Informing The Aetiology Of Mental Illness With Survivors’ Accounts

by Declan Howard 1

Presentation SP-38 to the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) conference in Rome on the 25th of October 2019. This paper was given in abridged form with part 5, part of 4, & extracts from 1,2,3 & 6. Slides are inserted.

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Credit for header painting : Double Bind by Jessica Grant. 2

1. Introduction

Good afternoon everybody. This talk will overview the motivations and modus operandi of organised perpetration. Drawing on survivor accounts, it will then show how the developmental stages are affected. This description aims to set out how the foundations for commonly found mental health problems are laid. This presentation is in the context of ritual abuse and mind control and contains demanding material.

I am using he or she interchangeably throughout, except where body type dictates. The majority of organised abuse victims are female.3 4 5

My biography is relevant to this talk.
As a boy I was active, keen on sports and an academic high achiever.

As a promising young man, apart from being a failure with women and a lack of enthusiasm for conventional goals things seemed fine. 

I was coping well with the minor problems I had. The social and physical disconnection was not troublesome, and I was simply an intellectual young man. The lack of enthusiasm was solved by taking part in voluntary work at home and abroad, and social projects.

Then sadly, at age 25, and for no apparent reason, I suffered a catastrophic nervous breakdown. This left me broken, suffering and mentally ill. In psychiatric language this is called first onset psychosis.
(N.b There appears to be a glaring lack of attention to the specifics of breakages in the psychological and psychiatric literature.)

Nine years after the breakdown at age 25, I had settled into a schizoid depression and I lived a normal life as best I could. However I found everything difficult and experienced attacks of anguish, an absence of pleasure and enjoyment, and overall a high level of suffering.

Another 14 years later a phase of inner stress started, and soon memories started to be released from my body. The memories surfaced involuntarily in a process psychologically similar to vomiting. I have to date remembered just over 160 events. The memories were like disjointed fragments of a bizarre horror movie which eventually started to fit together to form a coherent second biography which explained all the minor and major problems I had experienced. Four years after the memories started to return, I had many corroborating stories from other survivors who also remembered the same types of criminal acts, the same modus operandi, the same people being involved, and even provisional identification of the same places. I slowly, and reluctantly, came to the conclusion that the memories were a true and accurate account of what I had lived through, and that I had been unaware of them previously because of amnesia produced by the traumatic events.

Today I am presenting part of the criminal profile built using our compiled information. This explains what happened to us and how the problems we have had were generated. I claim that I did not fall ill for no good reason, or due to being defective, but by cause and effect, as a direct consequence of numerous overwhelming violent criminal acts carried out by an organised group into which I was born.

The biological explanation for first onset psychosis is that it happens by magic. Just joking, it is believed that there are features of the DNA that cause mental problems. The social explanation is that lesser problems in some cases have a large and devastating synergistic effect, and this can destroy the mental health of a person who doesn’t have the necessary resources to cope.

The biological DNA explanation after being disproved by twin studies was then further disproved by genetic research. This research purported to be trying to find the genetic cause for schizophrenia which had already been disproved a priori by the twin studies. They didn’t find it. 6

The genetic hypothesis for the causation of mental health problems is weak. The social hypothesis only explains secondary damage. Developmental, environmental and traumatic damage however, can adequately account for the poor functioning and coping which can lead to social and psychiatric difficulties.

2. What is a criminal? What is a psychopath?

Why do people harm each other? What is the point? It’s contra-evolutionary, contra-biological and atypical in the animal kingdom.

The explanation is very simple if a little difficult for some to accept.

The profile that I am presenting is that a person who willingly harms others is someone who has died inside, and who feeds off the life force of others. Such people are known as psychopaths. They are people who, at some point, have been overwhelmed and have surrendered, suffering permanent damage which has left them empty. 7 

Dr Robert Hare 8 quite correctly describes this group as an intra-species predator. The difference between a parasite and a predator is the size of the mouth, so the terms are semi-synonymous in this context. Many psychopaths are high-functioning and considered to be in normal range.

They range between being emotionless and having the defeat emotions of resentment and shame. These emotions are also typical of the malignant narcissist, which is a type of psychopath. The life force is referred to as narcissistic supply when talking of malignant narcissism.  As a handy synthesis the word narcopath is used in the survivor community. Their shame is covered by compensatory grandiosity. The resentment provides justification for their unethical acts.

The techniques that the psychopath can use to feed off viable humans are many and varied, and are known as the dark occult, or the left-hand path. These are all forms of manipulation, coercion, double binds, invasion, violence, deception and fraudulent agreements. Fortunately, these can be expressed in terms of criminology, and in the psychological sense a psychopath and a criminal are identical. The legal sense is another matter which is outside the scope of this talk.

We have to mention the chaotic psychopath who may be named as a histrionic or borderline personality, or can be a multiple personality who has become psychopathic, or perhaps a psychopath who has the ability to generate new personalities.

We have to mention this because there are many damaged people who are chaotic and troublesome, but who are still viable and repairable. Such victims of complex trauma can benefit greatly from fair, kind and measured treatment and this can make the difference between their recovery and their destruction.

I believe the point of no return does exist and it is a reason to take life seriously and to care for the well-being of oneself and others. There are people who have suffered catastrophic damage but, even so, will not willingly harm others. These people are not beyond the point of no return.

3. The modus operandi of the criminal psychopath

a) The Mask

The psychopath is a defeated wretch and will generate a superficial personality, or mask, to be able to blend in with the world. He still wants to live, and is the classical Darwinian life form who eats, survives and reproduces. Compensatory grandiosity elevates the importance of his genetics, of his body, and of the intellectual, religious, philosophical, economic and political values that he might have. The residual personality of what he could have been provides a basis for the mask and he is to all outward appearances a normal person. Inside he is empty.
N.b. Survivor accounts indicate that the abuser will profile them and generate a tailor-made outer personality. Therefore there is debate over whether a residual or original personality may be present at all.

b) Mimicry and falsity

The psychopath is a natural psychologist and is interested in others. He studies and analyses them. He copies their behaviour and learns what behaviour produces what result. He studies and learns facial expressions, turn of phrase, tone of voice, gesture and movement. The psychopath has a well-defined ego and easily understands social protocols and mechanisms. He is the consummate mimic, the consummate actor and the consummate manipulator. He is able to mirror others’ behaviour. Some will even practise facial expressions in front of the mirror.

c) Victim identification, creation and acquisition

Victim identification is when the criminal psychopath, lacking his own life force and jealous of an authentic human, uses his psychological skills to identify vulnerabilities in the potential victim. Vulnerabilities are usually the result of complex trauma and societal education. The victim believes in a fictional version of reality and of themselves, and is unable to perceive the threat.

Victim creation is by having children. A skilled psychopath is well able to engage in a relationship and marriage, without there being genuine love and concern for the other.

Victim acquisition is done by the criminal taking children with the attributes that they want from their natural parents. They often use legal mechanisms that they have created for this purpose.

d) Slow invasion

Following victim identification slow invasion is done by a grooming process. This is easily understood by reading or watching accounts and analysis produced by victims of narcissistic abuse and paedophilia.

Following victim creation however, the child is vulnerable from the moment of conception, and in the unfortunate case of inter-generational trauma based mind control the psychopath is able to perform or orchestrate acts that change the development of the child, and to convert her into an asset. She is the apple of her father’s eye and also his slave. Given the power differential between a parent and child, the manipulation, coercion, carrot and stick, double binds, deception and fraudulent agreements produce an ongoing force that gives rise to developmental damage and adaptations.

Following victim acquisition the child is also in grave peril. Adoption, fostering, god-parents, step-parents, twins, and state and church care homes are features of many survivor accounts.

e) Fast Invasion

Sadly, the feelingless wretch may not stop himself carrying out more violent and damaging acts. These are rape, torture and killing. The more capable psychopaths with their psychological skills are able to recognise each other and are likely to work together forming public and private organisations behind which child abuse is hidden. They will create mechanisms which enslave others, and will seek to infest societal structures with their own kind, so as to protect themselves from legal consequences. They become proficient at abusing and at not getting caught. They will study and develop methods to abuse without leaving wounds and damning evidence. They use their psychological skills to make themselves seem good and to make their victims seem faulty, unreliable or even reprehensible.

f) Feeding

Again we are approaching occult territory, but in criminological terms the abuser feeds off the life force of the victim. On a macro scale this is done by using the economy. Money is used to initiate or inhibit behaviours. This is also done by using government to limit behaviours, and using religion, education and culture to limit and direct knowledge.
In a partner relationship the parasite feeds off the victim by first luring her in, then locking on and causing her to shed life force to him in the form of misery and madness, which temporarily satisfies the hunger of his inner emptiness. In a parent child relationship the child can be resculpted to fulfill the ideological aims of the parent, and provide a lifelong source of energy to the family, the abuser and the wider network.

4. Why is organised child abuse practised?

For brevity I’ll cover the motivations and methods of organised psychopathy with an overview of inter-generational trauma based mind control, which is a hidden form of abuse.

Firstly why is organised child abuse practised? It is done to resculpt the child into an asset. Many of the training procedures are very traumatic. One survivor referred to this as ‘the horrors’ which is a good description. The horrors change the development of the child. Traditionally child resculpting was practised by families from elite bloodlines, known or unknown. Non bloodline children will also be involved, but they may be killed or broken.

Typically marriages were arranged for breeding purposes without the bride or groom necessarily being aware of this. A genealogical study of well known and successful people would show that they are closely related. 9 10

After the second world war this practise was extended. A range of scientists who had been active in psycho-social engineering, human experimentation and technical innovation on both sides during the war were recruited to do this. 11  The United States is the country best known to have been deeply involved in these activities, which have contributed to today’s epidemics of psychopathy, paedophilia and mental illness (& new types of people). The documentary Minds Of Men 12 reviews the publications of the twentieth century mind control industry, and provides important background information. Survivor and campaigner Fiona Barnett’s new book is a valuable source of knowledge of military mind control, and of remedies. 13

The motivations are those that a psychopath has which include,

A sense of genetic and intellectual superiority,

A lack of care for others and their suffering,

A belief that the end justifies the means, and

The will to power. 14

The child born into captivity to the family and the organised group has few options against the overwhelming events. The options are, the forced development of a multiple personality system with amnesia, psychopathy, death and disability. Miracles do occur but are unlikely to be sufficient for the child to escape captivity. A programmed multiple is likely to be high functioning and dedicated to his or her assigned field. This can be anything, but creating culture, a white collar profession, and making a family are common. In the event that the artificially created personality system starts to break down, the person is said to have dissociative identity disorder. Good careers for resulting psychopaths are the intelligence services, the military, politics, science, business and making a family. Psychopaths and functional multiples are asymptomatic and considered to be in normal range. This makes it very difficult to detect this type of criminality and to estimate the number of people affected. The co-existence and inter-relation of psychopathy with multiple personality is an important research topic.

5. Criminality meets child development

What sort of criminality is used to reshape the developing child? Let’s go through the developmental phases and use survivor accounts and related research to exemplify it. 

The use of technology for damage, programming and reinforcement in every stage of the life cycle also needs to be considered. A large differential between consumer technology and cutting edge military technology has been widely reported.

I) Parents meet and marry

Survivors of inter-generational cult families have reported that marriages are arranged. This can be done without the knowledge or consent of either or both parties. Example scenarios are the groom who is obedient to the cult receives a wife as a reward who has trauma based amnesia. She, with her selected and valued genetics, can make and bring up children who will contribute to the aims of the family. Another example is the psychopathic woman who marries a paedophile. The paedophile will perform the sexual part of the child resculpting and will take the blame if anything goes wrong.

Eve Lorgen is a therapist and researcher into anomalous trauma. In her books The Dark Side Of Cupid 15 and The Love Bite 16, she profiles in depth the hacking of relationships for unethical purposes. Children may be bonded when young in traumatic events and then amnesic, meet later in life and fall in love, as if it were a benevolent destiny that had brought them together.

II) Conception

The Taoists believe that it is energy between the lovers that creates the vitality and constitution of the child. They call this foundational energy yüan chi. 17

If it is the sexual love between a man and a woman that creates a fertilised embryo and a bond with a consciousness who will integrate into the developing baby body, consider also the ways in which this process could go wrong or be interfered with.

III) Gestation

In a systematic organised mind control scenario the baby and mother will be traumatised during pregnancy. Poisoning with drugs or bitter fluids, sexual violence, orchestrated hardships and hurting the baby with needles and microwave devices are used for this purpose.

IV) Birth

Birth can be provoked or postponed so that the baby is born at a moment which suits the planning of the cult. Religious groups have found astrology to be an effective measure of the nature of a specific time and place. This is why religious festivals such as Easter and midsummer are timed by the movements of the heavenly bodies. A traumatic birth is preferred. Studies on embryos and fetuses were carried out from 1935 in the Tower of the Winds, Oxford, which was bought by Lord Nuffield for this purpose. Cathi Morgan reports that this research produced recommendations for doctors to make the birth process traumatic and to cut the umbilical cord too soon. 18
The baby may be left alone when born and then meet its cult trainer before its mother. This happened to me.

V) Mother-child bond

The breaking of the mother child bond is fundamental to child resculpting. 19 This is easy in the case of a psychopathic mother. Research into troubled mothers may hide a systematic project working on children. A friend reported to me being left alone and only fed and changed in the first nine months of her life.

VI) Integration with the body

A baby will notice that he has a body and explore it and learn how to use it with playful experimentation. In an energetic sense the child literally grows into and integrates with his body. In this way he develops control, coordination and strength. When he has been subjected to shocking events, the shock inhibits this process and damages his relationship to his body and his new life.

VII) Primary care and relationship to mother

There is a systematic training process reported by survivors of so called illuminati families for instance Svali, 20 Marianne Bernard, 21 Arizona Wilder, 22 Jay Parker 23 and Cisco Wheeler 24 which includes isolation, intermittent love and cruelty, leaving the child and punishing him if he goes to the toilet. An assortment of techniques including making him eat his own excrement, create hardship, pain and humiliation.

Objects, for instance rods, are used to stretch the rectum and vagina so that the child can be sexually abused without being wounded.

VIII) Relationship to family

When the carer is also an abuser this causes a division in the psyche. Harder and more systematic techniques are also used to create personality splitting involving multiple abusers, rape, pain, electricity, purpose built equipment and shouting. This is typically done at age 2-3 when the baby is becoming a little person. This splitting also produces amnesia between the parts. The personality who leads the day to day life may have no idea of the events that other parts of him live through. Traumatic religious practices are carried out. Behind the outer appearances of a normal and admirable life, there is a secret inner life that belongs to the cult and the dark side of the family.

IX) Further socialisation – friends, school.

The child is monitored throughout for strengths, weaknesses and talents. 25 Depending on the particular profile of the group, sexual, religious and scientific abuse procedures carry on as the child is trained for the purpose to which he is suited, that his owners have decided. When the child is well trained she can be sold to a new owner for a lot of money. Brice Taylor and others report this happening. She was sold to Bob Hope as a young girl.

X) Social codes

In the event that the ego or boundary formation is damaged, the victim will have problems with social codes and protocols, which are built upon interpersonal boundaries. This creates relationship problems.

Children have a tremendous ability to learn and adapt. A programmed multiple can have great talent and an inspiring personality or personalities for dealings with the world. Susan Ford under the pen name of Brice Taylor’s published the autobiographical Thanks For The Memories in 1999. 26 It shows the lengths to which her training went to and the uses which she was put, some of which had a significant effect on world events. Her photographic memories were stored in an organised archive and she acted as a personal assistant to Henry Kissinger to whom she was very valuable. He would not allow other perpetrators to damage her in ways that affected her abilities. I consider Susan Ford’s account to be reliable because it includes corroborations of the modus operandi and perpetrator identities from my own trauma memories.

XI) Puberty

The start of the transition to adulthood occurs with puberty. Sexual trauma damage causes premature sexualisation, or retarded sexual development, both physically and emotionally through disruption of the hormonal system. Problems with social development occur through psychosomatic disruption of the nervous system and neurotransmitters, and due to the damaged ego boundaries or sense of self that is needed for healthy relationships.

For girls, becoming fertile can be taken advantage of by making babies for the cult. Some of them are killed, or are killed before term. Others survive, and become the new generation of cult children. The Sadegh case 27 in Austria, is a typical example which everybody should know about. The pain caused to the mother unable to protect her child against the crimes of the organised group is indescribable, and archetypically portrays the damage to humanity that we have suffered.

XII) Adulthood

The resculpting process is contrary to human nature and is not guaranteed to be stable. In many cases the damage is too great for the person to even consider healing or changing. This is the psychopathic group. In other cases the damage is too great, and the level of unconsciousness is too high, for the person to begin the healing process. This person is the programmed multiple and is an asset with amnesia. They have a fictional concept of reality which is reinforced by cultural expressions which also portray a fictional version of reality. These two groups can be considered cult loyal and engage in political, economic and cultural activities which are not necessarily in the best interests of humanity. In other cases the artificially created version of the person starts to break down producing a plethora of disturbances to the person including autonomic nervous system dysregulation, assorted mental health problems, stress, flashbacks, emotional and psychosomatic disturbance, and dissociative identity disorder.

6. Some conclusions

This talk has been written for the 2019 conference of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD). It is built upon mutually corroborating testimonies of self-identified survivors of organised abuse which are supported by psychotherapists, allies and declassified documentation. There is however not enough political will, and publicly and academically approved evidence for legal redress. Therefore, I propose that this criminal profile be seriously evaluated as a working hypothesis, and as a contributor to the elevated incidence of mental health problems and social chaos that we are experiencing.

This talk has reviewed a criminological profile which offers a mechanism for comprehending the worst types of organised child abuse, and shows how this criminality is hidden by the developmental changes that it causes.

Disclosure reports could be used as a valuable source material for identifying and profiling criminal behaviour, individuals, groups, and projects. Survivor’s completeness of knowledge increases as healing progresses and amnesia reduces. Cross-referencing is helpful to patients who have anomalous experiences, or who have suffered covert abuse.

The lack of success in preventing and reducing the incidence of mental health problems can be attributed to underestimating criminally motivated organised abuse as a cause of damage and subsequent dysfunction.

Criminality is present in all sections of the adult population, thus also in psychology and psychiatry. A critical review of interdependencies could be helpful to remove any distortions in the literature resulting from this. A prime example is the case of Dr Sigmund Freud. His complete correspondence with Wilhelm Fliess, published by Dr Jeffrey Masson, 28 29 clearly demonstrated that he was fully aware that child abuse produced mental health problems, and that he had forensic evidence to support his conclusions. He relinquished this point of view only due to the insufferable and intense peer pressure from his colleagues which would have left him outcast, derided and destitute. Upon his invention of the Oedipus complex, which stated that memories of childhood sexual abuse were caused by the child being infatuated with the father, he was welcomed back into the fold. And the rest as they say is history, or as some write it his-story.

The specious #hashtag believe survivors has been inserted into the #hashtag metoo movement. Self-identified survivors should not be believed out of hand, but it would be of great benefit to society to take their claims seriously and investigate them.


Appendix – Presentation Abstract

Criminality as a cause of mental health problems – Informing the aetiology of mental illness with survivors’ accounts
ESTD 2019 ID Single Paper SP-38
Presentation nature Theoretical proposal
Experts by experience perspectives
Introductory – suitable for all professional participants (including students).
Mr. Declan Howard
Investigator, Outstanding Achievements, United Kingdom

Criminality as a cause of mental health problems – Informing the aetiology of mental illness with survivors’ accounts


Criminality occurs when a person surrenders to, accepts, or decides upon an unethical course of action. In Ritual Abuse and Mind Control (RA-MC) this typically occurs in a double-bind situation.

A lack of success in preventing and reducing the incidence of mental health problems can be attributed to underestimating criminally motivated organised abuse as a cause of damage and subsequent dysfunction.


Survivor accounts of offences, offending and cover ups were used to shape this research.


Disclosure reports could be used as a valuable source material for identifying and profiling criminal behaviour, individuals, groups, and projects. Survivor’s completeness of knowledge increases as healing progresses and amnesia reduces. Cross-referencing is helpful to some patients who have anomalous experiences, or who have suffered covert abuse. It would be beneficial to reassess the use of the concept of delusion as a reported experience could also be regarded as

• mistaken
• a derivation or distortion of biographical material
• stress induced
• the effect of psychotropic drugs
• anomalous
• idiosyncratic
• unknown


Criminality is present in all sections of the adult population, thus also in psychology and psychiatry. A critical review of interdependencies could be helpful to remove any distortions in the literature resulting from this.


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