It has been for two years now that I have delayed publishing what I know about Christianity. This has been for a number of reasons, the primary ones being that many abuse survivors have found much needed refuge, community and protection in Christianity and that also great work has been done in child abuse prevention by numerous dedicated Christians. The other main reason was not having been able to identify the positive side of Christianity beyond the obvious ethical, social, family and community guidelines that it provides. This latter reason has been solved through familiarity with Christic souls, and this essay contains a contribution to Christology, the branch of Christian theology relating to the person, nature and role of Christ. Due also to the flood of cases of child abuse by Christian clergy and in Christian churches which have been exposed I am offering information which will give a context for understanding the organisational basis of child abuse within Christianity and which will arm people for much needed house cleaning duties.

So here goes. This essay contains the fruits of  research and analysis, four trauma memories, visionary information (colour coded for clarity), and remedies.

Warning!  The article continues with two descriptions of human sacrifice.
Supplementary warning! This article identifies and describes the demonic component of Christianity and is not recommended for those under Christian themed mind control.

Update from 20th of July 2020 – A year later there is more to add on this subject, and how I can now be a Christian. I have recently met Jesus Christ which was a surprise and a happy relief. I had underestimated the amount of goodness in the world.
It is difficult to parse out the luciferian corruption of Christianity. Saint Augustine is under deep suspicion and Emporer Constantine is under question, as are the Christian blood magic practices of the sacred heart, washing with blood, communion and the heavy emphasis on the crucifixion.


Trauma Memories

1. First communion

Here is an event from the partially anonymised version of my résumé of trauma memories.
Estimated year – 1970, age 4.
Location – unknown, possibly beneath the Vatican.

My mother waved me off happily which made me feel sad, but I didn’t let it show. Paddy and Andy gave me to a priest who took me on an aeroplane.
Now at the destination a different man accompanied me. There were four big baby boys in baby-gros. White/green, red/yellow, blue/turquoise, and orange/black. I was asked which one I liked and I chose the baby in orange and black.
We descended some steps into a fairly low domed cave with a flat floor. A man was robed with much ceremonial jewellry and a knife, like a pope. A group of people were in black purple robes with long white candles chanting. It was the baby boy with the green and white baby-gro that was used. The pope sacrificed the boy on a table in the centre. He cut out the heart and placed it in a goblet with blood from the baby’s chest. He cut up flesh from the baby into bits on a tray. There were more children and some accompanying adults. The chanting group joined in the circle. About twenty people in all. The tray and the chalice were passed around in opposing directions by ushers and we took communion. I didn’t dare refuse. The pope made an incantation, sank the knife into the body of the dead baby and we all left the room. It made me feel crazy. The accompanying man told me that I had done very well. An all male event?

Sketch of the priest who accompanied me on the plane


Evidently my drawing skills are poor, but this picture is useful because it is directly from the image of the man who took me, which I had in my mind at the time of drawing.

Svali who is a recovered Illuminati mind control trainer described a similar incident in her interview with Greg Szymanski. This is on P4-P6 of the transcript of the interview.
The cave Svali described had 13 chambers leading off it so it is unlikely to be the same one as I recall. In my field of vision the only entrance I noticed was the one from the steps.


2.Easter sacrifice to the Roman god

Estimated year 1971, age 4.
This event took place above ground, outside the temple. This Luciferian and reptilian temple was underneath a glass church in the form of a pyramid with an extension on each of the four sides. The glass of the pyramid was in triangular panes with the panes framed in brown metal tubes. My family had moved to São Paolo in Brasil, ostensibly for my father’s work, where I continued the priest training that had started previously in London with the royal cult. In this event I was psychologically coerced by being told that I would be killed, which I totally believed because I had seen a lot of that already. This event contributed to my breakdown in another event soon after which resulted in being given a further disabling procedure and a new personality being created who lived on oblivious to what had happened and what would happen until the memories started coming back at age 48.

A big ceremony above ground by the glass church in bright daylight and high sun. Everyone in white robes. It was a big deal. Andy and Paddy had prepared me with some sexual molestation. A fine featured straight haired blond boy with a curved nose was to be killed. I was there with him and the priestess. Immediately above us were white spirits, like the Greek gods. I was supposed to kill him with a dagger but I didn’t want to. The priestess made it quite clear that if it wasn’t him it would be me. I completely believed her. I did the only thing I could think to do. I closed my eyes, sank the knife in, and screamed inside. I took the boy’s spirit inside me instead of passing it to the gods. Of course the other priests saw what I had done and I was easily chased and grabbed by the henchmen and bundled to the ground. Andy gave me a blow on the back like you do when someone is choking and the boy’s spirit popped out of me, and he ushered it up to the gods. The gods took his spirit to extract his innocent essence to make christ energy. (Three days in the underworld).


A 15th century painting of God the Father by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

This is similar to what I saw in that God appears much as he usually is and as the leader of a group of spirits around and behind him. It is also similar in that God is shown with no feet. The spirit that I saw with second sight had no feet, like a typical ghost in a sheet figure with a human head. It’s not the occurrence that Father Malachi Martin described of the feet being out of sight so as not to show that they are hooves. This being had no feet of any kind. It is different in that the spirits here are painted as cherubs and angels with colours, but at the event the spirits were all white and the other spirits were lesser gods like in a Greek or Roman pantheon.

I sense something serpentine about these spirits and the Greeks did portray beings with serpentine bodies as for instance here on the Acropolis.


3. Baptism

The third event relevant to this subject was my first baptism which took place straight after being born in North London in 1966. I was also later baptised as usual in a Catholic church.

When I was born in the maternity hospital, I was taken and left alone on a cold metal surface.
Now wrapped in white cloth my mother took me to the priestess. She was as though sleepwalking. The priestess anointed me on the brow and base chakras, with blood from a chalice, making the sign of the red cross. She spoke an incantation dedicating me to the darkness (and to Lucifer?). She put her hands on my head and tuned my crown chakra to its lowest possible energy, white like the cloth of a toga, that of the Roman god.

The same priestess later became for a short time my cult mother and trainer.
Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler report on P19 of The Illuminati Formula To Create A Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave “When the child is born, the Illuminati make sure that its first view is of one of the people who will help program it. Often this is a Grande Dame within the hierarchy, but it might also be a male programmer.”

There is a story that nobility are born with a birthmark in the form of the red cross.


4. The priestesses chanting

Estimated year – 1971, age 4.
Location – in the temple, in the pit, which was a deep hole with a long spiral ramp which goes down around it.

The three dark haired priestesses were chanting. They and their songs were beautiful. They were making divine energy. There was something technological about it.


A – On reflecting on this subject I went into the collective energy of the human soul and it was white and christ like, something like a cloud. There were many souls in this group. I am a Christic soul.

B – Précis – On reflecting on the subject which had been raised of demons being passed to the light I saw that the bright light of a thousand suns in fact comes from the moon, specifically from the lights of a lunar city, on the etheric plane. Part of the work of this administrative city was the bureaucracy of the heaven-hell soul recycling system run by the Roman god and Satan. Heaven and hell were between life soul storage and conditioning facilities. People often went to the same facility many times. This system was destroyed in the heavy psychic turbulence of 2017-2018. The etheric infrastructure of the human sacrifice control system run by the demons and their earthly associates has also been destroyed.

C – There were entities who were pretending to be Jesus. Lucifer was one. He dressed in red and green, or as the man in the long black coat. He was like in part civil servant and in part powerful mage and similar in appearance to the usual image of Jesus but with more angular features and a more trimmed back beard and moustache. There was a serpent spirit doing this too and another spirit with a glamour who accessed people through gaining permission. A shining or beautiful being may be using a glamour or harvested or false light. I have also had good experiences with spirits including the archangels and with humans who had become guardian angels when things went wrong.

Research Notes

Pope Francis was reported as having said that hell doesn’t exist at the end of March 2018, a month before it was destroyed.

Lauda Leon has also reported recently that the soul recycling system is no more in this video broadcast.

Anthony Daly in his book Playland P167-9 describes an attack on two boys on Easter Thursday which reminds me of event 2 above. The event he describes also has features in common with three more incidents from my trauma résumé in the same milieu.

The religious scholar and investigator Jordan Maxwell has published extensively on the subjects of religion, Christianity and astrotheology. Here are two of his excellent and important publications. Although he shies away from spelling out the more appalling details, his research is in my opinion consistent with most of the conclusions of this article.
Jordan on astro-theology
Jordan – interview with Kerry Cassidy 2009


  1. The Christ is the sacrificial victim.
  2. The Christian church is the Roman church and Roman Christianity is based on human sacrifice.
  3. The Roman god Zeus became the Christian god. He was a member of the ruling cult and was a narcissist demon subordinate to Lucifer.
  4. There are many people with Christic souls. It’s hard to estimate the number but I would say 10s or 100s of thousands. (Note 1/20: Current and more confident estimate 10,000.) They were favoured for sacrifice by the Luciferians and their Christic soul energy was being harvested for illicit uses.
  5. Christ harvesting is practised at Easter and Christmas with the sacrificial days being good Friday and Winter solstice on the 21st of December (3 days inclusive and exclusive).
  6. The crucifixion of Jesus in the bible is an analogy of the Luciferian practise of Christ harvesting. This is an attack on the good and the innocent and is done to subdue humanity and to use them as slaves.
  7. The crucifixion of Jesus is also a depiction of the killing of the people’s king and so the people’s aspirations by the Roman empire.
  8. The Christian communion is a symbolic re-enactment of Luciferian communion.
    This conclusion is reflected in the bible account of the last supper which with typical Roman irony is set the day before. The word Eucharist comes from the Greek word for thanksgiving. Gratitude is given to God’s son for his sacrifice. Another possible etymology is from eu-char meaning good meat, from the Greek eu meaning good and char meaning meat as in old French, or caro in Latin. Similarly mass as in Sunday mass is said to come from mittere which gives us missionary and message. Another possible etymology is from mietere (Latin) to harvest and messis (Latin) harvest, together with mensa or mesa (Latin) – table, food, feast or altar. The messiah means the anointed one.
    Similar ceremonies are described in the Old Testament for instance in Exodus 29:25 where a ram is used.
    N.b. In the Catholic communion the bread and wine are converted to the body and blood of the Christ by transubstantiation.
  9. Lucifer stood in front of the sun as an impostor claiming that he is the source of the light.
  10. Light was being harvested from humans who have creator souls, by demons who have lost theirs and used to enslave them in a false light system.
  11. The bible is encoded with astrotheology. The son of god is the sun of god and the twelve apostles are the twelve sectors of the sky or astrological houses.
  12. The bible is a Luciferian book and in some contexts Jesus is Lucifer.
  13. Inner circle Christianity is Luciferian.
  14. Outer circle Christianity contains good elements and was used to farm the energy of good people. Worship was parasitic feeding by the Roman god, and Christianity was a protection racket.
  15. The Anglican church being subordinate to the Queen of England who is a member of the cult is controlled opposition to the Catholic church.
  16. There was a real Jesus named by Ashayana Deane as Jesheua Melchizidek 12BC – 27AD and his life and teachings have been buried by the Roman church and replaced with a parody.
  17. The demonic feeding frenzy end-game of Armageddon has been avoided and the earth is no longer under demonic control. We are however living with the consequences of demonic projects, crime and programming, a major manifestation of which is trans-humanism. Many souls are damaged beyond repair and try to feed off the energy of others.
  18. We are currently in the tail end of the pseudo-Armageddon which is the weakened enactment of the original plan.
  19. Technology has taken the place of demons and fallen humans are using it to feed off others.
  20. Born again Christianity is part of the same system and there are spirits other than Jesus involved in it.

Recommended Suggestions

Better results occur when a person in their sovereignty manifests in a manner in accord with their nature, environment, existential situation and purpose. But for those who are uncertain here are some ideas and research concepts I consider to be reliable.

  1. The ethical, behavioural, and health teachings and wisdom of Jesus in the bible are sound overall but need to be critically evaluated and supplemented with savvy self-defence. Don’t let the Romans get you!
  2. The work of Ashayana Deane as well as being a history of the Earth deals with Christic souls, Christic bloodlines and the inner Christ. Here is her book  Voyagers – The Sleeping Abductees Volume 1 of the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate Translations, which is difficult to find and buy.
    (No longer hosted here. Removed in immediate response to a DMCA takedown notice on behalf of the author.)
  3. The history of Christianity is huge and extraordinary. There is a great deal to it outside the dogma of the cruel Romans who were killing early Christians in the catacombs. Who were they really and what were they doing there in the world’s most dangerous place? From Pistis Sophia of the Gnostic Christians and the book of Enoch through to the Cathars, the Nag Hammadi library and the Dead Sea scrolls there is a mine of relegated information from contending factions.
  4. Identify and expose the fallen and their criminal modus operandi. Protect yourself and each other and educate others. This is difficult work. Humanity is in a poor state. There are many parasites and predators and they are pernicious and devious.
  5. It’s worthwhile investing time and energy in yourself. Restoring health, gaining internal energy and cleaning and opening blocked energy channels not only helps yourself but helps you to cope with the difficult world situation we are in and to help and protect others. Regaining a fully functioning humanity including DNA repair and upgrading or activation will be invaluable for the multi-dimensional interstellar phase that we are dipping our toes into. There are great self-defence possibilities in clairvoyance and 4th density or even 3rd density telekinesis.
    (3rd density is physicality and 4th density is what the Catholics call the middle kingdom where the demons were hanging out.)
  6. Practise the virtues. These are ways of using the energy body which bring health. Mantak Chia dedicates chapter 3 of his book Healing Light of the Tao to the virtues, including kindness, gentleness, respect, humility, joy, love, courage, fairness, caring and finally compassion, the virtue which is a synthesis of all the others. We can add more such as inner and outer strength.
  7. Improve socio-economic, inter-personal, psychic and physical self-defence skills.
  8. Help others, particularly those who want, need and deserve it. There are many viable and valuable people trying to avoid disaster who could do with a boost.

Declan Howard, 20th of July 2019.