Thanks to the promptings of Kim Maloney and James Reeves who know well of prime minister Edward Heath’s behaviour, I decided against my better judgement to write on the 1st of September 2017 to Operation Conifer, headed by Chief Constable Mike Veale of Wiltshire police .

Kim Maloney on Twitter. James Reeves on Twitter.

Due to the ignore and bluster strategy of the British state and the lack of effective action against organised child abuse, I have decided to publish my correspondence with the Conifer team. This is partially anonymised here and anonymised elements are in italics.

Explanatory notes.

  1. My case was not part of Operation Conifer.
  2. This post is partially anonymised, but I am happy to cooperate with genuine investigators.
  3. I was encouraged against my better judgement to write to Conifer by two colleagues who are campaigning against the elite child abuse ring. I wrote to inform them of three serious incidents I remember involving Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, to whom I give the alias of Mark, Peter Hayman, and a group of gentlemen including Peter Hayman. As you can see my case did not form part of the investigation since my writing to them fell on the 1st of September 2017, the day after the end of the operation. You will also see that it was not investigated, and no follow-up was done as far as I know. What they did do was pass the report to the Metropolitan Police, and it was filed with a crime number. Although I took this in my stride I was quite perturbed and surprised by this because the Met have a bad reputation. I wrote quite a stiff letter back to the team because of this.
  4. I have had to evaluate the things that I have remembered over the past four and a half years. Most of what I remember is awful, and much of it is strange. I have eventually come to the conclusion that I am not mentally ill as I was led to believe but that in fact my memories are a true and accurate record of what happened to me. I refer you to my blog post Corroborations for more details on this.
  5. Anthony Daly recently published in his 2018 book Playland, a partial account of a group of men including Peter Hayman perpetrating a crime against two boys. He says in Chapter 15 on P168 “The man then took sets of handcuffs from his pocket and handcuffed each boy’s arms to his legs.”
    In the report I made I state “I was in the lounge naked on the pale beige dirty cold carpet with my wrists roped to my ankles.There was a group of men there smoking cigars and drinking whisky. … I remember one of them clearly leering at me with his high forehead, jowly face, and curly black hair on the side of his forehead. I identify that man to be Peter Hayman.”
    I remember two more incidents in the same milieu that are consistent with the type of criminality that Anthony Daly describes in the incident of Ch 15.
  6. Even though there isn’t a camera in view in the memory fragment that came back to me, I have the clear sense that there was a camera and operator behind me to my right, so at 10 o’clock from Margaret Thatcher’s perspective. That it was a film camera was an assumption. It may have been a photographic camera. Thus my statements ‘This was filmed.’ and ‘any blackmail films they have featuring Heath’ are incomplete.
  7. A recent exchange on Twitter raised the possibility that it was cult member Jimmy Savile who arranged the filmed event.
  8. My estimation of the size and shape of Heath’s penis is from my internal bodily sensation memory, not from visual memory.
  9. It appears that Operation Conifer was limited in its powers in two important areas. Firstly in obtaining the cooperation of and evidence held by the intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, and secondly in the investigation of child killings. My submission recieved no investigation, and the Kingston-Upon-Thames suspected organised child abuse and murder case reported by Dr Rainer Kurz, which was referred to Conifer was also excluded.
    Further information here in paragraphs 6-8, and on this blog,
  10. The first incident was written quite sometime after remembering it and I couldn’t find my original notes at the time, so there is a small degree of inaccuracy due to memory fade. I am appending my original notes for this incident which are accurate.

Correspondence With Operation Conifer

1. Submission

Chief Constable Michael Veale Friday 1st of September 2017
Wiltshire Police
London Road
Wiltshire SN10 2DN

Dear Chief Constable Veale,

I have heard recently that Operation Conifer is nearing its end. Two people have asked me directly to contribute to the enquiry, and also I have heard pleas for people to approach the enquiry on the alternative media. It is against my better judgement to do so because your organisation works for both the crown and the government, and thus as I understand it works for the child abuse based control system. Also I am scared about giving information to the police, because I believe that the abuse network of which Heath was a part, is still going strong. Please don’t mind my language, I know it’s not run of the mill, but that is how I see the world based on my experiences. I must also state that what I know is based on memories that have returned to me over the last three years in the course of healing from a schizoid depression, and that the difficulties I have had over the years, in using my mind and body have been ameliorated in the process.
I must also state that, as with many survivors of extreme trauma, my memories have anomalous content, for instance remembering abusers who weren’t actually human, and remembering being taken when I was born and put in a room alone on a cold metal surface, and after that being anointed with blood. Over time I have proved to my own satisfaction that my memories are a true and reliable account of the events I have lived. However because of the at times anomalous content, I doubt very much that I would be suitable as a legal witness. My family do not recognise these events as having taken place.

I was born date of birth 1966, male, in name of (London) maternity hospital. My name is Mr. fullname. I am a British citizen. I am currently living in address.
My email is email, and my mobile number which I principally use for text
messages is number.

I wish to tell you about three of the events I remember. Two involving Peter Hayman, and the other involving Edward Heath and another high level person who I shall refer to with the alias of Mark.
I went to foreign country with my family in July/August 1969, so I place these events as happening before that, in London in the first half of 1969 when I was two going on three years old.

Event One
I had been taken to a flat, by Andy Surname of town of residence, now deceased, whose family are friends of ours. I was usually taken out to bad places either by Paddy Howard my father, or he would give me to Andy to take me out. I was in the lounge naked on the pale beige dirty cold carpet with my wrists roped to my ankles. There was a group of men there smoking cigars and drinking whisky. There was the atmosphere of a gentleman’s club, but there room was furnished with basic furniture of the era, a table, a sideboard and a couple of chairs. The men were standing chatting in a small group. Once in a while one of the men would pass by me and give me a kick, or grab me by the penis or the bum so it hurt. I remember one of them clearly leering at me with his high forehead, jowly face, and curly black hair on the side of his forehead. I identify that man to be Peter Hayman.

Event Two
I was taken by Andy to see the same man, in an office. We went through an orange door, it looked like leather. The office was very splendid, like the man worked for royalty. It was white, with panels with gold edging and studs. His desk was white and there was another large white object behind me, maybe a piano. He and Andy talked. In a rectangular wicker basket on the floor was a boy. He was very groggy.

The boy had a similar appearance to Vishal Mehrotra, RIP 1981.

We went downstairs until we got to the basement which wasn’t decorated, it had bare plaster walls. There was a machine, like a contraption to mash apples, with belts and paddles and frames with blades inset like a runner bean slicer. It was about 2m tall, 3m long, and less than a metre wide. Peter Hayman put the boy in the machine. He came out in a bucket of gloopy blood. Mr Hayman took the opportunity to anally abuse me, dipping my head in the bucket of the boy’s blood, while insulting me. Andy looked on impassively. This sort of thing to them was standard training for young boys.
I believe this occurred in the foreign and commonwealth office. I had previously seen a picture of the FCO and kept it because it looked like the place I remembered. When I recognised Peter Hayman from a newspaper clipping regarding his arrest, I looked up his biography and found that he was working in the FCO in 1969. Also I have read that Hayman was arrested with sordid diaries, and child pornography.

Event 3
I was in an office. Mark came in wearing a negligee and sat on a chaise longue. Mark was very pleased, like someone at their graduation prom. I was between Edward Heath who had sex with me in the bum and, Mark who was at my head to whom I had to give kisses between the legs. Heath’s belly was cool. There was something non-human about him. This was filmed.
You could verify this by asking MI6, or whoever holds them, for any blackmail films they have featuring Heath. Also I would be very interested to read the contents of the Hayman diaries. Heath’s penis, was thin, like a fountain pen, (like 3,4 or 5, counting from the left in the photo). See photos on page 3, of fountain pens, and of me (with my mother, who is a good person, cropped from photo) in July 1969.
Also I remember that Heath hooked brass hooks around my legs. He had a leather and brass apparatus, like riding tack, that he strapped onto himself to keep him in place.
I do not remember anything before or after, just this fragment. I suspect that this event was organised by Peter Hayman.

I hope that this information is in some way helpful to others.

Yours sincerely

Declan Howard.

Heath’s penis, was thin, like a fountain pen, (like 3,4 or 5, counting from the left in the photo).
Me, England 1969.

2. Acknowledgement

Re: Your correspondence with the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police 9/12/17, 10:01 AM

Dear Mr Howard

I write to acknowledge your letter to the Chief Constable dated Friday 1st September 2017. 

I can confirm that your letter has been passed to the Operation Conifer team who will make contact with you in due course.  

Kind regards


Gemma Kelly
PA:-  Chief Officer’s Support Team

3. Reply from Conifer – scanned and anonymised.

4. Reply to 3. 11/13/17, 12:26 AM

Attn: Operation Conifer team, Chief Constable Michael Veale,

I reply to inform you that your recent letter to me has been received. The letter stated that the crime I reported has been communicated to, and recorded by the Metropolitan police force, and that no further action will be taken.

I would like you to inform me exactly what information regarding myself has been passed to the Met.

I am concerned because the Met has not been cleaned. We know from the testimony of Detective Constable (ret.) John Wedger, and from the Kincora and Elm Guest House cover-up that the child abuse network is active within the metropolitan police force. We also know from a Ken Livingstone interview of 2013 that the Met is involved with the intelligence agencies, and their brown-stoning operations, and known to be so in Westminster.

Let me make it clear that in my case that the objective, publicly stated by Chief Constable Mike Veale, of guarding witnesses identities from the abuser network has not been achieved in my case.

I am not especially concerned, or even surprised, although I was shocked. A ‘sorry you feel …’, reply is not necessary.

If your team wish to consult with me on any further matters, privately even, I am available.

I congratulate you on what you have achieved and disclosed, and I hope that the motivation, opportunity, and factual base, to reveal more becomes available. My principal concern is current day child abuse prevention, and my analysis is, that due to highly the limited disclosures, whether due to caution, or to hobbling, that the reduction in modern day child abuse as a result of your team’s investigation has been small.

Your sincerely,

Mr. Declan Howard.

5. Response to 4. 11/24/17, 4:24 PM

Dear Mr Howard,

I am writing to you in response to the e-mail you sent to Chief Constable Mike Veale on the 12th November 2017. I am responding in particular to the questions you have asked about what information we shared with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

Firstly it would no doubt benefit you for me to explain why we shared the information with the MPS. Whenever we received a disclosure of a crime which is alleged to have been committed we are duty bound to create crime report before commencing any necessary, relevant and proportionate investigation. This remains the case whether the alleged offender is alive or deceased. Therefore, upon receipt of your letter in which you provided disclosures of abuse where Sir Edward Heath was named as a perpetrator, we created a crime report. The guidance we are governed by under the Home Office Counting Rules dictate that the crime must be recorded by the Police Force relevant to where the offences was committed. In your case, you described the abuse as having been committed in London and therefore we shared the details with the MPS for them to create a crime record.

The details we shared with the MPS include your personal details as included in your letter (name, date of birth and address) along with the details of the abuse you disclosed and the locations you described. These details are then included in the crime report generated. If these details are available to us then we are required to record them.

I hope this answers your questions about what was shared and why. If you have any other questions or would like further clarification on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

With Kind Regards

Phil Walker
T/Detective Inspector 1985
Operation Conifer

Original notes for event 1

Incident 19 of number from the abuse resumé of Declan Howard.
Present – Peter Hayman, Andy, other men.
Location – A sitting room.
Date – 1969
I remember being taken to a sitting-room, by Andy (the yellow man), we would have been in London before going to foreign country. There was a table and chairs, ( sofa, drinks cabinet, sideboard?), pictures on the wall of flowers, a boat. I was naked and cold, on my elbows and knees, my hands tied to my ankles and my mouth taped. The carpet was dirty and smelled, pale beige/grey. There was a group of gentlemen. The voices and smells and sights were like a gentleman’s club. Cigars, tumblers of whisky and suchlike, posh voices and laughter, throaty and guttural. From time to time one of the gentlemen would kick me as he passed or finger my anus or penis causing me pain. I remember one of them clearly leering at me with his high forehead, jowly face, and curly black hair on the side of his forehead. I identify that man to be Peter Hayman. I was still very young and really shone.