box. And then you’re in another box, and it’s like nothing else exists. You have different sets of clothing. You have different tastes. You like different people, and some people you hate that the other part didn’t hate. You have different experiences that you can’t remember, or it seems like a dream. Because there is some leakage of one dissociated state to another at times.

So my world was very narrowed down. But I always knew something was wrong. I was very depressed at times. I was moody. I did things I didn’t know why I was doing them. There were big gaps in my memory but I took it for granted. I thought everyone was like that. I thought everyone had nightmares. I thought everyone had this severe depressions where they wanted to die. I thought everybody did little things to hurt themselves when they didn’t feel good, and to make it all go away. I thought everybody never cried.

In 1988 I started questioning some things that were said to me. My parents are very, very programmed. And they really were watching me. And they didn’t, they don’t know, they still don’t know. It took me a long time to realise that they weren’t evil bad people. They’re programmed. It took me a long time to realise that about my sisters, who still don’t have a clue. And they’re not happy people.

I had flashbacks of mysterious, you know, just seeing part of a ritual, and I think, ‘What is that?’ I had flashbacks of men in grey coats around me. I had flashbacks of military. I had flashbacks of underground places. I didn’t know what it meant. I started drawing. I drew things. I took a lot of time. Because I couldn’t write. I didn’t even know what to write about. There there was nothing in my head to write about.

So I drew. And I drew with my left hand. I drew with my right hand. This connects the left and right sides of your brain. I drew with my hands crossed. I drew with both hands at the same time. And it didn’t matter what I drew. Things started to come out.

When I started to do all of this my family began to pressure me. ‘Why are you doing this? There’s nothing that happened to you. Why, you just need attention. You just want attention.’ So they started pressuring me because that’s the programming. This is your family unit, you’re breaking it up. And they’re told, you know, ‘Arizona here [in a voice like a radio message] is breaking up your unit. You’re all going to never to be the same again. It’s going to be a lot of pain.’ So they start pressuring you. All of those parts that they have start to pressure, because they don’t want to hurt. They know that there is pain. They don’t know why they know that. They just know. I had no support from my family cause they couldn’t support me. I had no friends. Families like this, they’re very apart from others, they’re very isolative.

– Therapy and harassment —

So what I did, was I went into therapy. Memories are layered. The first thing that comes out is your sexual abuse by the family member, friend, relative. That’s what comes out. That’s the way it’s supposed to come out. You’re supposed to be horrified, and go, “Thank God. This is what it is. This is what it was the whole time.” In my case, and there are others that go on after this, that isn’t enough. It’s still not right. And because I drew, and this is what I believe, because I drew pictures, and because those parts of me that couldn’t say it could draw it, other things started coming out. I drew pictures of rituals, and I thought I was crazy. Because I didn’t know where it was coming from.

I’d never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen it on television. I’ve never read about anything like it. But that’s when I started trying to find some books on the subject, and they had just started coming out. My family accused me of getting it from the books, even though it was there before I ever saw the books.

What came on the end of that were the memories about being around beings at military bases, being around military, being around intelligence. At the time I couldn’t figure out how it was all connected. It seemed to be very separate things. And I was myself very disconnected, all of those parts that I had were disconnected.

And I really didn’t want to talk about reptilians to the therapist or the psychiatrist, because I did not want to be accused of being psychotic. Yet there they were in the rituals. I talked with other people that were having those memories also. They didn’t want to talk about it either. But then some of them just figured it was drugs that they were given. Some of them figured they were being fooled with something dressed up in costumes. I had to go through all my years of trying to look at facts, to be honest with myself. And I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t drugs, and it wasn’t costumes, and it wasn’t holographic images. And I was not crazy.

When I started going through all of this recovery, they stepped up, that is my little watchdogs, stepped up their process of harassing me, and picking me up, and trying to get me back in line. Anyone here who that is a survivor of this knows what I’m talking about. Because you get harassed, the phone calls that come in the middle of the night, the knocks on the door. If you live in apartments the banging on the walls, the banging on the pipes, spraying insecticide in the house, which they did, D.D.T. in my apartment, and that was verified. Samples were taken to a lab. Being picked up and given drugs. Being beat up, a few times. And I have photographs of what was done. The bruises took a year to go away. Being electroshocked, that was a favourite things, especially stepped up in the last – in 1998 they got me the worst. They got me so that I was having seizures. My therapist discovered it because she does a type of EEG biofeedback. She found it, and I was having many small seizures.

And she also had discovered a few years before that, that I was walking around in a delta state. I was wide awake, walking around, delta state. What I know about that, is that that is the off switch for someone who is being used for psychic purposes by the government. They want you in a delta state. You’re effectively off, and you’re not utilising the psychic channels, you’re safe that way.

There were so many times, you know, in those years I was on social security disability because I couldn’t work. I became so disabled that I couldn’t work. And therapy was my only thought, my only hope, because all I knew was that I could go in and talk about all of this. And I had therapists that were willing to work with me. I didn’t have any money. I had no social support other than social security disability. My main concern was therapy and keeping a roof over my head, because I moved eleven times, because I didn’t have much choice in the living situation.

There are many out there that are in this position. It’s extremely hard because you don’t have any support, and you have all of this harassment. Even now, people don’t even have the option of therapy like I had it. There are many therapists that don’t do this any more because they are harassed for working with survivors. They’re being very much harassed and watched.

I will also say at this point that there are therapists out there that are themselves programmed, and part of it, and they don´t know it. And it’s a very sticky situation. I would estimate there’s probably about ten million people in this country that are programmed, 9 and they don’t know it. Many don’t know it. And they’re being used. Their mind is not their own. They are not single minded; they don’t have the ability.

I was picked up many times and hurt so badly that I was sick in bed. I couldn’t move. Once I went into the hospital, and they did a drug test on me, and they said, ‘Oh, you’re positive for cocaine’. I have never done anything like that. Luckily the psychiatrists that worked with me knew that. So there wasn’t a problem.

But this is the kind of thing they do to you. They want you back in line. They want you serving your purpose. They don’t care if you are beat, down, trodden. Maybe they can’t use you the same way that they did use you, but they’re going to use you to the last. Whether it’s trying out some new electronic equipment on you, maybe that’s all you’re good for. Maybe all you’re good for is to see what it takes to break you. Maybe that’s what they’ll use you for now. They wanna break you, see how long it takes, make a study out of that.

— Area 51 —

My programmer was Josef Mengele. It was common knowledge in this country among higher ranks in the military, that Josef Mengele was going in and out of this country on his own passport. He went from the United States to South America. I saw him at China Lake Naval Weapons, out near Ridgecrest, California. That is also very much associated with Area 51. I was utilised at Area 51. What I know about underground bases at this time, specifically Area 51, is that the first five levels are more or less associated with the United States government, but down to level fourteen is not.

It is also associated with a base in South America, and that base is on the perimeter of Paraguay. I had the chance to speak with somebody, who doesn’t know anything about any of this, oh I would say less than a year ago, who had been in the Peruvian army, because it’s on the side of Peru also. It’s a very large base. And he was in the army and the governments, all the governments employed their soldiers, their military to guard the parameters [sic] of the base.

And what he saw there, what he described to me, were, all of the Indians in the area, they killed, hanging them upside down, draining fluid out of the spinal column into containers, that he was told this fluid was being used for a creation that was made up of human genetics, but it was also part machine, like a cyborg. This is what it was being used for. 10

Also talked about things like putting the eyes, or certain parts of the eyes of dogs into humans, and then the humans that got this were going crazy. In short it was genetic manipulation and experimentation. It’s the same thing that’s going on at Area 51. There is lots of strange phenomena going on at Area 51 that I was witness to. They employ psychics at Area 51.

I went to speak at another conference a couple of years ago, and I was approached by someone who still contracts with the CIA. And he saw the burn marks on my arm, and said to me, ‘Oh I see you’ve burned off the Area 51 ID on your arm. Oh, oh well, you know there’s others besides you, don’t worry, you know, I’ve seen others, you’re not the first and you’re not the last. 11 So if you have that on your arm, that means that you had the training in Russia with the ice water immersion.’ Then when he went on to describe the psychic training. I have not heard anyone talk about the mark on the arm from Area 51. It isn’t visible to the naked eye. It’s visible in a certain spectrum of light. It marks you as someone specifically involved in a certain program there. There are others that have it. I’m not the only one.

Something else that I was used for. There is an intelligence agency that goes by the name of Janus. The other side or face of Janus is called Sirius. Sirius is made mostly up of military trained psychic assassins. They’re watchdogs. Janus is also psychic assassins. I was being contacted to do that, and I happen to remember, I happen to remember that, and was able to stop being involved with it. But it took me a while.

I had said something to Julie Ann McKinney about it, and she acknowledged that there is this group. There is a person that heads this group, that tries to stay out of the public eye. He is known. And he is on the Council of Foreign Relations. The headquarters of this program is in Brussels, Belgium, in the N.A.T.O. building. They train psychic assassins and sell them to agencies, other agencies. That is what they do.

— Octogon –

One other thing I want to say, and I will talk about this and write about this another time. I want people to know that it isn’t Illuminati that is, well this group or that group, that rules. The Illuminati themselves have a governing body. They are referred to as the eight, or the Octogon. Those that watch for them are called the eyes of the eight. And people generally don’t know who they are, but it’s a fear inducing thing again, fear of the unknown. I will be writing about that, in detail, but I want people to know, there is a ruling body. It doesn’t stop at the Illuminati. They themselves are governed by this group. They rule the four points of the earth and the points in-between, according to them.

— Positive sounding stuff —

I want people to know that I have hope for this planet, for all that live on this planet, and in this solar system, and in the galaxy. I really think I had a hard time having hope until I realised that it was about balance, about the misuse of energy. Everything we’ve been seeing since 2000, is because the energy is changing. We are seeing everything come out into the open now, because it has to.

And these poor little the Illuminati, they don’t know how to work with the energy. It blows up in their faces. They really don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. It backfires. They are masters of working in secret. Things cannot be secret any longer. That what people need to understand is, they’re gonna learn.

So the time is now that we become aware and we question things. We question things, we don’t just accept things anymore. Question authority. Question everything that’s going down here. I am fulfilling my purpose. This is my purpose. People need to know what their purpose is. What they’re trying to instil on us here is a sense of hopelessness, a sense of futility, no purpose. We have purpose. People need to remind themselves, they have a purpose here, your purpose is more than getting a paycheck. More than just going through the motions of raising your children, and living life on a mundane level.

We are more than that, and what is trying to be imposed on us here, is so that we’re living out of the lower chakra level. Low energy, low frequency, low vibrations. Turned off from here up, that’s the problem [Only her head and shoulders are in shot but she indicates from about the gut upwards]. So we need to change ourselves. And when we change ourselves, you are the only one that can change yourself. I cannot change you. You are the only ones that can change yourself. When you do that, everything else changes. Change your energy, you change the energy around you. That’s my hope. That’s why I have hope.

You would not have recognised me years back. I was a whiner, a cryer, I hurt, I felt weak, I couldn’t do it. Granted I was going through some stuff. But when you feel defeated you are defeated. And then I thought to myself, I can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. How do I do this? I don’t know what my purpose is. There has to be a purpose, there has to be a reason that I went through all of this. And I didn’t even know everything that I’d been through. So this funny little voice said to me, ‘If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, be your own light.’

And that’s what everyone can be. Be your own light. You have a purpose, you have a place. You came here to have a purpose, to learn. You came here to be a vibrant energy. You didn’t come here just to go through the motions and listening to people like me talk about it. You came here, you’re here today because you want to know. You’re here today because you know there’s more. You know it, you’ve known it in your hearts. You know it from the heart chakra up. You know it. It doesn’t matter if your belief is Christianity, New Age, Muslim, atheist, it doesn’t matter. You’re all spiritual people. Don’t turn it off.

— Agendas for the United States, and depopulation —

What I want you to know today also, is the complete disregard, and I need to say this, that the Illuminati have for humanity, because they see us as weak. They see us as buying all of their baloney. And that makes us weak in their eyes. ‘We’re not changing it. Let’s give ’em more.’ And we are being barraged all of the time, with all of this stuff, all of this just over-stimulation from everything, television, radio, all the agendas, all the stuff they put on the news. We’re always being just overwhelmed with it. But you don’t have to be.

The problem is that they have an agenda for the planet. And their agenda for the United States; we’re at the top of the list. They’re going to take down the United States if they have their way. We’re the trouble-makers. We need to be taken down. They’re establishing biospheres in this country. They’re planning to move a lot of the population out of certain huge areas in the United Stated, because they want to mine a lot of this country for the resources. They want to depopulate. And they’re starting their agenda, I mean they started it years ago, but they’re stepping it up. They’re trying to depopulate through all of the viruses, and all of these biological disasters that are coming through. They’re depopulating with their vaccination program. They’re going to make us sick, and you know what, until we’re gone, we’re going to support the drug companies. We’re going to support them until we’re gone. They’re going to utilise us to the last straw. And we are being groomed to accept all of this, and not question it. We’re getting used to the security alerts now, because they’re grooming us to accept Homeland Security, who will come in and tell us, if we can eat, when we can go to the bathroom. Everything, no privacy any more. It’s 1984. But they are going to depopulate the United States, unless we stop it.

The Illuminati, the very ones at the very top, the top echelon, the most pure. Their plan is to get rid of most of the population on the planet, and only have their slaves. And they’ll do their genetic experimentation and manipulation, and make everything over again, make it a new planet. They want a feudal system. They love the feudal age. They love that whole system, and that’s what they want. Among themselves – who you see in power, who looks like they’re in power right now, very public. They’re not the ones. They’re being used. It’s a pyramid. They’re in a pyramid too. They’re going to be tossed aside also, and they don’t believe it. They’d better believe it. They’re being used. So think of that, the next time you see speeches on television. They’re considered impure, and lower level. But they will do the dirty work, ‘and then we’ll get rid of them’. It’s going to be a purge. [She says ‘and then we’ll get rid of them’ impersonating the original speakers.]

— Mass programming —

I think that something people need to know, is that we’ve all been subject to a lot of programming. Not just people like me that have been obviously programmed slaves, to do the bidding since they’ve established this, I have to call it false matrix. On this dimension everyone is subject to programming. And it is made to be subtle. So that maybe you don’t realise it, maybe you do. It’s dependent on being able to shut down your higher chakra system. So people need to open those systems up. Or be spiritually aware, if that is a better term. Open up your spirituality. When you consent, with your consciousness, to certain types of situations, then you give them permission to use your unconscious mind. And many people don’t realise that.

Your mind can be used, like a vortex. I think the popular coined term is stargate right now. Your mind can be used that way. That’s what they’re doing at underground bases. That’s one of the major programs: creating vortexes in that way. But every day, people living in everyday life, when you turn your mind off, and you turn your awareness off to what’s going on around you, you give permission. For your unconscious minds are being used. When you lose hope, when you lose sense of purpose, you stop thinking, and you stop feeling, and you stop experiencing and you give permission. And that’s how these things are used. And they’re used to bring in a certain consciousness on this planet.

And it’s a low consciousness. And it’s something that you’re not supposed to be aware of what’s happening. I mean, a little of the more more obvious things, using the media the way they do. You’re not supposed to be aware of other things going on here. Because if you were aware, you wouldn’t allow it.

— Call to empowerment and use of the mind —

So our people need to research. You use your consciousness to get to your unconsciousness. You question authority. You don’t just accept something just because so-and-so says it. I expect, after people hear me speak that they will go out and research what I have said. You might like what I said. You might not like what I said. You might not believe it. And you might believe it. But please, go out and do your research. Go out and check everything out. Use your mind. You have one to use it for. Don’t just buy it. It’s really easy to just buy what you’re told. Don’t do that. That’s how they’ve taken over. I want people to go out and start researching. Don’t just believe it just because someone said this that or the other, or so-and-so said it. Check it out, because if it’s real there’s going to be more on the subject, and there’s going to be some resonance. And it has to be resonance that relates to this physical reality on this planet. It has to be resonance to what is here. It has to have some reality based stuff to it. It’s moderation. In things are moderate, in things that matter, there’s always moderation, and there’s a flow to it. It’s just not based on something that’s way off in left field somewhere.

People use your minds. That is the thing that will get us out of this. Use your minds. Your heart goes with your mind. Where your mind goes, your heart follows. Where your heart goes your mind should follow. I have hope that people are waking up. The energy change – people want to be more aware, and I do see that. And this is just the beginning of this age. It’s an age of waking up.

It’s an age that we have a chance to bring these energies back into balance. We have been dominated by a group that wants even to reject its own female energy. And wants to utilise male energy, but in the wrong way. We need to bring femininity back into things, because that is the balance. Nature abhors an imbalance, and it will try to balance. It will do that if we don’t. We need to take control and take the situation back.

We need to take out power back. Everyone here can be empowered, and I’m not saying that it’s just automatic. You have to work at it. I have bad days. I have days where I’m scattered. I have days when things don’t work for me. I have days where I don’t look like when I am up here standing in front of all of you. I have days you don’t want to be around me. But that’s temporary, and I know that.

Things always will work out. I didn’t know that years ago. And that’s why I was scared, and that’s why I was powerless. And that’s why I wasn’t single-minded. But I have been through so much. Nothing that happens can ever take that away from me. Because I found myself. And I know who I am. And I wasn’t supposed to know who I was. That was how they could use me. And that’s how they use people. They use people that don’t know who they are, don’t know their power, don’t know that they have potential, have no hope.

As a country the United States doesn’t know any more who it is. We’re divided. All this stuff is happening. We have lost sense of purpose. We have so many distractions, and they’ve made sure we have distractions. And when we have all these distractions, what are they doing with their other hand. They’re doing something with their right hand, they’re doing something else with their other hand behind their back. And we’re too distracted to see what that is, or to realise the implications of it.

We don’t have to go down. Maybe they do. But I ain’t goin there. None of you have to go there. I know the ideals upon which this country was founded by we the people. And we are what matters. The people are what made this country great. Right now the world looks upon the United States with distaste, because of what the leaders have done. We need the world to know we’re here. That we’re not part of that, and we are this country. Question authority.

— Wrap up —

I think that I’m going to wrap up my talk. I want to talk about deception, because that’s where this is all going to. I think that people here are thinking about how they have been deceived. But what it all comes down to is how are you deceiving yourselves. Are you deceiving yourselves? You are if you think that people that speak are enough. We’re not enough, all of us that speak, we’re not enough. You all need to be part of it. You must be part of this. That is how humanity evolves.

You have to be part of the process. You’re deceiving yourselves if you leave this conference, and you go home and you just go on with your lives. You have to bring this back with you, and decide what is your purpose here. You have purpose. And you figure out what your purpose is, and you serve your purpose here. There is no higher calling. There is nothing greater that you can do, than do what you came here for. I have been through the things that I have in order that I can be here and talk to you like this. I wouldn’t like to go through all of this again, but I’m glad that I went through it. Because in order for me to be here, I had to be there. It is my purpose and it is my destiny to be here talking to you about what your purpose and destiny are. And you have to go out and serve your purpose and destiny.

I look out here and I see people, that you all have this wonderful self. You’re all really wonderful. And you have this spirituality. We all have it. You have great power. If I can not say anything more to you today, I want you to know that, you’re all powerful people. But you have to go out and fulfil it. You have to know who you are. And then you do what you’re here to do. And as you do that, this old system will crumble.

And that is the sense of hope that I have, because I am no longer deceived. I may not have every single answer. But I know that I will be able to connect. I know that I have a sense of purpose. I know that I can overcome. I know that the human spirit is wonderful. I know that I am, even if I don’t feel like it. I know. And that is what every one of you needs to know. You have something so great. You have this wonderful spirit. And it needs to be nurtured, and you need to know it. You need to know yourselves. I have overcome my – my goal, my task, was to overcome not knowing who I was and what I could do. It was not what they did to me. What they did to me was, it was kind of gotten away, it was a block, it was something I had to overcome. But the purpose for me was to know who I was. Once you know who you are, there isn’t anything that stands in your way. And I am deceived no more.

Thank you very much.

At Global Sciences Congress

This was in Denver, Colorado in the February of 2001. There is a two part DVD of this presentation advertised for sale on entitled Arizona Wilder – Explanation of Abuse by The Rich and Powerful The price for the two is $39.90 +$18 international shipping. I wrote to the company offering to buy a digital download for screenshot purposes but did not receive a reply.

At the time of writing it is publicly available on Youtube. and
This is the version I have used. The audio is fine. Visually it is not well framed or focussed. Although blurry I have included screenshots of the pictures presented, and swapped in a few where a better image could be found.

Presenter: Arizona Wilder, who spoke for us last August, in one of her very first public speaking engagements, gave us part of the story of her life. The title I’ve given to it [today’s talk], or I felt was appropriate, but she can change it if she wishes is, ‘Bizarre experiences of a mind control slave’. We’re all familiar, at least somewhat with the mind control area, the mind control program, but not nearly into some of the absolutely unthinkable experiences that people go through. Give her a nice warm round of applause and welcome her back again to give us additional information on what she has learned, what she can now share with us that she didn’t last year. Here comes Arizona [applause].

Arizona Wilder: Hello. Can everyone here me? No? [Comes closer to mic] Now can everyone hear me? Okay.

Thank you Dean for having me back again this time at global. Last time that I spoke here to the general audience, I simply went through and told people why I was doing what I was doing, what had happened to me. And what I have to say about that, at this time, is that there were a lot of other things that happened besides rituals. There was programming at bases. They use military bases because they won’t have any interference, when they have someone on a military base, and a lot of my programming took place on military bases.

And I would like to talk about that. I would like to talk about the fact that there are rituals done at the military bases also. And that rituals are not a cover for mind control programming, as some survivors have been saying publicly, lately. The people that do the mind control are involved, and rituals are very much a part of how they do things. For example Naval Intelligence members, or people that are in Naval Intelligence are usually very involved with Ordo Temple Orientis. And that doesn’t mean that everyone involved in Naval Intelligence is involved in that. But Naval Intelligence is responsible for a lot of overseeing of ritual activity in this country. And they are responsible for a lot of this going on. There are other organisations, other agencies involved, but Naval Intelligence is very involved.

I would like to show some slides today of my artwork depicting some of what was happening to me. This artwork, it was done in crayon pencil, pen, paint, whatever I could have my hands on at the time. It was done while sitting on the floor, it was done while while being in the hospital. It was done anywhere that I could do it. And I did it as quickly as I could, because these things that were coming out of me were overwhelming. And I couldn’t write about it. I did keep a lot of journals. But some things I couldn’t write about, but I could draw. So I drew them. And there’s a lot to be said for the drawings, because there’s something that can say what words can’t say. It wouldn’t do it justice to try and describe in words what the pictures can show.

I also before we start, I would like to make a point about something. I’m not usually a speaker. I work full time, and I have a very busy life. Coming here and doing this, this is the second time I’ve spoken to a larger audience. I’ve been asked, ‘Why don’t you write a book?’. I’m not particularly driven to write a book. There’s a lot of complexities regarding my healings right now that I am still trying to deal with. And I am doing this right now, I’m speaking out because of my children having been taken away from me. I’m not the only one. I feel that other survivors have lost their children in the same way because this is one of the first things that they do. And this is why I’m speaking out. I’m definitely not doing it for the money. This is not something I would want to be known for. So I think that it speaks for itself, and I’m telling you right now, this is a serious thing, it’s not a game for me. If anyone in the audience feels like they can’t watch some of these things, then they’re free to leave, and I’m not offended by it. But I’m just letting you know that I’ve had some reactions to these pictures, but I’ve picked out the tame ones. So, why don’t we start.

OK. This first one is an example. This is how I felt as a child, and this is how I felt most of my life. This was a picture that I just drew to express how my mundane life felt. I had no life to speak of. I had a lot of missing time. I couldn’t figure out my feelings. I couldn’t figure out anything. And this was about the first picture I ever did, dealing with what was coming up.

This picture’s important simply because of the few pictures that follow. I had a part called Alice. And it turned out that it was Alice in the grey place. Alice in the grey place mystified me, because I knew about Alice in Wonderland programming, but I didn’t know what Alice in the grey place meant, and I had a lot of journalling to figure this one out, and drawing. So it took a few years to figure this one out.

OK, the next thing I realised that was coming up, with this, for some reason, was dolphins. And a lot of survivors have spoken about dolphins in their experience. And being taught to communicate with dolphins. And this was done on military bases. And this is what happened to me also. That this was coming from a military base. And I still hadn’t put it all together. So I knew that there were dolphins. I knew that they were grey. And it that way I realised that there was a connection to Alice.

What I realised and what I’ve discovered over the years, is this in particular pertains to Area 51. At Area 51 there are a lot of dealings with alien extra-terrestrial life. And also on Area 51, on this base which is underground. It’s extensive, underground system, and levels, about 14 levels. They not only deal with extra-terrestrials, but in order to hide what they are doing, and hide the fact that we have a very advanced technology, that there are a lot of these craft, flying saucers that they are actually engineering and putting out. We have that much of an advanced technology. It is not coming, all of it, from aliens. But it suits them just fine for us to think that it’s all alien technology. We have the technology, and we’ve had it for a long time. And it’s far more advanced then you realise.

The greys that I saw there on the base were under human control. The reason that they were under human control is that they were manufactured. They were called psibers, p-s-i-b-e-r-s, that’s what they were referred to as psibers. And the psibers were manufactured with the help of genetic material from dolphins. They have the ability to communicate at a psychic level with other subjects because dolphins are renowned and known for having this ability due to scalar waves. That is what these psibers have, They are now, since being manufactured, they are cloned out. They’re under control of human beings. They’re not always perfect in what they do, or how they perform. They are able to be in a spacecraft. I believe that the experience of a number of abductees, or a number of people, that have come in contact with greys, that these are the greys that they’re coming in contact with. And I saw them there.

Something else that I’ve seen in the underground bases are a lot of experimentation using different animals, using different alien life form, and using human beings, trying to manufacture something that is pretty mutated. And a lot of what I saw there did not live very long, because they were failure experiments. And due to them not living very long they were experimented on. There were live vivisections being done, and there was no medication being used for pain. So one of the things that I did there, since I was trained to have the psychic capabilities, and I’m not the only one that was used in this way, there were a lot of others used in this way, was to be there present while they were cutting up one of their mutations, a living creature, and trying to psychically prevent this creature, or these creatures from feeling pain. So I was present during many of these vivisections. And the whole thing is pretty horrific. But this was something else again that goes on. It goes on there all the time. And I wasn’t there to do that, as though I’m irreplaceable. I was there because it was enhancing my training. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Something else that I would like to bring out is that there were rituals going on with these bases. There were rituals that involved alien beings, and human beings, and it was going on there all the time. I haven’t really ever talked with any other survivors of this. I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it. These are what I remember.

This is an alien, this is an example of one that I saw there on the base. This was not a manufactured creature. This was an extra-terrestrial on the base. These in particular were not very nice. And they were usually accompanied by military. But these were something that I saw there. They didn’t seem to like to be here either.

Now what I’m getting in to – I would like to talk about our little exchange program with Russia. When I was five, some of the training I had took place over in Russia. And we have a partnership with the Soviet Union, or with Russia now, that has been around a long time. The whole time that we had this supposed cold war with Russia, we were learning from them, or partners with them. They were very advanced in their psychic training, psychic experimentation.

There were some places here that were associated with that, and one of those places that I was involved with was over at UCLA. It was a para-psychology program that was run by Thelma Moss and Jolly West. The MK-Ultra labs are still over at UCLA. Their para-psychology program supposedly was shut down. I did run into someone in the early nineties who was telling me about some other things about it, and that Barry Taff 12 was running it at that point. But I have a lot of memories about UCLA para-psychology unit there, being involved with the psychic experimentation that was going on in Russia.

This particular picture deals with what I saw there. This was a uniformed KGB officer that was taking something, or standing there, while one scientist was talking to another. And from my memories this was taking place in Leningrad.

This was a picture that I did. I had a really violent terrible memory about being drowned in ice water, purposely, there. What was happening was that they were using ice water and the water was very important in this to cause near death experiences. And that I know, of this happened to me three times before I could complete the experiment, or the assignment that was given to me. And the assignment for me was to go out of my body, and in my astral body go to another room, a specified room, and go in there and pick up a pencil sitting on a table and make a mark on the piece of paper. There was a KGB officer present, sitting there at the table. It was being recorded on camera. And it took me three tries to get this right.

And it was very interesting, because at one point I was in therapy with a therapist, who was internationally known for working in this area with people that have been ritually abused in mind control. And he told me that he’d had three other clients that reported this same kind of experimentation. I hadn’t really spoken to anyone about my memories. So I found this very interesting.

This is another example of the kind of thing that happens on bases that I went through, and many others have gone through. I had nothing in my life to compare this with. I didn’t pull it up from anywhere. I didn’t see any books. There are no books dealing with this. Now maybe some people are writing some. There’s nothing to compare this to. There were no TV shows that dealt with this. And there’s just nowhere that I could have pulled this up from. These were very hard pictures to draw. Because I had to deal with everything when I was drawing these.

This is a picture that I did for the therapist. It was dealing with my feelings about all of this. None of these pictures I might add, are done after 1995. Parts of them you can’t see. I’ve dated every single one of them, but you cannot see the exact dates on these unfortunately. There was a lot of programming that was being done with strobe lighting, with being hooked up to EEG machinery, EEG bio-feedback. There was a lot of electrodes placed on other parts of the body, recording nerve impulses. There were drugs that were being given. There were earphones so that you were hearing different tones, different sounds. And there was a type of a device placed on the head along with that, where you actually heard it through your mastoid bones in your head.

And this is an example of what came out that had been done to the inside of me. It is how a system is being set up. And it’s very interesting because at the time, I did not know what tritones were. I didn’t know if it was anything at all. But this is what they were using. They were using tritones, to program. And tritones are two specific notes, that when they are played together produce a third sound which will alter your brainwave activity. And there are a lot of different variations on the tritones that can cause you a lot of pain, or they can cause you to feel very good. But this was part and parcel what they were using with the programming.

And this was a picture that I had drawn of how they were what I call gridding the brain. And they gridded the brain in order to have control over the different parts of the brain. And what they were going to do was stimulate some part of your brain and cause you to react to the situation without knowing why you did it. Or you don’t remember what you said, what you did. Or you’re carrying out preset commands. And that is what gridding is about.

Now this I included because what they were also programming in at these bases; this was an example of not the just Greek letters, which were used in programming, but Olum alphabet. And Olum is used in the cult. It is druidic. This was being done on the bases.

And a lot of it was learning how, through stimulation, to use your fingers, because fingers and hands are used in communicating Olum. And this is part of what is called hand signalling. And different people have talked about being hand signalled. Olum is used for that purpose. 13

[ It is easy to see that an alphabet like this could be used with hand or finger motions.

Image By Runologe – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 ]

So they were doing these ritual things there, and unfortunately you can’t see the writing at the bottom. It’s hard to see it. Down there it says, ‘I have no age. I span the ages’. And this was something that came out in 1989. It was the start of some of these drawings.

This was a part of me that I called keeper, and he was the keeper of the flame. And the flame being Illuminati flame. And this was a part of me that kept a lot of occult knowledge. And this was something created on a base. It was created in a military base; it was created at China Lake Naval Weapons Station.

So then these others started coming out. I’d never seen any occult material, that I know of. I’ve never read books, I’d never seen anything even near it on TV.

This was another one dealing with deity Astaroth. 14

And I didn’t know anyone else that was even drawing anything like this.

An Astaroth is an ancient deity. It goes back to Babylon. And you note that the eyes are blue, but the pupils are slit. I have this in a lot of the drawings. And there is blood on this one because this one consumes human blood.

This is another one, that it didn’t go all the way in the frames. Originally it was backwards, it was written backwards. And it was about the great earth mother. And I had never heard of it when it came up in my memory. I never heard of the great earth mother. I didn’t know what the great earth mother was. I didn’t travel with people that talked like that. I mean you don’t have to be occult to talk about the great earth mother, the earth as the great mother. I just had never heard of it. So when these came out. At the time I didn’t know what it was. What I understand it to be now – There is a vesica pisces there, which is very important. It represents creation, it represents creation from the cosmos. And this represents the earth mother and the moon that travels around the earth thirteen times in a year. So this has to do with that. Again, created on a military base. Not because it’s a cover.

This was another one that came up. And my understanding is that Lugh is druidic. My understanding about the other words are that they go back to Sumerian, they have Sumerian roots.

This was another one that came out. It was about the child and the mother and the crone. The triple goddess. Again via our wonderful military bases, that apparently do just mind control for governmental things.

What I want to just make a point about right now, is that I had drawings I’m not ready to deal with yet that I didn’t bring here, because I still have a hard time with them. And one of them involves something I did, I don’t even know why it got saved, I did as a child. I was in second grade. It is a drawing of a dragon. I don’t feel like I have to prove that I drew it, but I did draw it.

And what I’ve been challenged about a lot is that, ‘Well these are holographic images, they don’t exist, they’re all in the mind, they’re fairly tales, they’re not real’. And I have had to hear that a lot. Since I’ve seen also reptilians on the military bases, besides seeing them in rituals off bases, and rituals on bases, I wanted to try and find some evidence that there were pictures that were recorded before. This happens to be 6,000 year old figurines that were discovered at Acámbaro, Mexico. 15 And these are women that are playing with little dragons. And what is interesting about this is that I had told David Icke, in interview, that in the dungeon of this castle in Alsace-Lorraine, where Pindar lives or sometimes is at, that there were dragons in the basement, little ones that were considered pets. And I found this and I’m sure this is not the only example.

But these things do exist, and they can be seen in other places, and they can be seen today.

This one is Phoenician. 16 It’s archangel Michael, who was Tas-Mikikal [Tas-Mekigal], who is battling the dragon. And the wings, I mean this one was later to become archangel Michael, the wings are down on the legs, right there. And then the fire is between them, and that has become the Illuminati flame. But that was the symbol for fire.

The Phoenicians knew of the dragons, they knew of the reptilians, and their work depicted them quite a lot.

This one is another one. 17 The intercessor, who is a priest, that guy right there [with pointer], is pleading to Indara, who became saint Michael, that guy right there, for the life of the man about to be sacrificed to the dragon, that one right there. And the symbol above the man signified death. And the goat signifies the solar deity. Again Illuminati symbolism.

This one I have to show you. It has been known as a Phoenician symbol. It is an early form of the swastika. 18 What it is, is that the dragon became a serpent. The same serpent in the Bible, in Genesis, to disguise the fact that it was actually a dragon. So that the enemy is a snake, or Satan. And this started occurring with the Phoenicians. And it started because by that time the reptilians had come there to be with the Phoenicians and so-called save them. And this started being covered up then. And pleading with your life, or pleading for someone’s life for the dragon not to eat them or kill them, became Saint George battling the dragon. And it’s become wound up in all kinds of stories. It’s come into the Arthur legends, the grail legends. It’s us against them, we’re all one, it’s us against them, and the dragons are mythical. The dragons are not mythical, and they hide the fact that they are here.

So the point that I am trying to make today is that the military bases are used as a lot more than just simply military bases. They’re doing quite a trade with innocent people. And they are involved in the occultic activity. They also are all connected underground. And that is how a lot of people get from one place to another without anyone ever knowing it. They’re also involved with ritualistic activity.

And they’re not instilled memories either. They’re definitely not. What is happening is that both things are true. People are seeing and experiencing rituals there, not because it’s being used as a cover. It is happening because the people themselves that are in charge, are doing this kind of activity. And the rituals happening in Area 51 are being done also because there is alien life there. And they also tend to be ritualistic themselves. There are reptilians on the base at Area 51. I am sure that some people have seen them there. It would be impossible not to, if you were able to be at the right place and the right time and be able to watch. And it is occurring on other bases also.

I’m going to show you one last picture, because I do have something to say about the ark of the covenant. This is a picture of a ritual portraying the carrying around of the ark of the covenant in Ethiopia [Aksum, Ethiopia]. And this I understand is done every year. What I have known, and there are some others that know also, that the ark, the true ark, is not in Ethiopia. It never was in Ethiopia. It’s at a place in Egypt, and no it’s not the great pyramids. It’s a place that’s been used in the past. It was a temple that was erected to perform rituals, and it’s associated with the Illuminati. And the ark is there.

I have a friend who has told me about these same rituals being held in Japan, and that they have the ark there, and it is associated with the emperor of Japan, and that there are stone circles there. And there seems to be an association with the Phoenicians. That is my understanding. It’s very interesting that this same symbology, same story, is also over in Japan, with the ark. Japan plays a very important part in this whole thing with the Illuminati, and they have downplayed it. It’s been kept very quiet over here in the United States. I had, when I was involved with them, with the Illuminati, and very mind controlled by them, been to Japan a few times, and dealing with, being around the emperor at the time, who was, forgive me if I’m not pronouncing this correctly Ak-hiro. And they’re very much also a part of the Illuminati, and are very important right now at this time period. They hold a very important key to what is going to happen, and I will talk about that in the workshop. If anyone had questions about, that Brain and myself will both talk about it in the workshop. They also hold the key to Atlantis.

At this point in time, I’ve been asked here a lot, and I think that I’ll address this. I have been asked, ‘Why are you still alive?’ and ‘Why aren’t they doing anything to you? What do you think they have planned for you?’ And what I believe, is because the harassment pretty much stopped, a couple of years ago. I believe I’ve gotten to the point where there’s not much more they can do. I still would expect anything. But I have been very busy, just trying to put my life back together in a normal sense. I still sometimes talk to survivors on the phone. I have people call me. And I don’t feel that I’m very helpful to them, because the problems are huge and myriad. And I can’t help them over the phone. It’s very complex. But I still now, I keep up on reading about these places. I’ve put a lot of my memory work aside for right now. And I hope to take it up again some day. But right now it’s just watching all of this, watching the way that the programming has changed.

The programming is very complex now. It’s very sophisticated. They no longer need to use programmers in the same way that they did when I was young. There seems to be a lot of association with military base, from people that I’ve heard, talk to. There seems to be a lot of association with alien activity. Some of it I believe is a screen, some of it is not. There are a lot of people that have talked about being involved in rituals. But I think that a lot of people from what I’ve seen, have a hard time with, ‘Oh well, there were rituals’ and ‘Oh well there’s alien activity’ and ‘Oh well, there are military bases’. So it’s something that is not – I haven’t come to the conclusion myself. I know what I was involved in. I’m still listening to other people and what they’re involved in. But I’m really very busy right now, so I don’t have much time, as I did before.

They use resonances in neighbourhoods. It’s not always military bases. They use resonance for upkeep and maintenance of people.

At this point, I think I’ve said about all I have to say on the subject for now. So if anyone has any questions, I’m willing to take them.

— Q & A —

I should say that we have you line up to the microphone over on the side, and state your name and your question.

Question: I am Scott. I talked to you yesterday. I used to work with people like you before I had visions of heaven. It’s really touched me to hear your story. There was a book written about what you went through, and it was written over fifty years ago by C.S.Lewis. It’s called That Hideous Strength. I was wondering if you’d studied that, or ever heard of it, or read it?

AW: I have never read any of C.S.Lewis’s books. I had my reading kind of set by my parents as to what I could read.

Scott: What’s so encouraging, I felt about the book is when I take people to heaven, and they get interested and it starts really taking off. I pretty much make that required reading for them, because it teaches both sides of the issue. It teaches the evil. It talks about the vivisections. It talks about the mind control. It talks about all that stuff. But it talks about the positive very strongly, and how that all will be overcome in the long run. It’s a very beautiful and encouraging book to read. And that’s why I wanted to bring it to your attention. It might be very good for you to read as well. It’s just a beautiful book.

AW: Thank you. I will have to look into that. One thing I will say is that a lot of people, when I speak, they think that – I might come across as sad, well I’m sad because this whole thing’s tragic. It’s very tragic, and that I might come across as, ‘Gee, there’s nothing I can do.’ Well, in a way there is nothing that I can do, other than what I am doing. I feel I’m doing the most powerful thing that I can do. And it takes a lot of courage for me to do it.

Question: Thank you for taking my question. I have been called and asked to interview a lady who has talked to me about the very same things that you’re discussing. And I noticed in her, and I noticed in you, the same thing, that your speech is very much educated, your choosing of words, the way that you say things. I would like to have an opportunity to talk to you in depth at another time, if that’s possible. My question is, both of you and her, when I get the opportunity to interview her, is, ‘These things have happened to you, and we all feel that you’re telling the truth, and that these things do exist. We don’t see them, we don’t experience them on a day to day basis. How when you come into this society again, as living a normal life as much as you can. How do you see the average person being able to stop this kind of thing, help you rehabilitate, and keep our children from having this kind of thing take place?’

AW: The way that I think that people can fight this, since we’re all attacked on every level, and we’re all programmed to some degree. We’re programmed in different ways. It’s the system that’s doing it, and it was set up to do that. For example is, if you are a school teacher and you see what is happening in the school system, that you fight this on every level. You protest. You go and you let them know, ‘This is not right.’ You can make data yourself. You have children every year. For example, ‘They’re not learning this. They’re not learning that. This is what teaching this is doing to them. And you have a voice and you can use it. This also stands true for nurses, police, doctors, lawyers. It stands true for factory workers. There’s injustice in every part of the system. It was made to be that way. And as long as we don’t speak out it will go on. And there is programming in that way for everybody. But if you are aware of it, then you have an obligation to do something about it.

Questioner: Thank you.

Jeffrey: Jeffrey’s the name. For trauma based mind control as they used with you when you were younger, is that still being done with the non-enlightened ones, so to speak, or have they got some new technology they’re using, to program in a much quicker way?

AW: My understanding is that the programming is much much more sophisticated. They don’t need to use a programmer to methodically terrorise and abuse and torture, the way that they used to. They have the computers to do it now. They have kind of an interactive bio-type computer that you just hook someone up to, and that computer can take care of the whole thing. And it senses pain. It senses the level of the pain reaction. It senses the terror. It does everything that a human programmer could do. And it’s doing very well, because the incidence of obvious mind control victims coming into psychiatric facilities is not the same as it was ten years ago, and I think there are two reasons for that. One reason is that they saw where the holes in the programming were when people started coming into it about fifteen years ago, and they corrected their mistakes. The other reason is that a lot of the therapists and psychiatrists in the psychiatric field refuse to deal with it any more. Partly because they are being harassed. They’ve been harassed right out of business, they’ve been harassed right out of dealing with it. They’ve been threatened, and I know this for a fact because it happened to people that saw me. Not just because they saw me, but because they were dealing with it. And the other thing, the other reason is that there is a big movement, that is backed by the FMS [False Memory Syndrome] that is funded by Human Ecology, which is CIA backed. They are really pushing to have this not dealt with. They’re saying it’s very rare to see something like this. And some of these doctors are contracted by different agencies, such as CIA. So all of this is happening and they’re trying to cover up. But the programming has become highly sophisticated.

Jeffrey: Arizona, one other question in the aspect of the alters that they lay down, either before or presently with the computer. Is there a religious alter laid down which gives them a script, of what heaven looks like and the different people in heaven and that sort of thing that would be consistent in many mind control people?

AZ: What I know, I can tell you from what I know about myself, that there was religious programming laid down and that one of the favourite NSA things to do is to say that your programmer is god, and that the contact is through the holy spirit. And this creates a lot of havoc. There was a lot of religious programming done on me. Now I know some people that had more than I did, but I did experience that. And it’s quite a trick to get through it.

Jeffrey: Is there a uniformity among many of their thinkings, in relation to their characters that they would see or people they would know there, that could be the same programming that has been given to many?

AZ: What I think is that they will find something in the child’s life, as it is going to start when they are a child and use that. And the background for me was that I was Catholic, so there was a lot pertaining to Catholicism.

Question: Arizona, do you know if there was any type of NASA involvement, and could you speak on that?

AZ: In my case? I know that I’ve heard other survivors speak on it, and by the way I only have about thirty seconds so it has to be the last question. NASA involvement, I’ve had some memory myself of involvement, but not much. I don’t really know that I had much to do with NASA. I’ve heard other people extensively talk about it, and they were probably used extensively in correlation with that, since I also understand that Jack Parsons, who founded the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena, was very into the occult and Aleister Crowley. So I wouldn’t doubt it.

I have to wrap it up now, ’cause my time is up. I really appreciate you all listening and thank you very much.

End of transcript.

What Happened?

Arizona Wilder later disappeared from public life.

A letter was published in her name with a partial retraction of previous statements. It appears on this site page from 2011 along with a request for ransom money.

A website was also created in her maiden name retracting the truthfulness of her public statements. A comment was also made in her name which disowned the site, but affirmed the retraction, particularly of statements made with David Icke.
From (This link no longer works.)

“This is Jennifer Ann Kealey a.k.a. Arizona Wilder. I was just told about this site. WHO authorized this site? WHO answers questions and comments as if they are coming from me? Jennifer Ann Greene was my married name before I legally changed it to Arizona Wilder because I had been programmed to do so. Only I and the perpetrators could know this, so who/whomever is doing this is a fraud, and was not authorized to do so. I no longer (for many years) condone the use of material I made while involuntarily programmed especially for the David Icke video. His material is not today and has never been my experience nor was the concept of “shape-shifting reptilians” something that I experienced as an unwilling victim at rituals. I was programmed specifically for David Icke’s interview as well as the following Conspiracy Con meeting in San Jose,CA. etc., and David Icke as well as Brian Desborough both knew that I had been programmed to respond this way when they made the video. In fact, the ring shown in the video was used to certify to Brian Desborough and David Icke that I had been programmed with preset answers and was to be used for this video.”

In an interview from 2018 survivor Robert Vandriest Mitchell stated the following: 19

49:45 Robert: “One of the functions that I was created for and programmed for, was to become on the highest levels within the satanic order, to become among other things, as a high priest for a select group of people like queens, kings, etcetera, presidents, prime ministers and things like that. So from this I know that I certainly have met another survivor who is known as Arizona Wilder. Apparently she has now said that everything she said was a lie and it was fantasy. Yet that’s the enemy making her say, again, because she unfortunately fell prey from 2008 or 2009 back in enemy’s hands. So I certainly have memories of this person, and she was at the same rituals that I was, and we did and performed the same type of rituals, and we have seen the same people.“



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  6. Note by DH: My family had moved to São Paulo, Brazil in 1969 after my initial training with the royal cult in London. I have a trauma memory of a similar event there with my trainer. It took place in the temple, ca.1970 age 4.
    My false father was doing a magical working. Babies were used. He summoned up a creature into a magical circle. It was like a rhino but reptilian. He told me to hold it. I was able to hold it with my mind on my own. They were very impressed.[]
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    WM: How did you know 2 million were involved?
    CW: Because I was a programmer and I saw the documented records on this.[]
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