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Below I list aspects of extreme organised child abuse that have been reported by survivors. Many more could be listed. This list is based upon my own experience, supplemented by testimony of others who have reported similar crimes.

This document was inspired by a discussion of the very fine work done in the extreme abuse survey of 2007.

Here I attempt to include features that were not addressed at that time. I have not restricted myself to the territory defined by materialist scientific orthodoxy.

This type of crime has unexpected features. This is because it usually takes place in restricted access areas belonging to the military, religious institutions, cults, government and nobility. In such places the culture, the level of technology and even the people are different. There is a type of firewall in place which serves to keep the general public ignorant of the very existence of these matters. This crime although it includes child sexual abuse, is even more serious and devastating to the victim. It is usually referred to as trauma based mind‑control, and is based upon the cult abuse practised by the ruling elite. The person is re‑sculpted to be used as an asset.

This information is published here to guide investigators who are trying to profile and stop these crimes, and for psychotherapists so they can equip themselves to meet the needs of their clients. It is also here for the benefit of other survivors. You are not alone. Hopefully greater public knowledge will help survivors to not be mocked, dismissed and excluded. To any of the said criminals who read this, I suggest you start burning the paperwork and make plans for a more modest life.

These aspects are written in the format of a questionnaire for survivors. I have placed the section on crimes at the end on because it is more disturbing thus giving the option to stop reading. This is published as a resource. You are not required to post replies to the questions. Comments and the contact page are open. Thank you for your time, interest and solidarity.

a) Use of technology

Did you encounter,

  1. The use of directed energy weapons?
  2. Technologically induced mental experiences? In dream state, or waking state? What type of technology was used?
  3. The use of directed energy weapons during mind-control programming?
  4. The use of technology to produce pain and suffering at a distance?
  5. The use of electroshock as part of mind-control programming?
  6. The use of drugs prior to programming to disable the subject?
  7. The use of drugs during programming?
  8. Being spun around?
  9. Pain produced by other devices or apparatus? Describe equipment.
  10. The use of audio recordings during programming?
  11. The use of audio loops during programming?
  12. The use of dazzling and repetitive lights?
  13. The use of loud and disturbing noises?
  14. The use of colours associated with programming?
  15. Devices implanted in the body? State type, location, and purpose.
  16. Being transported to another location with advanced technology?
  17. Experiences that took place in a simulator?
  18. Alien abductions or mock alien abductions?
  19. Transfer of consciousness to or from another body?
  20. Experience of alternate realities or timelines?

b) Genetics and non-humans

  1. Blood type / genetic type?
  2. Of royal or aristocratic bloodline?
  3. Of royal or aristocratic hidden bloodline?
  4. Do your family live longer than average?
  5. Being owned by another person?
  6. Being cloned?
  7. Seeing clones?
  8. Child of abusers?
  9. Entire family involved in abuse?
  10. Religion of abusing family?
  11. God-parent involved in abuse?
  12. Fostered or adopted into an abusive family?
  13. Have you ever shapeshifted (Shapeshifting – full physical transformation to another form)?
  14. Witnessed partial shapeshifting (Starts to change, but does not fully shift)?
  15. Have you witnessed shapeshifting to a reptilian?
  16. If so, what type of reptilian?
  17. Have you witnessed shapeshifting to an insect?
  18. If so, what type of insect?
  19. Witnessed another type of shapeshifting? Describe.
  20. Being subjected to a genetic procedure?
  21. Receiving a non-human DNA graft?
  22. Harvesting of ova?
  23. Being impregnated by a human to produce a baby for the cult?
  24. Being impregnated by a non-human to produce a baby for the cult?
  25. Have you had a baby who was taken away?
  26. Have you had a child who was taken away?
  27. Witness biped reptilian?
  28. Witness quadruped reptilian?
  29. Witness large serpent?
  30. Witness dragon?
  31. Witness little reptilians, like pets?
  32. Witness raptor type reptilian? Give details.
  33. Witness greys? Which type?
  34. Witness insect type being? Specify.
  35. Witness wolf-man?
  36. Witness other type of non-human? Which type?

c) Energy body / psyche

Have you encountered,

  1. Etheric implants in the energy body?
  2. Description and purpose of etheric implants?
  3. Difficulty in being conscious of certain parts of the body?
  4. Difficulty being fully present and conscious in the physical body?
  5. Difficulty being fully present in the physical environment?
  6. Not having a sense of physicality?
  7. Having a body image different to the body’s physical form?
  8. Energetic instability in the body, energy moving around or breaking?
  9. Intense bursts of energy within the body?
  10. Displaced energy body, does not coincide with the physical body?
  11. Physical pain not caused by physical damage?
  12. Emotional pain not caused by current life situation?
  13. Emotional pain of unknown origin?
  14. Finding sabotage or junk in the energy body upon waking?
  15. Traumatic procedures which deformed and damaged the energy body?
  16. Traumatic procedures in which parts of the energy body were stolen?
  17. Being able to perceive and manipulate energy with the mind?
  18. Being able to read the personality structure of another person?
  19. A heightened sense and use of intuition?
  20. Telepathy, telemetry, second sight, remote viewing or precognition?
  21. Telekinesis or other extended faculties?
  22. A strong mind?
  23. Mother-child bond broken or damaged?
  24. Programmed to self-harm?
  25. Programmed to commit suicide?
  26. Programmed never to tell?
  27. Programmed to believe strange things?
  28. Programmed with memories of things which did not happen?
  29. Programmed to record audio or video with the mind?
  30. Programmed to report to someone?
  31. Programmed to fall asleep?
  32. Programmed to forget?
  33. Programmed to feel confused?
  34. Programmed to assassinate?
  35. Programmed to have sex?
  36. Programmed to seduce?
  37. Programmed to receive sex?
  38. Programmed to be dedicated and focussed on a particular goal (E.g. in sport, arts, or science)?
  39. Programming through insults during sexual abuse?
  40. Programming using hypnosis?
  41. Programming using a curse?
  42. Photographic memory?
  43. Multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder?
  44. Systematically created multiple personality structure with poly-fragmentation?
  45. DID-nos (A predominant front personality, with other personalities working and changing underneath)?
  46. Breakage (Commonly known as nervous breakdown)?
  47. Complex trauma?
  48. Anxiety or depression?
  49. Confusion and doubt about what has happened?
  50. Having amnesia or partial amnesia of things you have done, or have been done to you?
  51. Other psychological problems or diagnoses?
  52. Physical, psychological, sexual or social development issues?
  53. Addiction as a coping or avoidance strategy?
  54. Having gone through moral degradation?
  55. Having had to work very hard to avoid moral degradation?
  56. Having had to work very hard to avoid secondary damage to the psyche?
  57. Have you suffered setbacks due to mechanisms installed in your energy field for preventing recovery?
  58. Being abused whilst in an alter personality?
  59. Committing abuse contrary to your own nature whilst in an alter personality?
  60. Not knowing what boundaries are?
  61. Process of boundary formation (sometimes referred to as ego) disrupted or disabled by abuse in infancy?

d) Entities and other external non-physical situations

Have you encountered,

  1. Attachment to energetic parasites, for instance demons?
  2. Harassment, sexual assault, or attack by demons or other non-physical beings?
  3. Connection to parasitic realms or entities through base chakra or crown chakra?
  4. Being influenced or controlled by external entities?
  5. Harassment by technological non-physical devices (Orbs, morgellons (non-physical aspect), spiders, etheric bots)?
  6. Explicit or implicit contract, or being owned by, or dedicated to Satan?
  7. Explicit or implicit contract, or being owned by, or dedicated to God?
  8. Explicit or implicit contract, or being owned by, or dedicated to Lucifer?
  9. A relationship with Christ energy?
  10. A relationship with reiki energy?
  11. Demons involved in death by cutting (e.g. Baphomet, Beelzebub, Asmodeus)?
  12. Demons who harvest the soul of a sacrificed child?
  13. Dragons involved in death by burning?
  14. Other experiences with dragons (can be good)?
  15. Husks of demons?
  16. Large demonic entities (Big as a country, or continent. AKA macrobes)
  17. Other demons encountered. Which ones?
  18. Have you encountered necromancers (Physical or non-physical)?
  19. Reptilian entity who consumes the soul of a sacrificed child?
  20. Psychic battles?
  21. Receiving messages, guidance, or instructions from non-physical sources?
  22. Receiving information as inventions, solution to problems, or artistic creations from non-physical sources?
  23. Interactions with angels?
  24. Interactions with Satan, God, or Lucifer?
  25. Interaction with friendly or helpful entities?
  26. Interaction with hostile entities?
  27. Interaction with spirits of the dead?
  28. Interaction with fair seeming but dishonest entities with their own agenda?
  29. Interaction with the faerie realm?
  30. Experience with shamanism?
  31. Irresistible attraction to another person?
  32. Have you experienced delusions or hallucinations?
  33. What was the cause of the delusions or hallucinations?

e) Social

Have you encountered,

  1. Gaslighting?
  2. Culture of disbelief?
  3. Social isolation?
  4. Poverty produced by social exclusion and prejudice?
  5. Difficulties at work due to being a good person and having high standards?
  6. Unable to find therapeutic support which is helpful?
  7. Unable to talk about your memories with friends or family because they are closed to it?
  8. Difficulty communicating due to public ignorance
    of a) child trafficking?
  9. of b) trauma based mind control?
  10. of c) military black projects?
  11. of d) illicit cult and religious practices?
  12. of e) organised child abuse?
  13. of f) advanced technology?
  14. of g) the role of non-humans?
  15. Difficulty expressing yourself because of fear?
  16. Difficulty expressing yourself because of shame?
  17. Difficulty expressing yourself because of disinterest and apathy of others?
  18. Difficulty expressing yourself because of dissociation?
  19. Difficulty expressing yourself because of programming?
  20. Difficulty expressing yourself because people reframe your experiences according to their belief system?
  21. Difficulty perceiving, understanding and using social protocols relating to boundaries?
  22. Being concerned for other victims but not being able to help them?
  23. Trying to warn people but being disregarded, ignored, belittled or mocked?
  24. Being directed to psychological and psychiatric services instead of law enforcement?
  25. Being told that the memories, wounding and after effects of abuse are due to being ill or having a genetic problem?
  26. Have you suffered secondary damage due to the tremendous difficulty of your life situation?
  27. Have you been further sabotaged by the abuser network after beginning the process of remembering and recovering?
  28. Have you suffered additional harm from medical or psychiatric services?
  29. Being damaged equated by others to preferring a victim status, having a poor outlook or attention seeking?
  30. Being directed to practise forgiveness while abusers are still active?
  31. Being directed to practise positivity while wounds are still raw?
  32. Being directed to forget about it?
  33. Being directed to carry on with day to day life and to diminish the seriousness of the crimes?
  34. Narcissistic abuse?
  35. Triangulation in narcissistic abuse?
  36. Energy vampirism from those pretending to be good?
  37. Institutional barriers to solving the problem on both a personal and societal scale?
  38. Non-physical, technological, covert and/or overt opposition to your recovery?
  39. Non-physical, technological, covert and/or overt opposition to you speaking the truth as you understand it?

f) Crimes

Refer to the Extreme Abuse Survey of 2007 for a list of crimes and their frequency reported by a) survivors, b)professionals and c) caregivers of children.

ExtremeAbuseSurvey2007 – Results (survivors) – View here

Have you encountered,

  1. Long term organised abuse in a family setting?
  2. Long-term organised abuse in a military setting?
  3. Long-term organised abuse in a cult setting?
  4. Long-term organised abuse in a political extremist group?
  5. Long-term organised abuse in a childrens home?
  6. Long-term organised abuse by a mafia?
  7. Long-term organised abuse within the setting of an established religion?
  8. Abused by a politician, celebrity, aristocrat, or person in position of authority?
  9. The use of purpose made equipment in abuse?
  10. Being abused in a location specially prepared for this purpose?
  11. Abusers wearing robes? Describe robes.
  12. Abusers in costume or strange clothes?
  13. Abuse with religious themes?
  14. Abuse with themes of political ideology?
  15. Abuse with unusual objects (e.g. toilet brush, garden gnome)?
  16. Abuse using themes from popular children’s culture?
  17. Abuse in the womb?
  18. Abuse on day of birth?
  19. Made to eat own excrement?
  20. Genital mutilation (male, female, internal, external)?
  21. Rape?
  22. Sodomy?
  23. Oral Rape?
  24. Made to commit sexual abuse by being physically manipulated?
  25. Made to commit sexual abuse by other means?
  26. Being filmed or photographed in a sexual or violent situation?
  27. Being prostituted?
  28. Sexual abuse combined with violence?
  29. Sexual abuse with a demonic aspect to it?
  30. Sexual abuse and violence, where shapeshifting was involved?
  31. The killing of animals?
  32. Made to hurt another child?
  33. Baptism which featured anointing with blood (Sign of the red cross)?
  34. Taking communion with flesh and blood?
  35. Marriage to satan ceremony?
  36. Rebirth to satan ceremony?
  37. The drinking of blood?
  38. An aborted baby used by the cult?
  39. The use of blood and body parts in abuse?
  40. The use of excrement or defecation in abuse?
  41. The use of animals?
  42. The killing of adults? How and why? How many?
  43. The killing of a child or children? How many?
  44. Child killed with a knife?
  45. Child killed with a sword?
  46. Child killed with an axe?
  47. Child killed to collect its blood?
  48. Child killed for the ceremonial ingestion of its flesh and blood as communion?
  49. Child burnt alive?
  50. Child dismembered?
  51. Child eaten, or partially eaten?
  52. Child cooked?
  53. Child killed by strangling?
  54. Child killed where shapeshifting was involved?
  55. Child killed by other means? How?
  56. Child skinned by flaying?
  57. Child skinned with acid?
  58. Made to kill another child by being physically manipulated?
  59. Made to kill another child by another means?
  60. Dismemberment?
  61. Necrophilia?

Mr. Declan Howard   –   20th of January 2018. Updated 23/3/21.