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Body-centric healing of extreme trauma

by Declan Howard September 2017

Updated March 2020


I am writing and presenting this essay to further the investigation into extreme trauma, and to help those who have suffered it, with their own healing process. It is also a contribution to the prevention of child abuse. A wise friend said to me, words to the effect of, “It’s a lot easier to maintain health, than regain health.” It is based on my personal experience, coupled with a large amount of background information that I have gleaned over the years. My views and understanding are entirely my own. Some of what I say includes experiential, clairvoyant, and lesser known information, which you may find unusual, or even unsettling, but which to the best of my ability, accurately describe the territory through which I have had to navigate.

I present to you the method I have arrived at, and use to help myself. I do this for other survivors, investigators, and therapists, for their evaluation, and with the intent of it being educational and useful. I consider this document more of a resource than a manual. My own illness and healing path have been solitary and dangerous, which are two things to be avoided if one can safely do so.

The method consists of focussing one’s awareness on the physical body, and from there locating and healing wounds in the energy body until the energy body is repaired, and health is restored. So the principle is straightforward. The details are more involved, and I explain them here fully as seven umbrella elements, and seven detailed stages of the process. This way of working is how I am dealing with the debilitating dissociation from physicality caused by trauma.

Note, March 2020: I continue to help myself in this way and have greatly reduced the physical dissociation and the suffering level. In better moments I function fairly well. My dexterity at the piano has increased considerably. In worse moments I have low energy, poor concentration and breathing tensions. I find the world a hard place to be, and do not function well socially.

Ms Yeh Pu-sheng’s inspiring example

“Ms Yeh Pu-sheng, a Chinese woman from Taiwan who had been teaching school in the USA for many years, was diagnosed by her American doctors as having an advanced case of cancer of the uterus. They performed major surgery to remove the cancerous tissue, but it recurred with a vengeance. The doctors then told her that further surgery was impossible, that there was no hope of a cure, and that she would be dead within a few months. Distraught but still Chinese enough to give the Tao a try, she and her husband flew to Taipei and immediately looked up Master Lee Tse-ni. Because of her extremely severe condition, he made her sit and practise his prescribed breathing regimen for a full eight hours per day. After six long months, her cancer began to subside, and soon thereafter it disappeared completely, never to return. She returned triumphantly to America in perfect health – to the absolute astonishment of her American doctors – and she is still teaching there today.”1


The body :We all know what the body is. However not all agree on its nature. Here I use the body to mean what we also refer to as the physical body, which forms between conception and birth, and decomposes after death. This is also the first layer of the energy body system, and can also be thought of as an energy body. For example, “My hand does not pass through the desk because there is electrical repulsion between the two.”

The energy body : This is our energetic body in its entirety, and is our kit or vehicle, for living a life. It has a number of progressively finer layers, or frequencies, starting with the physical body, then heat, then the etheric body which is the most important for this essay.2 After the etheric body are a number of finer bodies. Our memories and consciousness are stored in the energy body. Also there is a blueprint of the physical body. Our mind is a result of the energy body in relation to its environment. The energy body can also be referred to as the person.

Trauma : By trauma here I mean acts that produce wounds in the energy body, physical or non-physical. Trauma also refers to the damage produced by such acts.

Extreme and systematic trauma : These terms are often synonymous. Extreme trauma is witnessing or being unwillingly involved in, as vehicle for or object of, torture, rape, wounding, killing, abuse by neglect, and deliberate psychological wounding. Here I am particularly focusing on traumas done by others against the will of the victim, performed to achieve an objective, such as in military mind control, chronic child sexual abuse, or cult abuse. Due to it being systematic, there are multiple traumas over an extended time period. Also the use of a person for an objective explains the cruelty found here. The suffering and damage done to the person are part of the process.

Note: Victims may also be abusers, either against their will, or under mind control, or by joining the perpetrators. Some perpetrators are willing executives in the grand control through child-abuse system which blights us all. They have chosen this for whatever reason, and have so renounced their precious humanity. Other abusers are influenced, infiltrated, infected, or divided. So they are not presently who they really are, or could be. They are partial perpetrators, or enablers. This phenomenon is common.

Wounds : Wounds produced by trauma, may be in the physical body, or the non-physical body. I am focusing here on non-physical wounds, which are just as serious, and often are longer lasting. They have a deleterious effect on the life of the victim. They are often undetected, untreated, and so unhealed. They produce secondary damage, such as the effects of stress, dysfunctional social interaction, social isolation, problems earning money, and many and varied psychological difficulties.3

Damage : Here I mean changes in the energy body due to trauma. These can be wounds and deformations, traumatic memories, missing parts, foreign energies, implants, attachments, and programming.

Healing : Here I mean healing the damage to the energy body. The energy body governs the functioning of the physical body, and vice-versa. This is a physical/non-physical polarity system, with natural bio-feedback which tends to dynamic equilibrium, i.e. health, when not obstructed. Healing the damage in the energy body, when integrated, results in healing in the physical body, in the mind, and improvements in the person’s life and well-being.

Some unusual features, and typical features of extreme trauma

It is important to be aware that some extreme abuse survivors have memories of the type that most people do not know are possible, and will have never encountered. It is helpful to have an open mind, and a scientific approach, particularly if you are a survivor. Some prefer to stay within the realm of purely physical and generally accepted events. I do however include these less widely accredited phenomena in my discourse and analysis, due both to personal experience, and also to trusting witness testimony more than scientific opinion. Also I believe it necessary to extend the collective conceptual framework, to effectively prevent and treat this malaise.

Systematic trauma takes place in dedicated venues with purpose made equipment. Because of the criminal nature of this abuse, it is done in restricted access places, such as religious buildings, military property, underground spaces, and large isolated houses in the country. It may involve dead bodies, or parts thereof. Uncommon events are reported, including the participation of non-humans, and shape-shifting, the eating of flesh and drinking of blood, (as done symbolically in the Christian communion), and the use of technology more advanced than that commonly used. Non-physical beings, for instance demons, are encountered. Also reported are genetic and breeding procedures, being abused out of body, and spatial and temporal anomalies.

Some categories in the field of extreme and systematic abuse, which all overlap with each other, are ritual abuse, and cult abuse45, found within political extremist groups and religious cults and organisations, both theistic and satanic (RRA & SRA)6, chronic child sexual abuse (CSA)78, military mind control (MK)910, anomalous trauma1112, and targeted individuals (TIs)1314. I hope that all these categories can come to be included in the abuse spectrum concept, by healing practitioners.

Often people are selected due to their family, or genetic make-up. Mind-control through child abuse is commonly inter‑generational, and so starts before conception.

Often someone hearing an account of this type of abuse will doubt its veracity. This is due to these acts being hidden, because of their criminality. The more ‘bizarre’ aspects are hidden for the same reason. Also we wish for these events not to be true, so we try to find alternative explanations. A task which eventually proves to be fruitless.

One must be careful however to not be dogmatic. Bear in mind, that there are many deceiving phenomena, such as victim amnesia, hypnotic programming, perpetrator denial and amnesia, multiple personalities, screen memories, technological consciousness infiltration, entity consciousness infiltration, possibly torture in virtual reality, gaslighting and controlled information flows, for instance in newspapers and history books, belief based assumptions, and good old-fashioned misunderstandings. That being said, sufferers of extreme abuse have the memories, and also the traumas, and the resulting serious problems, which can be addressed and remedied by healing the wounds in the energy body.

Typical features found have been described by Andrea Sadegh, in cases among children. Andrea is a knowledgeable researcher and campaigner in this field. Her son is victim to systematic abuse by a group within the Austrian establishment. The slides of her presentation are published on her website, and a video of this presentation is also linked-to there.15 The extreme abuse survey of 2007 assesses an extended list of features and their incidence.16

A new and old way of thinking

In my approach I notice commonalities with Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis and Mindell’s Process Work, and with many others from different fields, a number of whom I have referenced in this essay. Our views of life are sharply in contrast to traditional Western materialism.

How I work is also quite similar to Taoist energy healing methods. Taoist writings and practises are a valuable resource, and in contrast to my ideas, are founded on a tradition of observation, experience, and tried and tested methods, which have been developed and refined for thousands of years. Taoist master Mantak Chia has published extensively in English.17 He gives instruction on self-healing through meditative energy work. He talks about ‘proper wiring of the etheric body’ on p.4 of Awaken Healing Energy, and says on p.7, about the functional and governor channels, “In the Taoist system one begins by opening and completing two main channels, up the spine, in the back, and down the front of the body. When linked together by the tongue on the roof of the mouth, these two routes form the Microcosmic Orbit, and serve as a circulatory system for the body with built-in cooling safety valves.” In The Healing Light of the Tao, on P.XX1, he says “The practises described in this book have been used successfully for thousands of years by Taoists trained under personal instruction. […]. Certain of these practises, if done improperly, may cause injury or result in health problems.”

Markers for extreme trauma and a test

Identification of extreme trauma is problematic due to the prevalence of amnesia among victims, and to it being such a sensitive topic. It cannot be detected by standard medical equipment.

Some proposed indicators for the presence of trauma hidden by amnesia

  • Not being able to remember extended periods of one’s life.
  • Having twice-exceptional memory. Much poorer than average for some things, and much better for others.
  • Missing time.
  • Psychological problems of unknown origin.
  • A level of suffering not commensurate with the current life situation.
  • Multiple personality disorder, or complex trauma.
  • Thoughts, emotions and behaviour of unknown origin.
  • Lack of emotions.
  • Flashbacks or recurring nightmares of traumatic events.
  • Distressing memories which are attributed to fantasy.
  • Your life being controlled or directed by known or unknown people or forces.
  • Complex and contradictory character.
  • Having unusual attributes.

A test

I propose a self-assessment method, to know if you have not been subject to, or are no longer under the influence of trauma. This test requires certain consciousness skills to do it. It is to scan your physical body with your awareness. This way you can see your physical body in an energetic form. If you find energy blocks or damage, you can use these to key into your consciousness to understand their origin, and solution. If your energy is unobstructed, your cells light up as your DNA resonates with your own essence, and you are healthy, clear minded, and have vitality.

A critical note on psychology and psychiatry

Note that the psychological difficulties are a symptom. The mind is the manifestation of the interaction of the energy body, or the person, with their environment. Thus psychological treatment of the mind is an indirect method, which does produce healing, but is limited and problematic due to its erroneous theoretical foundation. Note too that the mind, like everything else, obeys the laws of cause and effect. In fact, it is an effect.

I am also familiar with the psychiatric system from 90’s Britain, and my observation was that it doesn’t work. I mean by this that it is impressively ineffective in helping those with mental health issues to be cured. It does often maintain patients, helping them to stay alive, and to achieve a certain level of social function through reducing brain activity with medication, and support.

In my experience, the typical patient was one who was hospitalised when in crisis, and once stabilised, lived a limited life in the community, with periodic crises and hospital readmissions. Some improved due to their own efforts. Some fell to suicide. One such was a good friend who died from an overdose of antidepressant medication.

There is a myth popularly held in the psychological professions, that the predominant cause of schizophrenia is genetic. I propose that the actual predominant cause is damage to the energy body, resulting from torture, neglect, and abuse, potentiated by environmental aggravation, and a characterological pre-disposition, as in a person who manifests disease through the nervous system. This is in accordance with Chinese traditional medicine. I also propose that the popularisation of this genetic causation belief has included dishonest actions. The origin of this misdirection is probably to be found in the role of mind-control within the history of psychiatry. Cathi Morgan would be a good historian to explain this in detail.18 The genetic hypothesis being incorrectly formulated, is clear from twin studies19 which show only a 22% concordance rate for schizophrenia. The genetic causation theory would predict 100% concordance. Genetic markers correlate to a very small increase in the incidence, whereas having been abused correlates to a very large increase in the incidence of schizophrenia.20 I conclude therefore, that the genetic research into schizophrenia, is in fact developing the bio-tech industry under false pretences, and thus actually hindering progress in its treatment. I have heard of and seen cases of mental health professionals who believe the genetic hypothesis to be a proven fact. I overheard one psychiatrist say to a patient “You’ve got schizophrenia, it’s going to be a chlorpromazine Christmas.” This does not inspire confidence in their patients, who have the intuitive feeling that they are normal, decent, people and that something has gone wrong. Being told that essentially they are defective and were doomed to suffer, does make it more difficult for them.

If you are a mental health professional reading this and find it contrary to your existing ideas, I urge you to review the factual base and derivation of your tenets regarding the cause and evolution of dysfunctional processes which result in mental health problems.

It is clear to me that almost all illnesses of the body-mind, which follows the law of cause and effect, are the result of dysfunctional processes caused by physical or non-physical damage, and toxicity. In time these processes cause enough imbalance to activate a predisposition and so produce an illness. Similar understandings are found in almost every healing system in the world, with the notable exception of Western medicine. I am horrified by the medieval mentality, ensconced inside Western medicine, that an illness is just unfortunate, and the correct response is to cut or drug the patient.21 This reminds me a lot of things that happen in cult abuse settings. I have shied away from these methods in my own quest to regain health.

The Method

What’s it for?

This practise aims to heal trauma in the body, using awareness of the physical body to key into the body on an energetic level, so as to locate and repair damage to the energy body. I have made it myself for dealing with problems caused by trauma, which had produced a considerable dissociation from the physical body. The objective of this method is to achieve full physical and mental health. There is nothing new in this method, but is my use of existing elements, in my particular situation.

Umbrella Elements22

  1. Self-care
  2. Self-monitoring and recording
  3. Caring for your word
  4. Caring for your actions
  5. A strong intention for self-healing
  6. Arranging your life so that you can heal
  7. Persistence

The specifics

  1. Focus on your body
  2. Notice what is happening, and where there is energetic dysfunction
  3. Focus on the affected areas
  4. Experience the damage in consciousness
  5. Resolve
  6. Integrate
  7. Repeat as necessary

I will now tell you how I have arrived at this healing practise, and then go into more detail about each of the points.

The derivation of the method

I had an identity shattering nervous breakdown, including a near death experience, on about my 25th birthday, which after the psychotic phase with nameless emotions, visions, and a damaged nervous system, produced year long phases such as dread, hostility, feeling suicidal, and agitated depression. In time I settled into a long-term schizoid depression. I could somewhat function, but with difficulty in everything I did, high levels of suffering, attacks of anguish, low energy, social and relationship difficulties, and a cold long-term experience of isolation and disconnection.

Now years later, I am in the third year of a recovery phase, which began when I started getting trauma memories being spontaneously released from my body. These memories are terrible, and show many of the extreme features I described and referred to earlier. Over time they have fit together like pieces of a smashed vase, to form a coherent catalogue of abuse and atrocities which explain the difficulties I have had. Prior to this phase I had near complete amnesia of these events. My memories, as a witness testimony, plus the nature of the symptoms and the healing process, combined with much supporting information, have led me to know beyond reasonable doubt, that I was subject to criminal systematic and extreme abuse. That I was born into a Luciferian hidden bloodline family, and was being trained as a Luciferian priest. A training which caused me to break, the catastrophic breakdown at twenty-four being in fact the third. This breakdown was precipitated by a particularly disturbing murder. I remember numerous killings of children, and some adults, a wide range of terrible and bloody events, and sexual abuse of myself and others. Humans, non-humans, and non-physical beings were involved. The memories were held by sub-personalities who were conscious at that time, allowing the main personality to lead, completely oblivious, a normal but emotionless existence. Therefore I had a buried, or non-symptomatic, multiple personality disorder, because I was to all appearances in normal range. Dr Anne Redelfs also had complete amnesia of being part of a satanic group, both as a victim, and as a perpetrator under mind control.23

Although physically able, I had a considerable disconnection from my body, which became much greater after my breakdown. Using it, for instance to read, to do paid work, play a musical instrument, or engage in sexual activity, was problematic. I had almost no experiences of happiness or pleasure. Life in this existential state was hardly worth living. I started to do exercises, and focus on my body to repair it. I was hoping to simply repair the body physically, without entering into and getting lost in psychological territory. I found my body difficult to use, and slow to respond to exercises. It turned out that the damage was not so much physical, but more subtle, more in the nervous system, and the energy field. Most of the damage was in the torso, from the solar plexus downward. If I suppressed and abandoned the process to focus more on my day to day life, or thinking I was barking up the wrong tree, it would always soon come back. As time went on and the memories kept coming up, I adjusted to the new reality, and repaired the damage I had now become aware of. I noticed that little by little, I became more and more aware of my body. Also little by little, the level of suffering decreased. I was on the right track. What I was doing spontaneously, I started to do deliberately. This has continued, and is a work in progress. Using my body as a yardstick, I say that I have healed a large part of the trauma, and look forward, if successful, to achieving full physical and mental health in the future. Social integration is difficult after such experiences.

Umbrella elements in more detail

1) Self-care

This is a do-it-myself method. I take responsibility for my own healing. Expecting someone else to ‘deal with my shit’ is shameful. Working with someone else is probably dangerous for both of us. I wish I did have someone to help me and to talk to, but it is distracting. I have tried various therapies, and have found them helpful, but not very. My path has been very solitary. Usually it is advisable to seek help and support from safe people.

I am pleased to say that recently this situation has taken a turn for the better. I have started a telephone correspondence with a psychologist and investigator. We are investigating the subject of extreme abuse, and I am happy to be a case study, and have someone I can talk to a lot more freely. Most people can’t even cope with hearing about this subject.

2) Self-monitoring and recording

In the absence of an accessible healing ally, I must monitor my own health and progress. Life now is hard. I avoid insanity due to loneliness. I use my body as a yardstick. The body is a fundamental, invaluable, and essential reference point in this solitary healing process. I would get lost without it. Monitoring my experience of my body permits me to assess and continue my healing without the benefit of a helper, and with some confidence that I am doing the right thing. From being almost a foreign object, it is gradually being coloured in, as where it was empty of energy, or blocked, there is now consciousness and sensation. I write down the memories as best I can.24 It is difficult with the horror and emotional pain. The written testimony is an unspeakable treasure trove.

3) Caring for your word

My favourite. In this confusing sea, I dedicate myself to the truth. It requires discipline. With time my word becomes valuable and effective. With time the facts emerge, and falsity is exposed and falls away. This also helps to develop the essential skill of discrimination, which is a front-line tool in the healing process. Discrimination is used to identify the nature and source of relevant mental activity.

4) Caring for your actions

This too requires discipline. Do not harm myself or others. Care for myself, and others if we both wish. Try to live in a meaningful and nurturing way, without becoming over-serious. Avoid negativity. Avoid baseless positivity. Care for the home, and the kitchen, and bathroom. This all builds spiritual strength.

5) A strong intention for self-healing

Complex trauma takes a lot of healing. Take as long as it takes. Rest when necessary. Never give up. It might be worth it for myself and others. This strong intention produces a healing process, and helps you find what is necessary to do so.

6) Arrange your life so that you can heal

I and my life were broken. All objectives were very difficult, and the process was joyless and painful. I have achieved a safe space, and curtailed activities, to spend a lot of time alone with myself and my body. I don’t like it, but it’s worth it. I have been disabled by trauma. I receive and have received financial support from family and the state. I am ashamed of this. I put it to good use.

It is necessary to learn the concept of boundaries, and identify harmful behaviours and tendencies in others. It is necessary to find ways not to be targeted and harmed by these behaviours and tendencies. It is necessary to do this to be open to the things you do like or would like.

7) Persistence

Of course! Patience and will-power are friends.

As you will see, certain consciousness skills are needed, when working in this way. Also this type of self-care does aid the development of these same skills. I found it a help to give up fluoride.

The specifics in more detail

1) Focus on your body

This is the basic step. With the body, or body-mind, giving problems, the solution is to focus on it, to identify and solve these. Focussing on the body is both specific, as when you are alone focussing on yourself, and general, in that you can focus on your body, breathing, and experience, while walking, playing an instrument, and at any time that is appropriate.25

Mantak Chia describes the inner smile meditation, as a preparation for energy work, where you focus in sequence, on every part of the body, and imagine it smiling, feeling good.26

If you are walking with awareness of your body, you can also simultaneously look out through your eyes, and be aware of your environment. I suspect this to be the default existential position for people who have not been traumatised, and to which those who have been traumatised can aspire.

You can let your body suggest appropriate exercises in your visual imagination, to help. You must always move with care and attention, so as not to harm yourself. Concentration is necessary. When you lose concentration, return your attention to your body. It doesn’t matter how long you lose concentration for, even if your mind is disturbed and stressed and it takes days before you regain focus that is okay.

In my case I have a cycle of first being stressed with poor concentration. When this settles I become aware of an underlying problem. I may remember a traumatic event, or part of it. This gives me new information and understanding, which is hard to deal with and get used to. This is followed by a period of detoxification and integration. This is followed by a period of stability where I notice more clarity, and more awareness of and control of my body. Now I feel good and do exercises to get fit and strong, which are curtailed by the cycle starting again. This all typically takes a week or two.

2) Notice what is happening, and where there is energetic dysfunction &

3) Focus on the affected areas

Particularly when you are quiet and alone, or doing slow exercise, or while watching a film, you can focus on your body, and locate areas which are unhealthy. As you concentrate there you can perceive the tissues both physically and energetically. Try to be aware physically in ever more detail. Your awareness is healing and balancing. Notice areas of warm and cold. Notice areas of light and dark. The dark areas are blocked. The energy is stagnant. The light areas are lacking in energy, and under-nourished. Notice parts which are related to other parts. For parts which you have difficulty feeling, start nearby and work in. Try to feel the light areas more, so that they become more nourished. Try to move energy through the dark areas, so that it reaches the light areas, and vice-versa. Feel into the dark areas, so that you are more present there, and closer to the problems. You can become aware of your energetic anatomy, noticing the distribution and movement of energy, and identifying energy channels, points and centres, also known as meridians, acupressure points, and major and minor chakras. While referring to reference material, take your own perceptions seriously. For instance you might find a problem with the spleen energy centre, but find it’s not in your book.

4) Experience the damage in consciousness

As you focus on the problem there comes a point when your experiential process shifts, and you experience the problem in consciousness, as for instance in a vision, or as the release of a trauma memory. Some people relive the traumas. I experience them as being there but not there, vivid, shocking, and detailed. Often people reach this state when they are one-on-one with a good psychotherapist, which was the most highly ranked healing method in the EAS survey of 2007.

5) Resolve

Traumatic memories

Trauma is remembered bit by bit, as you are able. The worms come out of the can one by one. Jay Parker remembered everything at once, which leaves me speechless.27 The trauma moves down from the energy body into the physical body, so that you can deal with it. This is why it wasn’t there before, and later it is. One can see an abuser a thousand times and have no emotional response or recollection, until one day …

Traumatic memories are resolved in my case, basically by getting used to them. For some people the memories are more troublesome and can loop or re-traumatise.28 Once you’ve (I’ve) remembered them, most of the work is done. Factual corroboration is important though. The new information changes your understanding and feeling of who you are, and what your life has been. This fundamentally changes how you feel, face and relate to the world. If you can get corroborating information, by investigating and researching, this is very helpful. The doubt over your memories, and your mind, is a terrible thing, and hard to resolve. Writing the memories off as waste products doesn’t work. I’ve tried it many times. Sometimes people never find confirmation from outside sources. The survivor community has found that believing in yourself and your experience, with discernment, is the correct posture. Sometimes people get strong corroboration, for instance from abuser reprisals or confessions. Sandra Fecht got strong corroboration about a client, after being concerned and reporting the abuse to the police. She then experienced harassment, threats, and was informed by a policeman of police malpractice, such as the elimination of the case files.

Energy deformations

You can identify different types of damage to the energy body, such as, deformed and damaged chakras, starved or overloaded meridians, etheric implants, connections to parasitic realms typically through the base and crown chakras, breaks and cuts in the energy field where you lose energy, and through which your consciousness can be infiltrated or invaded. Correct these by engaging with your energy with intuitive intelligence, and defend yourself psychically as necessary. All these will heal fully in time by maintaining the umbrella elements, and working conscientiously with the specifics. The heart which in health governs and brings balance, is usually broken, and damage is found to the functions of the 7 chakra system, which are, physicality, sexuality and emotionality, self-knowledge and mentality, love and relationship, expression and action, the senses, and non-physicality.

Foreign energies

Foreign energies are resolved simply by focussing on them. Foreign energies can be absorbed from the perpetrator, or can have been seen, heard, or otherwise sensed during trauma, or be secondary effects, or inhabit parts of the body vacated by dissociation. Your pure and neutral awareness is healing and balancing. For instance if in your heart you find disappointment from betrayal, or a gunky sensation, focus there until it dissipates and your own energy takes its rightful place. You can combine this with breathing, but the main thing is your attention. The same goes, for instance, for woolliness in the head, or dirt in the gut lining, or toxic deposits on the bones, or churning in the stomach, or tense muscles and painful joints, or tingling under the skin, or lack of sensation in the fingers, or if the movement of your hips in your pelvis when walking produces a sensation of fear. I have found that the consciousness accesses most to trauma, through the energy blocks in and on the bones and joints. When this is cleared posture and under-development issues are eased. Between muscle layers, and on diaphragms, and mucus membranes are places to look too.


A specific example of programming is a curse. Another is a received and recorded insult. Another is an idea induced by repetition, in an MK setting, or in a classroom or on television. These act as subconscious mantras producing a perceptual filter between you and life. Beliefs also do this. Systematic trauma changes your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. In MK this is elaborate, and a planned system of alter personalities is generated.29 People are programmed under drugs, and hypnosis. The impulse to self destruct is written into the victim’s energy body, to block recovery, and the subject escaping control. People can also be traumatised together, to produce sabotaged relationships later in life, which is very troubling.30 One must align spiritually to one’s own true nature, and that of life, so that the overlayed false version falls away. I have found it very helpful to use the virtues. These are ways of using your energy body which promote health and strength in its different systems.31


Here I am addressing etheric implants which are a specific type of energy body deformation, and are inserted in the etheric body by perpetrators. It is a type of occult technological sabotage. It could be an inert object, with a familiar form, for instance a fish or a coffin, which acts as a receiver for a foreign thought form, and obstructs your own energy in the place it is installed. It could be a helix shaped device in a joint, which spins in your energy flow causing turbulence. It could be a cross chakra programming which distorts your consciousness. It could be an artefact hooked into a wound which produces the experience of being attacked by waves of demons. Take the time to work out a process or a way to gently remove it, which may be simply unhooking, unscrewing, or drawing it out with your attention. Francis Toews has worked in depth with her therapist in this area, and they have catalogued types of implants and resolution methods in their book.32 Katherina Kavungu is a talented clairvoyant and healer, and will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Entities Attachments & Energetic Implants & Mind Control’ at the Ireland Awakens conference on September 16th 2017.33

Missing parts

Abusers appear to be just sadistic brutes, but they can also be occult magicians. They can actually extract/remove/steal, parts of you and use them for their own ends, for instance in dark‑tech34, or to torture you, or to increase their energy. Abusers may be human, non-human, hybrid, demonic, or other non-physical. Some say that one has simply to ask for these parts back. In my case it has been necessary to go to the abuser psychically, or to where the fragment is kept, and take back the stolen part. This involved psychic argy-bargy. You should clean it off, and put it back in your body. There will be a time period after, where you are re-integrating. If you find you are not able to maintain it, keep working on your healing process. As you get stronger and more whole, you will be able to. Shamans refer to this process as soul retrieval.

Entity attachments

Important note: In a recent major event, the non-physical part of the control system suffered a catastrophic collapse. I am waiting to see confirmation and consequences of this marvellous life changing news in the coming weeks and years.Update, December 2019. The above information from August 2017 was correct, but due to the depth and extent of the fallen and their produce it has not been possible for benevolence to gain the upper hand.

There are a wide range of etheric parasites, such as demons, incubus, reptilians, black magicians, and a veritable picturesque array of beings large and small, which can work on the etheric and psychic frequencies. These can be attached to you, inside you, or come and harass you. Attachment will be to a wound caused by trauma. Note that demonic consciousness, which is a variant of angelic consciousness doesn’t have localised individuality. A demon has its nature, or function, but isn’t restricted to one person, time or place. (Note-12/19 Father Malachi Martin’s description of demons, here in italics, does not equate to my own experience of demons, which is as individuals)35 Demons are very important operators in mind-control and the manipulation of world events. Their non-localised consciousness permits them to work with and through different complicit, infiltrated, or mind-controlled people at different times, in different places, connecting apparently random events within an overarching diabolic plan. The Grenfell tower fire disaster fits this criminal profile.

There are a number of types of non-human beings interfering with humanity. The most prevalent are of reptilian types, often proudly depicted by illustrious people on their family crests and stonework. The reptilians, humanoid and other, are similar to us, but on a slightly different frequency. They can approach our consciousness from a dim inter-zone. They are also in the physical, in certain suitable places, typically underground. Their consciousness is found in us, due to genetic hybridisations that were done. This was a type of colonisation. They are technologically more advanced, but spiritually inferior. It’s possible that the reptilians were here on earth before us. The angels and demons were, according to the Catholic church, which in a micro-history, tells us that when man was made many of the angels revolted, starting a war in heaven, which it appears still continues.

Note – Sep 2021: The above paragraph needs to be amended in the light of new information that has surfaced in the healing process, see Healing-note-ref-sobek.

Entity attachments are resolved by healing the trauma wounds, as described previously. In the course of this or resulting from it, you can discard or push out the entity. You can do this because you are king, or queen, in your energy field, playing at home as it were, so here your force is superior. It can, in some cases, be quite an effort.

As I understand it, possession is more serious than entity attachment, but it’s not the same thing. It’s due to a spiritual degradation, where you accept help from unscrupulous entities, to achieve a goal. In return the entity charges for his services, by living in and off you, being able to access you through being in a contractual working relationship. Possession is not really relevant to this topic, although entity attachments, etheric implants, and entity harassment could be confused with possession.

I have also experienced ‘hitch-hiking’, where another being is with you, along for the ride. When I realised this, I wanted for, and told him to go, and said goodbye. He went, permanently. Vennie Kocsis36 reports a similar beneficial version of this phenomenon. I am also aware that there are people with two souls. Other beings should not to be confused with multiple personality alters.

Entity harassment is due to the consciousness being too open, due to wounding, or too much psychoactive work, or taking psychedelics. It produces an arousal state (nervous system). Focus on yourself, defend yourself psychically, tune into physical reality, and your environment. Heal the wounds. Don’t worry about it.

6) Integrate

Note 12/19: I am not addressing here the integration of multiple personalities which is dealt with extensively elsewhere by trauma psychotherapists. My experience tells me that trauma wounds, including nervous breakdowns, are more akin to physical wounds, and heal slowly in the same manner, given suitable circumstances. It is necessary to correct psychological and psychic problems along the way and this can be done by improvising a custom remedy, or by working under the tutelage of a benevolent and knowledgeable person if you can find one.

Damage from multiple traumas takes much time and work to heal. As you repair it, you will get used to having more physical awareness, and better function. You will have a more accurate experience of who you are. You will be better able to understand others, but see what is wrong with them. Socially it is difficult to relate to people who can’t understand what you have lived through, and are living through, and don’t want to.

You may wish to address unspeakable issues with your family, who themselves are perpetrators, in denial, or amnesic. You hope for a happy ending because, even though things are getting better and the suffering less, the road is long and laborious. “It doesn’t get easier, but it does get better”, Athena Moberg (paraphrase).37

7) Repeat as necessary

Continue to work on your self-healing and self-care, so that you can reduce your suffering, live your life, and be of more benefit to yourself, and to other lives. Maintain a balance. When you are engaged in self-healing you aren’t really living. You’re cleaning up the mess from the past, probably a mess that you didn’t make. Maintain a perspective of yourself, in relation to your environment and your life. The improvements that you, and often you alone, notice, say to carry on. Self-healing and self-care are acts of self-love, and that’s good for everybody. Sometimes however, it is necessary and useful to live without engaging in the healing of trauma when, for instance, you do not have sufficient non-physical or physical resources, have prior commitments, or do not have a safe environment. Note: Jan/2020 a safe enough environment.


As I was in a difficult existential situation, and not able to safely access a healing ally, I developed my own solutions. These I have now described to you. All that I had trusted had been shown not to be trustworthy. Inside myself however I have found three treasures which I do trust. My love, the clear light of my consciousness, and deep in the belly, a divine seed which has the nature of an innocent child.

I hope this information is helpful. You are welcome to send me replies, commentaries or questions, by email to, or on Twitter @Lone_Horse. Also this essay will be posted on lonehorseblog to read and download. This essay may be shared, reposted, and quoted with attribution.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Declan Howard.

Appendix – Compatible methods

In the extreme abuse survey of 2007 on P21-25 of EAS Results, survivors assess their experiences with various healing methods.

Some methods not surveyed which may be helpful are,

  • All activities which are purposeful for the person
  • Herbs
  • All activities which aid social integration
  • Employment
  • EFT a customised form of acupressure
  • Acupressure
  • Walking
  • Time with nature
  • Tai-chi and martial arts
  • Flower remedies
  • Shiatsu & shiatsu stretches
  • Crystal healing
  • Sport
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Taoist energy work
  • Helping other casualties
  • Perpetrator prosecutions, and abuse prevention
  • Fasting and cleansing

I have done a cursory analysis of the EAS results to produce a score for each method. My calculation was, 6 x % great help + 4 x % much help + 2 x % some help + % little help – 2 x % no help. (No help was given a negative weighting because there were no options given for unhelpful or harmful.)

Individual psychotherapy/counselling ranks the highest. Supportive friends, self-help and creative methods rank highly. Traditional psychiatric treatments are helpful, but don’t rank highly. Learning more, and relating with other survivors is helpful. Some methods are very helpful for some, but not overall. Electroshock is the only method with a negative score.

Ranking Healing Method Score
1 Individual psychotherapy / counselling 429
2 Supportive friends 377
3 Creative writing 367
4 Journaling 362
5 Personal prayer / meditation 360
6 Other methods 352
7 Art therapy 335
8 Drawing / painting 331
9 Self-care / self-soothing techniques 320
10 Grounding techniques 309
11 Abreactive work 303
12 Physical exercise 300
13 Music therapy 290
14 Spiritual guidance / counselling 289
15 Internet support group 284
16 Reading survivor stories 261
17 Survivor conferences 259
18 Massage therapy 258
19 Supportive family members 253
20 Formal deprogramming 243
20 Nutrition and diet 243
22 Left / right handwriting techniques 234
23 Energy therapies 233
24 Local survivor support group 231
25 Swimming 209
26 Dance therapy 205
27 Non-suicide contract with therapist 202
28 Deliverance 201
29 Chiropractic 196
30 Drumming 187
31 Group psychotherapy 186
32 Theophostic prayer 182
33 Homeopathy 180
34 Yoga 179
34 Naturopathy 179
36 Physical therapy 176
37 Reiki 173
38 Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing 162
39 Clinical hypnosis 159
40 Psychotropic medication 155
41 Aromatherapy 145
42 Twelve-step programs 140
43 Acupuncture 137
44 Psychodrama 134
45 Hospitalisation 115
46 Occupational therapy 110
47 Confronting abusers 90
48 Bio-feedback 88
49 Osteopathy 69
50 Exorcism 61
51 Feldenkrais 51
52 Neurofeedback 27
53 Electroshock -129


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