Fortunately and unfortunately humans have a mind. Our life is made of experiences, and from this we have built an image of what life on Earth is. Let us call this image the world. With this image we process our experiences. We use this image in the creation of our behaviour.

Clearly the more accurate this image is the more realistic our understanding of our experiences will be, and the more coherent will be our behaviour.

Here are some books which have helped me to create a more realistic image of life on Earth.

Everything You Know Is Still Wrong – Lloyd Pye

This is the 2017 revised edition of Pye’s 1997 book Everything You Know Is Wrong. It was published after his death by his daughter Nina Pye with his former wife Amy Vickers as editor. They updated the 1997 edition using Lloyd’s own draft and notes for a new edition which he was preparing before his death by cancer in 2013.

Lloyd Pye (1946 – 2013) was born in Houma, Louisiana. He won a football scholarship at Tulane university and graduated from there in psychology. He worked for American military intelligence during the Vietnam war and then in Hollywood, before turning to the investigation of human origins, public speaking and non-fiction authorship.

Here is a brief bio of Lloyd Pye,

In Everything You Know Is Still Wrong, Mr Pye conducts a critical review of the fossil record of alleged pre-humans. This is done in the context of the many reports of encounters, tracks and other physical evidence for non-human biped hominoids. Their ape-like bodies are heavier and stronger than ours. There are the seven to nine foot tall bigfoot / sasquatch. There are the five to seven foot tall yeti / abominable snowman and almas / kaptars, which are similar to neanderthals, and then there are the sedapa / agogwe which are smaller than us and are similar to fossil remains which have been nicknamed hobbits. (Edited 5/5/20.)

Spoiler alert!!

Pye challenges the Darwinian narrative invented by Victorian science in the context of the Royal British Empire and makes the case for the intervention theory of human origins. He cross references the physical evidence from geology, biology, astronomy and archaeology with the Zechariah Sitchin translations of Babylonian records of the ancient Anunnaki who were human-like. He proposes that the appearance of humanity can be explained by the genetic hybridisation of the pre-humans with the newcomers. Sitchin’s translations showed that they needed additional labour for their mining operation, and Pye concludes that the hybridisation process was a lengthy scientific project which was completed about 250,000 years ago.

Lloyd’s work is both intriguing and compelling and he is missed by those who noticed that he died. He asks many questions that academic science actively suppress such as why does planet Earth have tectonic plates and a variable thickness crust, and hence land, sea and mountains, and why does life appear in the fossil record suddenly in batches and not incrementally? He reviews the geography of the planet and shows biped hominoids could still be living in the large areas that humans do not use, and how they could easily evade capture by the clumsy homo sapiens.

Books by Anna Van Oort

This post is an Anna Van Oort special edition. Anna is a survivor of multiple types of organised abuse. She is an assiduous researcher, a conscientious synthesiser of information, a generous educator and an author. As well as the published books she has also made information available on various websites and through Twitter.
(Note 8/20 the websites link has been updated to from due to uncertainty as to whether the latter is published by Ms Van Oort.)


Wayang is Anna Van Oort’s autobiography. It was self-published in paperback in October 2018. Her books are currently available in paperback or e-book from Amazon,

This is a detective story, and the case in question is the author’s own life. Ms Van Oort (1969 -) had a not uncommon problem in that what she knew about her life did not adequately explain the events that she had lived or her experience of them.

The wide ranging investigation reaches into the Van Oort family tree, the pseudo-invisibility of criminal behaviour and whistle-blower testimonies from around the world.

This research met with opposition from both inside and outside her family. The attempts to devalue her reputation included incarceration in a psychiatric hospital when she was trying to report criminal activity that she had uncovered.

It is an amazing and fascinating work which seeks answers to seemingly unfathomable questions such as why was she taken to the doctor when she was well but not when she was ill. What do Cecil Rhodes and the knights of old have to do with the statistically impossible bad luck of a talented set designer in the Vancouver film industry that would give Truman Burbank nightmares? What does dissociative identity disorder and a collection of unexplained selfies have to do with a grandfather who was interned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Indonesia?

The Phoenix And The Golden Egg – Trilogy

Custard, cream, sponge, fruit, sherry and a cherry make a trifle. Here the forensic history of Michael Tsarion, ancient mythology, ethics, trauma based mind control and the psychology of interpersonal manipulation make up a trilogy which is not set on Earth.

A historical chapter of that planet’s life is recounted in an engagingly simple narrative style that belies the amount of synthesis under the bonnet of this book. The author describes the book as allegorical and the reader cannot help but draw comparisons with their own life and what they see around them.

Of particular note, and this is no small matter, is the publication of blueprints of the conceptual machinery that is used to manipulate an unsuspecting individual. This is exposed and laid bare as the plot builds and unfolds. Anyone who is still naive or gullible would benefit from reading The Phoenix and the Golden Egg trilogy. It is also a lot cheaper than doing a psychology course written by professors who understand this but don’t tell you.

Code White

Code White was made available in chapters on a blog site. It is written like a screenplay and would be perfect for a small theatrical company to present.

It is sad to say that most people have been educated into believing that someone who has been hurt and needs a helping hand has got something wrong with them, and so they should be helped by someone else.
Code White gives us a counter example. The protagonist has just this problem but it is solved by two characters who are both open minded and already somewhat knowledgable in the vicissitudes of life. The conversations and revelations go from dusk to dawn.

Tavistock Institute – Daniel Estulin

As they say you don’t know what you don’t know. This book published in 2015 delves into why you don’t know that you don’t know. Specifically it investigates those who create and manipulate ideas about life for the so-called masses to consume like fodder. The Tavistock Institute is arguably the most notorious and most influential social engineering outfit there is.

Estulin is a doctor of conceptual intelligence who trained with the intelligence services of the Soviet Union. He used his capabilities to gain access to the records of the Tavistock Institute and exposes their history, their philosophy and their work in applied psychology. We learn that for Tavistock applied psychology, or behaviour modification, is in fact applied psychopathy.

P2 ‘During World War II, “Tavistock was the headquarters of the British Army’s Psychological Warfare Bureau, which, through the arrangements of the Special Operations Executive also dictated policy to the United States Armed Forces in the matters of psychological warfare.”‘

P27 ‘The most advanced among the brutal practitioners of the new industrial psychology was Dr John Rawlings Rees. Rees discovered that an unreal realm could be created: the social group. An individual is made to transfer his or her identity to the group, wherein they became subjected to the most intense forms of suggestion.’
‘M. Minnicino in an article titled “Low Intensity Operations” explains: “A skilled group leader can use the group to create a powerful, albeit artificial, “family” environment.”‘

P165 ‘In a 1944 report, Theodore Adorno […] postulated that media such as radio and especially television could be used to make people “forcibly retarded.”‘
‘Twelve years later, Adorno wrote that “television is a medium of undreamed psychological control.”‘

This book gives a good insight into how people who rule are different to people who work. It helps explain why the 20th century was thought of as being so marvellous when it was so awful. It names and shows what sort of people would create an industry of hard and soft mind control of which LSD, the school curriculum, Hollywood, psychiatry and pornography are some of its many parts.

Playland – Anthony Daly

Anthony Daly’s autobiographical book Playland – Secrets of a forgotten scandal, was published by Mirror Books in 2018. The second edition of 2019 is called Abuse Of Power – A true story of sex and scandal at the heart of London’s elite.

In February 1975 events and circumstances caused Anthony Daly to leave Derry and go to London. He was successful in getting a job at Foyles bookshop. Another chain of circumstances which led to drugging and rape, caused Anthony to be entrapped by Charles Hornby. Anthony Daly was used as a sexual commodity in Hornby’s business circle of which Charles’ brother Sir Simon and the Playland amusement arcade next to Piccadilly Circus were a part.

Charles Hornby was one of six men to be convicted of sex offences against boys in September of the same year in the Playland trial. The trial was overshadowed by the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six bombing trials which took place at the same time.

Anthony had left the memories of 1975 buried behind him. High profile sex scandals had been reported in the national press and in 2010 the events from London came flooding back. He has documented his troubles in Playland and has performed a service to humanity by doing so.

Playland shows that people were being used as choice items of sexual consumerism, and this was an integral part of the culture of London gentlemen at the time. The men involved were movers and shakers, and most were from the upper level of society. Young men and boys were frequently prostituted.

Daly reported that at age 20 he was too old for many of the clients and that the demand at the time was changing towards younger boys.

The worst incident he describes was in chapter 15 Depraved where the notorious Sir Peter Hayman, along with other men from his circle, committed an atrocious act against two boys.

Daly’s memoir shows us how sex abusers work together and witnesses how prostitution and rape were an integral part of the workings of London business and politics. This helps us understand Prince Andrew’s enthusiasm for Jeffrey Epstein who ran under age knocking shops in New York and London where it appears business and pleasure were combined. Andrew said that what he most valued were the business contacts he made.

Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor

Thanks For The Memories – The truth has set me free!, was published in 1999 by Susan Ford under the pseudonym Brice Taylor. She penned this memoir after many years of hard work in recovery from trauma based mind control. She has also documented the ritual abuse part of her training in another book called Starshine which is very hard to obtain.

Thanks For The Memories is also out of print, but there is a PDF here. Brice-Taylor-Thanks-for-the-memories.pdf

In this twentieth century book we see behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

It shows the lengths to which her training went to and the uses to which she was put, some of which had a significant effect on world events. Her photographic memories were stored in an organised archive and she acted as a personal assistant to Henry Kissinger, to whom she was very valuable. I consider Susan Ford’s account to be reliable because it includes people that feature in my own trauma memories.

I really don’t know what to say about this book other than it is an important document and to read it, if you can. If more people had paid attention to the disclosures of Susan Ford and the many other heroic souls who have put themselves in danger to help humanity we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today.

Good luck,

Declan Howard, 30th of April 2020.