A Bio-Energetic Understanding of Systematic Trauma

Here is the script with slides of my presentation to the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation Conference (ESTD) in Rome on October 25th 2019.
It was part of the 16:15-17:45 symposium SM-04
The Legacy of Complex Trauma: Disturbing Memories, Invisible Wounds and Coerced Perpetration
with Doctors Rainer Kurz and Ellen Lacter.

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a) Introduction

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this presentation
‘Seeing Invisible Wounds – A Bio-energetic Understanding of Systematic Trauma’
by myself Declan Howard 1.

This presentation contains demanding material about 20th century ritual abuse and mind control. It may also be challenging for conservative materialists.

What are invisible wounds? Let’s start by watching this very short video clip. 2

If My Wounds Were Visible 
By Bree Bonchay and Nid Collins  for World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day

b) Trauma seen energetically

So what’s going on here? Why do some events stay with us and some fade away. Some inspire and others harm. Why does trauma have consequences?

This is because attacks cause wounds to the energy body. If not the person would be unaffected. Trauma must be recorded, stored, and have an influence on the organism for there to be after effects. It’s stored as wounds to the energy body, invisible wounds.

I’m focusing on non-physical wounds, which are just as serious as physical ones, and often longer lasting. They have a detrimental effect. They’re often undetected, untreated, and so unhealed. They produce secondary damage, such as the effects of stress, dysfunctional social interaction, social isolation, problems earning money, developmental regressions and many and varied psychological difficulties.

I’m focussing on trauma produced by intentional damage, rather than fortuitous damage. My own background is as a survivor of organised and systematic abuse prior to birth and from birth onwards and I’m here to offer to the conference information on trauma, dissociation, healing, criminology and child protection, from that perspective. I am opposed to child abuse.

I am talking from my own terms of reference and map of reality. Feel free to translate any unfamiliar terminology into your own idiom.

c) What is the energy body

So what is the energy body?

First let’s back up and say what is a human life here on Earth. A human life occurs when a consciousness merges with a physical vehicle made by its mother, with the initiating contribution of its father. The embodied consciousness, or person, is born, develops and has experiences until the body permanently stops working.

It’s worth noting that physicality is not solid. My hand does not pass through the table, gesture, because the energy packets on the outside of the molecules of my hand, electrons, exert a force which competes with the force produced by the electrons on the outside of the table. To pass my hand through the table I would have to direct enough energy through the motion of my hand to break the electromagnetic bonds between the molecules of the table, like this … I’m not going to do it right now (laughter?).
If physicality were solid in the so-called Newtonian sense there could be no consciousness. Fortunately it isn’t. In fact, Newton himself was not just a material scientist he was also deeply committed to alchemy and the occult. 3

d) Definitions

Some definitions. 4

The energy body is our kit or vehicle, for living a life. It’s both physical and non-physical. The physical body is its first and densest layer or frequency. After that is electromagnetism, then the etheric body then a number of finer bodies.
It stores our memories and knowledge. Also there is a blueprint of the person. The energy body can be referred to as the person.
It governs the functioning of the physical body, and vice-versa. This is a polarity system, with natural bio-feedback which tends to dynamic equilibrium when not obstructed.

Damage : Changes in the energy body due to trauma. These can be wounds and deformations, breakages (nervous breakdowns), traumatic memories, missing parts, foreign energies, implants, attachments, and programming.

2-stage slide. Blue then burnt orange.

What is living?

As on the slide, the environment is sensed by the person and with pattern recognition is displayed as experience, which is stored as memory. Knowledge, skills, habits and damage are a consequence and are stored as subconscious structures which mediate subsequent perception. Behaviour again mediated by consequence changes the environment, thus producing a dynamic interactive feedback and development system. This process is both physical and non-physical.

Click: stage 2

Pattern recognition, consequence, experience and memory make up the mind.

e) Energy body visual overview – Introduction

The physical body is the densest part of the energy body.

The body generates electromagnetic radiation. Here in infrared.

This is an electroencephalogram of a gamer digitally processed in real time into an animated visual image.

f) Energy body visual overview – Barbara Ann Brennan précis

Let me now defer to former NASA physicist and clairvoyant healer Barbara Ann Brennan 5 Here is a review of her description of the energy body, that she presented in the 1988 book Hands of Light. 6 (Her system also works as a visual metaphor.)

Compare the physical body alone to an energetic view with concentric layers like a Russian doll.

After the physical body there are seven more frequency layers. These are the etheric, the emotional, the mental, the astral, the etheric template, the celestial and the ketheric template.

Beyond electromagnetism, the etheric body provides a matrix upon which the physical body is seated. It is through the etheric body that changes in muscle tone, hormone secretion, nervous system activity and circulation of blood, oxygen and chi, or life force, to the different parts of the body are produced.

Our emotions are embodied on the next frequency, and are fluid and varied.

Our thoughts and thought forms are in the mental body which is a structured layer, in contrast to the fluid emotional layer.

Reprogramming psychologies like neurolinguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy work here on modifying habitual thought forms.

For some people their consciousness does not extend beyond this level.

The astral body contains higher emotions, love and connection to others. In a love relationship people are communicating on this level.

The etheric template is a template for the etheric body, which in turn is a matrix for the physical body. Damage in this level of the consciousness will be reflected in somatoform dissociations and energy blockages, and will not be helped by reprogramming therapies.

The celestial body contains spiritual emotions. (When our consciousness is active here we feel bliss, or samadhi, from the Sanskrit term for contemplation.)

Finally the seventh layer is very strong and structured. It contains the mainline connection to the life force. It contains the definition of the individual in his or her current life. This makes it possible to heal and return to a balanced, functional and authentic state of being. (Note 10/21: This last sentence is commentary and attributing this layer as the location for this potential is not substantiated.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the body’s network of subtle electrical channels. In China traditional medicine degrees are five years, so we’ll move from subtle anatomy to its counterpart which is consciousness. Common ground.

g) Other ways of interacting

Sight is not the only form of energetic interaction and we can communicate in other ways. We have speech, emotional empathy and feeling, visual imagery, writing, reason, learning and experience. We have the body language of posture, muscle tone, movement, distance, dance, touch, breath, cultural codes, complexion, eye movement and facial expressions. The senses are for sensing and need not be limited to baseline physicality. We need to fine tune our senses beyond the physical when we have been spiritually attacked though the invasive criminal procedures of an organised group. Day to day language shows us the way. There is sense of self, sense of danger, sense of right and wrong, sense of presence, sense of purpose and common sense, which is said to be the least common of the senses.

h) A note on memory

Our experience is stored as memory. It can be consciously accessible, subconsciously active or archived.

Bessel Van der Kolk in his book The Body Keeps The Score 7 talks of the effects of past events upon the body. This is consequence in action. Note however that archived traumatic memory does not produce symptoms.

Where is the memory stored? This is a good question.

Wilder Penfield started to map the human brain in the first half of the C20th by electrically stimulating the cerebral cortex of live humans. 8

This map was known as the Homunculus. Penfield found that the memory archive, movement and other functions could be activated with electrical stimulation of the outer cerebral cortex in a living person.

After WW2 surgically implanted electrical devices were used to stimulate the interior locations of the brain 9 and complete the map – 10/22 See footnote for clarification. 10

Not nice. 11

Here for your consideration is the Lurency Vennum case. 12 It was cited by William James in his Principles of Psychology 13. In 1877 the 13 years old Lurency Vennum of Watseka, Illinois started to have strange fits in which her consciousness was taken over by others. Local doctors were unable to help. Some resolution was achieved when her consciousness was taken over by that of Mary Roff. Mary Roff was the deceased daughter of the Roffs, who were spiritualists and neighbours of the Vennums. Mary had died after falling ill with the same type of fits as Lurency. Lurency, now with Mary’s consciousness, or possibly a duplicate of it, then went to live with Mary’s family and her knowledge and behaviour was that of Mary, including knowledge of her death. After a little more than three months Lurency’s consciousness returned, whereupon she went home to her original family. She put this episode behind her and went on to live a normal life, marrying and raising a family. This case was known as the Watseka wonder. 14

I’m going to now move on and show visual descriptions of damage to the consciousness, painted by two survivors of systematic abuse.
The titles given and the interpretation are mine.

i) Samantha Louise Hill – Identity modification

This is a drawing published by organised abuse survivor Sam Hill 15 denouncing duality, falsity and insincerity. The many faces within a rough 8 pointed star shape suggest that multiplicity has been a factor in the duplicity she complains of.

This is part of a painting by Sam. What I see here is bonding between two individuals and the reshaping of identity with a theme of sexual power.

The full picture is more graphic. A group setting includes children or child alters. The identity theme is augmented with political codes and titled the battle of ideas. The crown and blood from a chalice suggest religious themes and procedures like we find in other survivor paintings.

j) Great Aunt Elsa

Elsa W M Gudat 16 was from a family with multi-generational problems of addiction and unhappiness. Elsa was born in 1912 and as an orphan she moved from Hungary to the Bronx. Her great niece 17 has recovered and published the paintings and states, “All my mother ever told me about my great aunt is that she was sexually assaulted and institutionalized. I believe my aunt’s story and what she saw and experienced is history, and it is important.” Agreed.

Here are religious themes of the heart, death, the cross as a weapon and the dialectical columns. Dualistic black and white, and blood red on innocent white are recurring colour codes. Note the mirror. A mirror is also seen fragmented in many music videos.

Here again is the blood red, cuts, the heart and religious symbols of the orthodox cross and the nail. Elsa here has painted themes of separation, fragmentation and methodical violence.

This is a scene of violence with religious themes and disposable people. There are out of normal range perceptions produced by extreme stress. Children’s toys are involved. The same colour codes as before are used on the left.

The mind obeys the laws of cause and effect. Imagine how such a structure as shown here could have been introduced into Elsa’s consciousness.

The mirror in the first painting represents the divide between the conscious and unconscious. The formative events that have resculpted the person remain behind Elsa’s looking glass, or in Alice’s wonderland so to speak.

This painting shows a secret consciousness divided into hierarchical levels within an overall spiritual authoritarian structure. There are multiple elements of child consciousness and parts which look like they have been made with the unethical use of her toys. Literally the stuff of nightmares. The pure spirit rises from the turbulent sea under the eyes of a loving goddess who cares for the system and protects it from disintegration.

l) The relationship between energy body wounding, development and subsequent experience

Recapping a person physically and non-physically interacts in the environment. Patterns of multi-sensory data are displayed as experience, which is stored as memory. Learning and damage are a consequence, and are stored as subconscious structures which mediate perception and behaviour. Behaviour changes the environment, producing a dynamic feedback system.

That’s it. Archetypal or ‘psychological’ (air-quotes) explanations are not necessary.

For example person A learned to ride a bike and had fun. When she went to ride a bike again she felt optimism and confidence.
When person B was learning to ride a bike she was subjected to organised misfortune. She was pushed off, her bike was stolen and she got in trouble. When she approached a bike the next time, she was apprehensive and her stimulated sympathetic nervous system was producing changes in muscle tone, breathing and heart rate which made it more difficult than the last time.

Similarly person C had a good bond with his mother which laid the foundation for healthy relationships in the future. For person D however the mother child bond was deliberately broken laying the foundation for future relationships being cool and distant.

The consciousness acts psychosomatically on the physical body through chemical signals. Bio-physicist Fritz-Albert Popp’s 18 work shows that bio-photons released by the DNA are needed to initiate bio-chemical reactions 19 and offers a mechanism for this process.

The hormones secreted by the glands and the neurotransmitters secreted in the nervous system govern the body’s function. The consciousness is seen working in brain activity. It receives information through the sensory neurons, and moves muscles through the motor neurons. Subconscious processes alter the functions governed by the autonomic nervous system.

Wounds to the consciousness produce blockage, starvation, misdirection and loss of energy. The systems of the consciousness malfunction. Postural deviations and somatoform dissociations are seen 20. Bio-chemical disruption will eventually produce physical illness.

Obstructed and weak energy reduces the supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen and chemical signals and causes regressions in subsequent developmental phases. For instance trauma during gestation, at birth and shortly after will damage the infant’s initial relationship to life and physicality and so obstruct the physical integration phase where he or she explores, inhabits and learns to operate the body.
Another example is sexual trauma causing somatoform dissociations and a rejection of sexuality. This can cause incomplete puberty, restricting the body changes by restricting the supply of nutrients, hormones and warmth to the relevant areas.

m) Conclusion

In summary events that are sufficiently traumatic produce wounds in the energy body, invisible wounds. This is why trauma has after effects. These wounds change the development of the person in a resculpting process. He or she becomes an abuser, a puppet or is broken. The artificial configuration of the puppet can also malfunction and break down causing an array of psychological and vital problems. The wounds in the energy body cause disruption in the physical body and in the life of the victim. Damage is extensive and cure is difficult. So the moral is, prevention is much better than cure.

n) Appendix – Symposium Abstract

ESTD Conference, Rome, October 25th 2019,

The Legacy of Complex Trauma: Disturbing Memories, Invisible Wounds and Coerced Perpetration

This symposium features 1) an assessment specialist who outlines traumas that were missed by inadequate family court processes, 2) an ‘Expert-by-Experience’ who explores bio-energetic aspects of trauma and survivor artwork and, 3) a clinical psychologist who discusses treatment of victims of extreme abuse who have done harm to other victims.

1) The Legacy of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) Trauma & Mind Control: a C-PTSD Assessment Case Study Background
Rainer Hermann Kurz
, C. Psychologist, Outstanding Achievements, London

2) Seeing Invisible Wounds – a Bio-energetic Understanding of Systematic Trauma
Declan Howard
, Investigator, Outstanding Achievements, London

3) Treatment of Victims who Condemn Themselves for Harm Done to Other Victims
Ellen Lacter
, Clinical Psychologist and Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor in private practice

Presentation abstract

Seeing Invisible Wounds – a Bio-energetic Understanding of Systematic Trauma

Declan Howard

Trauma victims report wounds and problems which are to a greater or lesser degree invisible. In treatment it is very helpful to locate these wounds and diagnose them in type, cause and effect. These wounds are located in the energy body. The energy body is in many contexts synonymous with the consciousness.

This presentation aims to familiarise the participants with a bio-energetic model which serves to interpret
1. The relationship between energy body wounding and the emotional, nervous, muscular and hormonal systems.
2. Subsequent alterations in cognition, behaviour and also development.
3. The motivation and methods of organised predation. This will be illustrated using survivor artwork which demonstrates these processes, lesions and consequences as portrayed by the damaged person.

A bio-energetic locus of wounding clarifies the trauma model. It explains why traumatic events have short-term and long-term consequences, and indicates specific psychosomatic mechanisms for symptom generation through consciousness-body-environment feedback processes. It is also applicable to multiple relevant fields including law enforcement, criminology, poetry and literature, psychotherapy, psychopathology, self-care and metaphysics.

To demonstrate that invisible does not mean non-existent, and how the accurate perception and description of invisible wounding can be used in healing.



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