It was my pleasure and privelige to co-present, with fellow researcher and psychologist Rainer Kurz, a poster on display at the 2018 European Psychiatric Association conference in Nice, France entitled ‘Body-centric healing of extreme trauma.’ This poster was based on my healing essay of the same title and outlines some of the themes behind extreme trauma, it’s relationship to mental illness, psychology and psychiatry, and principles of healing from it. We agreed to include three excerpts from my own trauma history of extreme and anomalous events which give a small exposée of the strange and awful reality of miltary and cult mind control, and an idea of what is done to the children and how this works to convert them into assets.

Kurz & Howard (2018) EPA Poster BODY-CENTRIC HEALING OF EXTREME TRAUMA – View Poster – PDF

Also available here on Researchgate along with Mr. Kurz’s other research publications.

Rainer Kurz is a chartered psychologist and is an active member of the British psychological society, BPS . He works developing and performing psychometric assessment tests for recruitment. He also works in the investigation of extreme abuse with the objective of its prevention. This work is pro bono, unpaid. There is almost no funding for genuine abuse prevention.

He publishes on the latter subject here, on this highly recommended blog.


Rainer_Kurz2 Mr. Kurz.